Necron list [2000] points

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Necron list [2000] points

Post by scumbagprince » Fri Apr 06, 2018 11:05 pm

1 cryptek staff of light, chronometron, The veil of darkness - 95
1 cryptek staff of light, chronometron - 95
1 lord with res orb, the voltaic staff, warlord merciless tyrant - 118

4x20 warriors - 960

1 tryarch stalker with particle shredder - 158
1 tryarch stalker with heat ray 171
10 deathmarks - 190

Heavy support:
1 doomsday arc - 193

Points: 1980
Battalion: 3
Vanguard: 1
battle forged: 1
CP 7(-1for relic)=6

First impressions?

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Re: Necron list [2000] points

Post by Bojazz » Fri Apr 06, 2018 11:41 pm

Which Dynastic Code are you aiming for?

It seems like you're going for some warrior spam with reanimation shenanigans, which can work but some things to consider:

- Illuminor Szeras would be quite effective in this list. His Augmentation ability gets a ton of value when targeting a unit of 20 Warriors, and if they get that +1 toughness then it synergizes with your whole theme quite well. Otherwise he fills the same roll as a Crtyptek, giving the +1 to Reanimation.

- Reanimation doesn't bring back Necrons that have fled due to Morale. When you have a unit of 20 models with only a 4+ save, Morale becomes a problem - even with 10 Ld. You may consider switching your warlord trait to Immortal Pride, which lets friendly <DYNASTY> units within 6" auto-pass Morale tests, therefore maximizing your reanimation potential. You could also try to save 2CP for a critical Insane Bravery stratagem if things go awry.

Overall I'd consider dropping 1-2 units of Warriors in favour of some Immortals. Mephrit Gauss Immortals get -3 AP at half range, which is bonkers. They still benefit from the Chronometron and Augmentation abilities of Crypteks and Szeras, they have a 3+ save, and they don't need to worry about Morale like Warriors do, which means they can screen out front, or wander off to get objectives without worrying too much about getting away from the buffing characters.
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Re: Necron list [2000] points

Post by scumbagprince » Sat Apr 07, 2018 11:56 am

I'll mix in szeras, and definitely change the warlord trait.

But I don't want to take immortals because I'm messing around with making a full defensive synergy list and adding immortals would give the opponent a target to shoot at.

The idea of this list is to minimize your opponents damage output.

I've targeted his heavy weapons by having only light infantry, and only vehicles with refractor shields, and invulnerable saves on infantry.

This leaves me to only have to focus his units that kill light infantry/ light tanks.

My original theory was to target his aura characters with my warlord sniper staff in combination with the veil of darkness and 10 deathmarks deepstriking in.

Also on turn 3 to do this combo and have 1 lord, 1, cryptek, and 10 death marks would kill the warlord and appear in the opponents deployment zone for 2 victory points.

But I see now that moral is the biggest weakness of the list.


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