Pre-Apocalyptic America

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Pre-Apocalyptic America

Post by aklara » Mon Jun 08, 2009 8:27 pm

A Political Dispute

At the time, the United States of America was divided with two major political parties, the Loyalist American Party and the New Era Party of America. After the 2048 vote for President, Loyalist Senator John Garrison was elected (coercing the populace with the promise of a “New America”, clean, powerful and prosperous”), succeeding New Era President, Blake Richards. Disgraced with the shame of political defeat (being the Party in power at the time was unexplainably important), the New Era Party shortly suit started planning a massive annomyous upstart against the Garrison Administration. The planning and preparation took shortly over two years, with agents specializing in corruption and propaganda stationed in singnificant locations.

Around the year 2150, Earth underwent the New Cold War, a political conflict that dwarfed any other in recorded history. Spies were sent around the globe by the many implicated nations to steal crucial blueprint data. With this information, weapons of unspeakable magnitude could be crafted for the leaders who request them--for a price. I shall now delve deeper into the 22nd century society, where political unrest, the fear of catastrophe and terrible apprehensive propaganda wars were common daily factors of the middle and lower-class 1st world country citizen. The frantic effect of the political tension which threatened nuclear action and the established secretive New Era Party agents sparked anti-nuclear sentiments in the hearts of the American people. Later that very year, when the first American bio/nuclear weapon was suspiciously launched in American waters near the coast of Cuba, affecting several coastal Cuban towns, these ever passive anti-war groups erupted with rage, causing small acts of nationwide defiance towards the Loyalist government. Martial Law was thus implemented as an act of retaliation by the American government to counteract this new threat.

The fanaticism caused by nuclear presence and the anti-Loyalist propaganda spead by the New Era Party formed organized rebel groups and cultist clans which worshiped different means of governmental cleansing and repair. These comprised of people of all races and genders who believed the current modern government was greedily abusing power and making decisions that shook the very foundation of Democracy. Following several threats “Democraticaly representing the word of the American people”,made by the Garrison Administration directed at neighnouring nations, (which hoped to seize their technological assets for their own purpose) many American rebel and cultist groups banded together to create a new organization shortly after named the Coalition. The Coalition believed that they represented a working-class opinion in modern affairs, promising the people that their concerns would be justly met. Violent measures were first implemented by the Coalition when a platoon of soldiers stationed in East Manhattan, New York captured, tortured and murdered several citizens who supposedly trespassed on the United Nations headquarters, which was heavily fortified due to hatred towards the established government and inter-governmental murder. Insignificantly armed (which was the norm during this period) these citizens were believed by 103rd Platoon 2 star General Whittmond to be Coalition terrorists ordered to infiltrate the United Nations headquarters and steal political data. The American government used this technique as a means to try to prove to the populace that the Coaliton meant to harm the “peace and prosperity” of the nation. False “orders” given by Coalition hierarchy were forged by governmental agents and broadcasted throughout the nation as a means to strengthen Loyalist reign and support. The two parties fought using propaganda to prove their findings concerning the matter, both forging “evidence” and “proof” to increase their respective popularity.

Knowing now that the Coalition was a major threat to civil obedience, the Loyalist government tested several new organizations against their foe. Most proved no match for the hidden and dangerous Coalition resistance. At last, Loyalist government, tired of delay, formed a final secret task force called the C.T.E.; the Coalition Tracking Experimentation force. Members of this organization were disguised as everyday citizens and were sent to uncover information concerning the leadership and activity of their newfound adversary. They were then to report any findings and send for extermination teams. The Loyalists used this sytematic killing method to weed out the Coalition hierarchy embedded in society's ever-anxious evironment. The disappearance of loved ones and friends caused nationwide tension and fear. You can't make the people love you, so you make them fear you.
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