Complete Newbie With Two Questions...

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Complete Newbie With Two Questions...

Post by Bassmunchkin » Sun Jul 09, 2017 4:15 pm

Hi everyone, Ive only just joined and have a couple of questions. I only play Talisman 4th edition at the moment, but want to get into 40,000.

Baring in mind that I’ve only painted a few characters in Talisman, have virtually nil knowledge of the rules of 40,000 and I’m trying to work out which edition I should purchase, could some of you shed some light as to which edition I should buy (would this decision effect which army I want to own, which I have no idea yet)

Also I’m already a little confused in the order in which I start assembling models from the sprues once I’ve opened the box. I’ve only heard that you assemble the models and then start playing the game, however when using the roster sheets to work out the size of your army, you obviously then work out which armour each character is going to have in relation to cost, so should I work out which models have which armour first on my roster sheet and then build my models up accordingly, so that the models on the game table and the roster sheet are the same.

Thanking everyone in advance for their kind help.


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