Sticking stricly to the rules in D&D

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Sticking stricly to the rules in D&D

Post by Tekedo » Thu Dec 29, 2011 11:45 am

Hello everyone,
I pretty much run the DnD club at my school and I realized through our escapades that we will turn more to having fun with the game, rather then sticking strictly to the rules put in place. (We play 3.5 btw)

I think this needs some explaining. When I say don't stay strictly to the rules, we still play by the rules, we just bend them a bit sometimes. As a DM, I enjoy telling a story, not just throwing monsters at people in a stock dungeon. (Not saying thats bad, or not fun, because it is) If something will slow down gameplay, I will usually not worry about it. Also I'm pretty kind (Some times) and I'll give them leeway with listen and Spot checks when they need them, and other things, but the flip side, some things are just supposed to be impossible and I would make them as such. (The latter dosen't happen really at all)

I guess if a hard core DnDr decided to show up, they would be appauled by our conduct and say that we are not playing the game right. To that I say this:
"It is not the complexity of the game that makes it good. If the experience is bad, it dosen't matter what all is in it."

I also want to hear your side of this. Do you stick harshly to rules? (Not trying to deamonize people who do, I totally respect your style)

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Re: Sticking stricly to the rules in D&D

Post by Icy Brain » Thu Dec 29, 2011 12:45 pm

I really think it's up to the DM to decide. I've played with both rules lawyers and more free form DM's. While both are fun, I think it depends on what kind of adventure you're playing. I remember once we played a political intrigue type of game, and we kinda went wild and smashed the rules on their faces'. But if you play a more combat oriented game, the rules help set a balance and make sure things run smoothly. But no matter, it's always the DM's choice. Always.
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Re: Sticking stricly to the rules in D&D

Post by Paladin-Zebra » Sun Jan 01, 2012 1:08 am

some players like to stick to the rules and find it more fun that way it all depends on your group.

I my self am a DM and I morph the rules to the way I like them nice and simple and relitivly free for the players to do what they want. and I do this with most D20 games aside from DnD most particular was deathwatch where I used the rules as "guidlines" or for ideas and reletivly made up my own rules.
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Re: Sticking stricly to the rules in D&D

Post by Jason » Sun Jan 01, 2012 3:25 pm

We definitely don't stick to the rules, my DM is constantly making checks on miscellaneous things, deviating from the rules is where you truly get the most interesting story.
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Re: Sticking stricly to the rules in D&D

Post by BunkhouseBuster » Sun Jan 08, 2012 11:46 am

If breaking the rules allow you to have more fun than otherwise, then break the rules!

I only have experience with 4th ed, most of that behind the DM screen, and I can tell you that, after 2 years of playing, what DnD is truly about: Sitting around a table with your friends, rolling dice, and having fun. I know a lot of folks aren't happy with the way DnD is in 4th ed, but they aren't getting it; it doesn't matter about the rules so long as the DM is consistent and fair in ruling and makes sure everyone has fun.
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