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 Post subject: 20 points CRYX VS LEGION
PostPosted: Sat Oct 01, 2011 2:40 am 
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i lied its actually 21 points.


-Nephilim soldier
-Shredders x4
-Sheaperds x2

-Slayer x2



Every thing moves up. for some reason he lines up his slayer, reaper, and denegrah in a row almost as if he wanted my carnivean to use spray on him... unless... "ITS A TRAP!"


My carnivean says screw it and dives into the death pit (*cough* *cough* dark revival *cough* *cough*) and uses his spray attack boosting to hit, he misses the slayer, hits and boosts damage inflicting some crippling blows on the reaper but not destroying any systems, and of course misses Denegrah. the shredders become rabid and charge the defiler doing intense damage almost killing it but it still has its head. Nephilim moves up to counter charge the inevitable slayer charge into my shredders. first sheaperd moves into a crater for cover and the second one moves up behind the carniveanjust so that its in range to heal it next turn aftwer the beating its going to get. and Thaggy hobbles behind some rubble (even though it dosent gives him cover).


Defiler tries to flee from combat but is killed by my shredders free strikes but then that leaves room for the slayer to join in D: the slayer charges and kills one of my poor shredders (luckly i still have 3 more where that came from). reaper positions itself on the center platform (ingnore the imperial aquila) and drags the carnivean towards it with its harpoon gun and then smacking him doing 6 damage to the carniveans mind. the second slayer charges the carnivean as well and does 12 damage with a combo strike taking out the carniveans spirit and a bit more mind. denegrah tries to move away from the combat.


Carnivean manages to barely make his threshhold check which really saved me here allowing my sheperd to quickly heal him 3 hit points in his spirit allowing me to force him again! the carnivean bases all its attacks on the slayer boosting to hit with his bite and missing :( the missing with one claw :( and then hitting with another :) I then force another bite attack boosting to hit allowing me to actually hit it and then boosting damage severly crippling the slayer. the nephilim seeing a golden oppertunits charges the reapers flank and hacks off its harpoon arm. the shredders manage to do suprisingly good amounts of damage to the slayer but not enough to destroy a system. the sheperd advances its self so that it can support either the shredders or nephilim so it can help which ever end up needing it. thagrosh moves up and casts draconic blessing and fog of war (he casted draconic blessing on the carnivean after it was activated soley for the 1 fury up keep next turn).


The Reaper and the Slayer continue to wail on my poor carnivean leaving nothing but 1 hit point left in mind and 1 left in body so in total only 2 hit points left! which is actually bad since he is crippled to no end and i really needed that dark revival right about now D: . the other slayer kills another shredder. and at this point im not entirely sure what denegrahs trying to do but its obviously not working :3


AND ANOTHER MIRACULOUS THRESHHOLD CHECK! making sure my carnivean dosent enter a frenzie :D allowing the sheaperd to heal his spirit so that i can force him this turn which allows him to nearly the slayer allowing Thagrosh to punch its face in and kill it HUZZAH! and the Soldier manages to cleave the Reaper in twain! while the shredders still manage to pick away at the final slayers health. the other sheperd uses conditioning on the soldier to remove his fury.


with no hope left Denegrah goes for one final assassination run on thagrosh using all her focus in a despret attempt to end my pittiful life... i make it out with 3 health left :D and the slayer kills anothe one of my shredders (oh-no!)


EVERYTHING! (except the shredder) charge Denegrah and in one glorious massacer of blood, sweat, and tears there was nothing left but the blood smeared crater on once was... also the shredder got the slayer down to one hit point :3



and on one final note... i hatent been able to use dark revival in any game yet :P

next week will be a cryx v skorne v legion and possibly v khador and v cygnar... so... things might get... interesting.

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