Lootas not performing

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Lootas not performing

Post by grenndal » Fri Apr 13, 2012 8:54 am

hey all,

I have built up a 10 lootas and have used them in my last 5 games and I am not impressed. They just don't seam to get the job done. The random shots just don't do enough damage to warrant bringing them to the field. I think I would rather have another shoota boys squad. I might try out a squad of burnas on my battlewagon. I usually have a couple of battle wagon boys anyway so maybe a third one with a bunch of flamers is just what I am looking for.
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Re: Lootas not performing

Post by MFletch » Fri Apr 13, 2012 9:08 am

Personal taste is important; However, here I feel you may not be bring enough so on average at least one squad performs.

What is your entire list? They might just be out of place.

Then have you been using them to glance av13 necrons :(
Else DoW usually means they fail in my experience.

But do post your usual list :)

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Re: Lootas not performing

Post by SpartanMyth » Fri Apr 13, 2012 9:39 am

There hae been games my loots have done nothing (one being me forgetting to deploy them so they became reserves :( ) however there have been times they were game winners such as killing the two KFF meks keeping his killa kanz and deff dreads before mowing down his kanz. I tend to only use one group of ten and yes sometimes I have had just ones out of thouse D3 rolls but I find lootas on average work
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Re: Lootas not performing

Post by grenndal » Fri Apr 13, 2012 10:53 am

My typical list list include

2 battlewagons. one with shoota boys and a big mek, and one with ard boys with warboss

a foot slogging 30 boys mob.

zagstruk and company

killa kans rokkits or blasta or some def koptas

10 lootas

sorry I don't have my any of my actual lists with me. Also the last 4 weeks have been planetstrike missions with my lootas sitting on top of a bastion.

At my FLGS there is not a lot of necrons or high AV spam. Most of the time I go against regular marines, terminators, rhinos, nids, and tau. I just notice that that the ap 4 is not good enough to take out any infantry reliably except for nids of course. But on a lucky roll I get 30 shots. if I took the same value of shoota boys I get 20 boys which equals 40 shots.

Yea I know it is at shorter range but I gain fearless and mobility and the ability to add in a PK. and a few big shootas. but this still leaves a hole in my army for long range anti tank.

the one drawback I have with my orks is that, most of my AT is up close. whether it is a PK or a mob of boys glancing a rhino to death or a good old fashion deffrolla. I just don't have a lot of faith in blowing up tanks with my shooting. One thing I have found that has some kind of success is a full squad of TL rokkit Kopta. But they have the same problem as my lootas. If I lose a few wounds they run like crazy. LD7 is just not good with my dice :)

I will flush out a full squad of them and continue to give them a shot but I am just not feeling it. Maybe it is my play-style. I find that I like to push forward into my enemy's ranks. maybe I should try a speed freaks list lol I just hate having small squads of boys.... fearless is my friend.

thanks for the advice
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Re: Lootas not performing

Post by cdscottie » Fri Apr 13, 2012 11:54 am

Personally I take 3 groups of 8 in my lists frequently. Sure the random amount of shots can hurt a plan at times but their shots being Strength 7 means that you can penetrate most armour or wound many things on a 2+. As well, if you face anything with a high Toughness, it's nice not having to roll 5's or 6's to wound, which is what is the case with Shoota Boyz/Slugga Boyz.

In the end though, it all comes down to taste. Shoota boyz can dish out a lot of shots and are more versatile but if you face a parking lot or mechanized enemy the lootas can pay their worth in gold.
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Re: Lootas not performing

Post by Tarkand » Fri Apr 13, 2012 1:52 pm

Loota are used to kill AV10-12 vehicle, and little else.

They are terrible anti-infantry (as you've already figured out) and are decent versus MCs. They're useless against AV14 obviously, and not much better against AV13...

I personally like to bring them in small group (6 or so), that way I can fire at different target.

Mathematically speaking, 6 BS2 shots hit 2 times and with S7 vs AV11, the probability are really good you'll get a glancing or a pen. This means a group of 6 loota can be expected to at least do something on a Rhino even if they roll poorly on their numbers of shots (And if you roll 5-6, you will usually annihilate the Rhino).

I find larger group are not only more expensive, but less flexible - you can only ever shoot one target and ultimately, they are often overkill (You simply don't need 30 shots to kill a Rhino!).

In Planetstrike/Cities of Death, I like to take advantage of the Ammunition Depot asset... Twin-Linked Loota are damn right ridiculous.

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Re: Lootas not performing

Post by blahman212 » Sat Apr 14, 2012 7:12 am

Tarkand wrote:They are terrible anti-infantry (as you've already figured out) and are decent versus MCs.
I couldn't disagree more except for the MC's, I've taken down a Tervigon or two with Lootas ;)

Anywho, one of my most feared units between friends that play any Marine based army (Chaos, Smurf, BA, BT), swarms and Necron's is most defiantly my lootas. On average I would have said a squad of ten kills around 250-350pts in a 1000-1500pt game, for me personally.

Against something like Nids or other Orks, there isn't much better then 2 squads of 15 Lootas and 3 Boomwagons.
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Re: Lootas not performing

Post by beasley_d » Sat Apr 14, 2012 11:48 am

Lately I have been running multiple warbuggies with rokkit launchers. Last game against Chaos Marines I had a sloggin group of boys waiting on one side, when I used my Warbuggy to open up that rhino so I could get to the chewy chaos filling. When he piled out of his burning wreck, he did so on the opposite side...of course. However, my lootas had range and my dice were lucky and I finished off a five man squad with a eight man loota squad.

Very rarely do you win a warhammer game because of your initial plan. Its hw well you can adapt to your opponemt and his strengths that can make you win the day. In that game my lootas did not pop a single rhino, it was like they were cursed. However they did take out a 5 man Chaos Marine Squad, and a 3 man Oblit squad.

Remember, sometimes its your list, but more often it is your list not fitting your style of play. Oh and those wonderful dice.
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Re: Lootas not performing

Post by Epic_Morph » Sat Apr 14, 2012 4:27 pm

My lootas dont do much, but my opponents like to think that they will, so tend to waste alot of shots shooting at them, their in cover most the time, so that soaks up most the damage :)

Then again, i only have 7 :S, Mass usage is needed to acheive a great effect, as with most ork choices ;p

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