Red Corsairs vs. Hive Fleet Tempest

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Red Corsairs vs. Hive Fleet Tempest

Post by 14ascheck » Sat Jun 13, 2009 8:27 pm

Red Corsairs vs. Tyranids

Here is the CSM army list. I'm not sure if it's right, but he said it was, so I'll let him run it....

Huron Blackheart

5 Chaos Terminators, Power fist, Chainfist, Reaper autocannon, 2 Combi-flamers

9 CSM's, aspiring champion, power fist, chaos glory, plasma gun
Rhino, daemonic possesion, twin-linked bolter

10 CSM's, aspiring champion, power fist, chaos glory, flamer, heavy bolter
Rhino, daemonic possesion, twin-linked bolter

5 CSM's, aspiring champion, plasma pistol, melta bombs, melta gun
Rhino, daemonic possesion, twin-linked bolter

3 Chaos bikers, biker champion, plasma pistol

Chaos predator, twin-linked lascannon, heavy bolter

Vindicator, havoc launcher

That's how my opponent, (Huron,) wrote it. Now here's mine. Oh, by the way, I'm not giving any names here because I didn't get his permission to post it, so he's just Huron.

1,500 Point Army List, Standard Tyranid Swarm

Hive Tyrant+Barbed Strangler+Venom Cannon+Enhanced Senses+Warp Field=165 pts. HQ1

Tyranid Warrior Brood (4)+Scything Talonsx4+Rending Clawsx4+Adrenal Glands (WS)=104 pts. E1

Tyranid Warrior Brood (4)+Scything Talonsx4+Venom Cannonx2+Barbed Strangler+Deathspitter+Enhanced Senses=128 pts. E2

Tyranid Warrior Brood (4)+Scything Talonsx8+Toxin Sacs+Adrenal Glands (I and WS)+Flesh Hooks=128 pts. E3

Ripper Swarm (6)=60 pts. T1

Hormagaunt Brood (12)+Adrenal Glands (I)+Toxin Sacs=156 pts. T2

Hormagaunt Brood (12)+Adrenal Glands (I)+Toxin Sacs=156 pts. T3

Gaunt Brood (12)+Spinefists=60 pts. T4

Gaunt Brood (12)+Spinefists=60 pts. T5

Gaunt Brood (19)+Fleshborers+Without Number=162 pts. T6

Carnifex+Enhanced Senses+Venom Cannon+Twin-linked Deathspitter=143 pts. HS1

Carnifex+Crushing Claws+Scything Talons+Adrenal Glands (I and WS)+Regenerate+Tail Weapon - Scythe=168 pts. HS2

Well, that's it. While this army may look sort of weird at first, it is meant to be a big swarm with lots of Synapse and some heavy hitters to take down the big boys.

My strategy is to swamp him with the main body of Gaunts, using the Rippers to lock with whatever big bad shooters are waiting. While this is happening, the 'Fexes will advance and take out the Vindicator and any Terminators, heavy infantry like that, etc. I think I'll just shoot at the artifact when I see it. See below for more on that. I've got to tell you, I definitely toyed with the idea of my shiny new Raveners bursting up under the artifact, but the trouble was, they take up 160 points and there was way to much terrain for that. The chances of me hitting a tree trunk as I came up were to high, and I figured if my boys run fast enough, it could work. Besides, the artifact is still Slow and Purposeful.

Huron's (he told me after the game,) was to move with Huron and the Terminators and take down my Hive Tyrant, while his heavy shooting units put down my Warriors. This way, I'd have no Synapse. All that time, he'd be moving the artifact out at top speed, accompanied by the five CSMs in his army list.


We decided to try something different in this campaign, which has been going on for a week now, so we decided to run an Evacuation mission. However, the stakes are higher this time. If the CSMs get their artifact in place, the shocking power blows up the 'Nids. But if the 'Nids destroy the artifact, the minds of all the CSMs are blown up, and they all die. So it's total victory based on that artifact. Ought to be good. Also, there was no Outflanking or Reserves. Oh, and the dangerous terrain from the mountain, (see below,) doesn't hurt the heretic with the artifact, he's a bit to crazy to die right now. The daemon or whatever it is inside is feeding him energy, so he will only die from 'Nid weapons.


This campaign is on the little world of Elegia VI, and this is the storyline.... The Chaos Space Marines have just cleansed this world of the misguided Imperial Guard and Space Marines, (I might put that battle on here too, although I didn't take part in it,) and are moving towards their ships with an important artifact. This model is on a normal base, with a heretic, based on the graphics from Dawn of War, the PC game for Warhammer 40K, and he's carrying a big old treasure chest with Korne's standard on top. When I get my camera back, I'll try and take a picture of that, but it might not work to well. I'm really not to good with technology... but we'll see. But back to the battle. While the Marines were clearing the planet, the 'Nids were infiltrating the Imperial capital (that too may yet find its way onto this blog,) with a few Genestealers and a Broodlord, killing all the Dark Angels who were there. Now, the two have met in the woods, and are about to do battle. Even now, however, looming Imperial Guard transports are flying through warp space, and another, far more stealthy bunch is moving towards little old us.


The map was pretty impressive, all in all. Since we were in the northern area, which is covered in woods, almost all of the map was woods and a few hills. On my left, all woods, although in the far left corner there was a little hill. In the center, a great set of Arcane Ruins was the place the artifact had to be brought. Did I mention that the ruins are also on a steep mountainside which is dangerous and difficult terrain? On my right, there was a little clearing, perfect for a firefight, and I suspected a LOT of CSMs would find there way over there, to take potshots at the center and across the open ground. Also, there was, to the left of the clearing, a hill. Now, when I said woods, maybe you figured, you know, seven, eight, GW woods. No. There were, altogether, 17 different GW and homemade woods area terrain pieces sitting on the field. Shooting was going to be point blank, and assault was a priority.


Well, this was probably the most important part of the game. I set up all my Gaunts, Warriors, and the Hive Tyrant right splat in the middle. All the Synapse creatures were screened by waves of Gaunts, and they were arranged so that each brood was covered by two Synapse creatures/broods. The Carnifexes were on the flanks. The shooty one, tasked with destroying the Vindicator, (I hate those things so much,) was set up facing the big open space on the right.

Huron set his boys up almost all crowded in the middle, like the evac mission says, but I saw that the Vindicator and bikers were set up in a way that would get them to that clearing pretty fast... lock and load, Mr. 'Fex.


The first turn was really pretty quiet. Huron got first turn, and ran his Bikes and the Vindicator across the woods, but didn't quite get into the clearing. The artifact and CSMs moved back, but could only go 2", so that didn't trouble me to much. We couldn't figure out if the boys being in a Rhino meant that they could go fast, so we decided that they couldn't and that the Rhino was being really careful not to run into any Genestealers or something. Anyway, back to the main deal. The Predator was trying to find a place where it had a good line of sight but could still cover the Rhino's retreat, so it finally moved into a position where it at least had some range, and was still in the middle. The CSMs moved with their Rhinos on Huron's flanks, but they weren't getting very far.

I marched up with all my troops. This scenario isn't really all that fair, because all 'Nids have Move Through Cover, so while the Marines were stumbling around, my boys were just tearing the jungle apart. My shooting 'Fex moved behind some cover, so that the Bikes and the Vindicator wouldn't have a free shot next turn. My Tyrant was lucky, though. He managed to aim at the Rhino the 10 CSMs were in. He put the shots from his Strangler and Venom Cannon down, and the Venom Cannon got two sixes. Bye bye little Rhino. It figures Huron would then also roll a six, and the Rhino exploded, killing two of his boys. In the meantime, almost all of my army ran on, trying to reach the prey. The shooty Warriors put some fire down on the other Rhino, but that didn't work out. Dang cover.


Now it got good. Huron was still stumbling through the woods when he saw something big barreling straight towards him. Suddenly, the Terminators and Huron were being sliced by my 'Fex. That was really good, I can tell you... my guy cut them up fast. They went first, taking three wounds off my 'Fex. Then, it rolled a six for its Crushing Claws, (am I having a field day with these sixes, or what?) and added to its charge and Scything Talons, had eight attacks. Then, to add to my currently awesome luck, I killed FOUR Terminators and got a wound back with Regenerate! Only the Champion and Huron were still alive. But I skipped ahead to my turn there. In the meantime, the eight CSMs were stranded, and the whole Spinegaunt horde was closing in. They put some heavy fire down, killing about five, if memory serves my old mind well. In the meantime, the other squad of nine CSMs was disembarking, hoping to avoid the unpleasant, and very much explosive, fate of their friend's Rhino. They then poured fire into my Warriors, the shooty brood, which passed a cover save, thanks to my Termagants. The Predator fired at my Carnifex, the one that was about to hit Huron, but it missed. It then rerolled, and missed again... oh well, you'll get there some time, my friend. Finally, the Vindicator and the Bikes poured into the clearing, moving very fast, and prepared to run into my flank. Oh, and the artifact continued its slog, once again at 2". Where does all the luck go? WHERE? Boohoo.

My 'Nids poured into the woods, and the Carnifex bowled into Huron, etc. The Spinegaunts emptied their weapons into the eight Marine, killing three. Then, the Spinegaunts and Scything Warriors attacked the CSMs, and the last ones prepared to die bravely. Well, the first part of the combat, 19 Spinegaunts vs. three CSMs, was very one sided. They both hit at once, and the fight began. The Spinegaunts lost two guys, and the CSMs lost them all. Then, the other two CSMs went up against the Warriors. The Warriors hit first, with 20 attacks. The CSMs died in a flash. Then, the boys consolidated, closing vital ground with the artifact, which had only moved 4", compared to the twelve or more of the swarm. Closing fast, my friend. Now, the shooty units. These guys were amazing, especially on this kind of battlefield. Wow. My Tyrant opened up with his Venom Cannon, rolling a 14. Thus, the Predator couldn't shoot next turn. Two words: dead meat. My Warriors also shot at the Rhino next to the nine CSMs, and it was AMAZING. The roll scattered, so that there was one Venom Cannon on the Rhino, and one Barbed Strangler on top of four CSMs. Yippee. As it turned out, the Rhino didn't get pierced, and only one CSM died, but still... it looked great. Anyway, on to the next boys. My shooty 'Fex blasted the Vindicator, and destroyed it's Havoc Launcher. So now it was pretty much just a pile of expensive metal. Finally, the whole Termagant Brood loosed its guns on the eight CSMs by the Rhino, and they, just like their brothers were about to at the hands of the Spinegaunts and Warriors, were pretty much killed. Three CSMs toppled over, leaving five to take on the 24 Hormagaunts coming at them. Well, the Hormagaunts went first, and let me tell you, nobody ever heard from those five again.


Turn three was pretty much the last nail in the coffin for Huron Blackheart. The only things that really happened were his artifact moving 6", his bikers getting shot at and killed by my Warriors and the 'Fex, and his personal melee. Oh, and the Vindicator went to try to get in for some kind of Tank Shock, which was useless, because 'Nids never run anyway. The Predator just ran. Huron and his Captain missed killing the 'Fex by one wound. Ouch. Which is when, and I believe this is the full number, four Warriors, 24 Hormagaunts, and five Spinegaunts poured in from all sides. Huron and co. died without a sound. In the meantime, the last five CSMs turned around to fight to the death.

My 'Nids charged all over them. The four Warriors ran on, coming pretty close to the last five Marines. My Hive Tyrant blew up the Predator's treads, so that it couldn't keep moving. And like I said already, the Bikers were about to hit the Hormagaunts when they were blown up by my Warriors and my 'Fex. Everything else just kept charging.


Well, the last turn showed a few Marines, a heap of scrap metal, and an Immobilized Predator fighting against almost all of my army. Man, Huron had NO luck in this game. His Artifact moved 3", but it had now moved exactly 13" in four turns, and some of my 'Nids hadn't stopped moving for a moment. In fact, the artifact was now only 8" away from all of my Termagants. Just for the heck of it, Huron humored little old me with a final turn. He shot his lascannon, killing my Hive Tyrant, which could have turned the tide earlier, but not now. Besides, the Warriors still had all the Gaunts covered. Thank you Leviathan, if you're reading this. Your tutelage hath made me strong enough to do the bidding of the Hive Mind. Anyway, let's carry on to the five Marines staring four Warriors in the face. They opened fire, killing, surprisingly, three of them. Lastly, the Vindicator just drove around in the clearing.

My 'Fex put the Vindicator out of its misery, and the Predator could only stare as my 'Fex came hurtling towards it, with a nice cover save from all my Hormagaunts. In the mean time, my last Warrior, seeing that the Synapse web would go on just fine without him, hurled himself in, killing two Marines. Then, through a string of ones, the Marines didn't manage to finish him off. Amazing bad luck. But I've saved the best for last. Oh, by the way, we just played out the whole turn because we felt like it, and it'd probably take a few moments for the thing to blow up the Marine's minds anyway. By which you've obviously already figured out that my Termagants blew the artifact up. And that was it. Total victory. A massacre.

The aftermath is pretty good for me. This means that I get some sweet advantages in my next battle. Also, this victory is really good for the 'Nids because now I've cleared out practically the whole North Pole (where the capital was,) and a lot around it, thanks to this little victory. Even better, the judge for this campaign has decided that I'm going to get an extra bonus for the total slaughter which occurred. Although I have to say, if Huron had rolled better for the artifact, it might have actually got pretty far away, and I might not have caught it. And I have to say, there were some REALLY bad rolls on his part. And I swear that army list is to small, or something. Still, it was a really great game, and I have to say, if there's one thing I think really helped me, I'd say Move through Cover. I had a whole army swarming through the place, and he was cutting his way through all sorts of stuff.

For next time? I think, all in all, I'd do the same thing. It worked out pretty well. Although, I'm not sure about my lone charge with the 'Fex. That could have messed up REALLY badly... still, it was fun.
Tyranid Hive Fleet Tempest - 2,700 Points and growing...
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Re: Red Corsairs vs. Hive Fleet Tempest

Post by 14ascheck » Thu Jul 30, 2009 9:17 am

Tyranid Hive Fleet Tempest - 2,700 Points and growing...
Tau - 176 points (Slow but steady...)
92% of teens (and 'young folks') have moved on to rap. If you are part of the 8% who still listen to real music, copy and paste this into your signature.

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Re: Red Corsairs vs. Hive Fleet Tempest

Post by DavicusPrime » Thu Jul 30, 2009 10:22 am

Nice write up. I just had one comment and one sticking point on the army lists...

The CSM is an acurate list... Marines don't get the numbers that you get... But if I were him I would not have spent so much on those rhinos. He'd have 75 more points to spend on marines... which would have made that 5 man squad a 10 man squad. It might not have helped much, but couldn't have hurt.
14ascheck wrote: Red Corsairs vs. Tyranids

Tyranid Warrior Brood (4)+Scything Talonsx4+Venom Cannonx2+Barbed Strangler+Deathspitter+Enhanced Senses=128 pts. E2
The unit above is not codex legal I'm afraid. Only one warrior per brood can take a venom-C or strangler.

As for the game, that mission was pretty harsh on the chaos boyz and the hvy terrain wasn't gonna help him at all. Add in the one sided dice and "huron" was screwed.

Nice list BTW. I played in a tournament against a similar list (replace warriors with Zoanthropes) in dense city terrain... Pretty much identicle outcome. Tyranids + dense terrain = pain. :P

I wish I was able to play in an organized campaign like this though. I envy you guys.

Keep playing and writing up the results so that we can live vicariously through you. :)

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Re: Red Corsairs vs. Hive Fleet Tempest

Post by Mutanik » Wed Dec 30, 2009 7:59 pm

Wow a total slaughter for the tyranids! Those CSM didn't stand a chance.
Even though luck was thouroughly on your side it was well played and a lot of fun to read!
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Re: Red Corsairs vs. Hive Fleet Tempest

Post by Zeruel13 » Wed Dec 30, 2009 8:04 pm

I knew the outcome of this after reading the Chaos player's list alone. Considering that, I'm not surprised it turned out like it did in the slightest.

I suggest you get this Chaos player to sign up on the forums and point him our way to the Chaos Subforums. There's a lot of helpful advise I'm sure we could give him.

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Re: Red Corsairs vs. Hive Fleet Tempest

Post by Tauguy14 » Thu Dec 31, 2009 1:48 pm

nice bat rep.

Z, I must agree with you. I've barely started Chaos and I could already see this list was in for a beating.
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