The corperation- a basic history

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The corperation- a basic history

Post by Cyrion » Wed Aug 10, 2011 6:39 am

The Corporation

The corporation originally set up on a habitable moon of one of the 50 colonies due to a small loop-hole in the law that allowed them to claim it as there own. The corporation originally set up to sell weapons to planets in the 50 colonies and quickly became rich and influential. The corporation were the first humans to come into contact with the X’lanthos and retreated to earth due to the hostile nature of the X’lanthos, the corporation took a rare aggressive bread of animals with them back to earth co continue experimentation on them aswell as developing a new computer system for recycling in order to get the most out of they’re resources. During the 100 year war countries turned to the corporation to support them and provide them with weapons and supplies, the corporation quickly took control of humanities forces during the 100 year war. When the virus struck the corporation’s leaders were able to hide in the test facilities hundreds of mile underground in order to survive. The corporations assets were destroyed, they’re experimental animals managed to escape and they’re computer systems went rogue. As new children grew up in the underground chambers of the corporation they realised that is was the old corporation leader’s fault that they had to hide. The new generation of humans revolted against the old corporation and became its new leaders, all of them were determined to undo the mistakes of they’re forefathers.

The leaders of the corporation emerged at the end of the hundred year war to find the destruction it had created. They still had a large supply of resources in they’re underground chambers that they used to hire other survivors into the corporation. Though there are many divisions of the corporation, the main military strength lies in five specialised divisions that use the knowledge left over from before the 100 year war to combat the threats posed to the corporation. These five specialised groups are: The hunters, the disruptors, The Corporation guard, The Silencers and The programmers.

The Hunters specialise in hunting the experimental animals that the corporation unleashed. The hunters track groups of animals for days on end, learning where to set up traps and getting into firing positions. Hunters usually use sniper rifles and hunting knives aswell as wearing full camouflage cloaks, the hunter’s leaders usually use dark potential energy for cloaking aswell.

The Disruptors are ever vigilant and on the look out for Reclaimer forces, The Disruptors use portable signal jamming devices in order to stop the Reclaimers calling in reinforcements or heading back to their ships. The Disruptors are often regarded as the best shots in the corporation, as have to aim for the joints in the Reclaimers suits. They commonly wield dual pistols or long rifles.

The Corporation guard are the Corporations way of combating the Bandits, in every Corporation controlled location a small force of Corporation guard wait for the bandits to attack. The corporation guard use any means necessary. They often decorate their armour in the most intimidating way they can think of in order to dissuade Bandit raids. The Corporation guard are the corporation’s way of enforcing the law and can be found carrying all manner of weapons.

The Silencers are X’lanthos hunters. They carry devices that block the X’lanthos telepathic communication. They are stealthy and wear minimal armour, as they have to get close to a X’lanthos because they’re communication blocking only works at close range. Because of this the Silencers train in fighting hand to hand.

The programmers infiltrate deep into the scavengers’ lines and destroy the CPU. They are not as good at fighting as any of the other elite corporation divisions so they rely heavily on technology. They have a good understanding of technology and use that to their advantage when fighting scavengers though they are often accompanied by a bodyguard from another of the Corporations’ divisions.


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