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Re: Reclamation Dominion Forum

Post by Kovlovsky » Tue Jan 05, 2016 5:46 pm

Gehenna in the Inquisitorial complex archives...

The assassin charged Decimus who had his chainsword drawn and his pistol aiming at the threat. Decimus tried to hit the foe with his pistol, but he would always dodge at the last moment, frustrating the space marine. When he reached him, Decimus quickly understood that his improved reflexes were still way inferior to the assassin’s ones. He was stronger though and while he was barely able to parry the enemy’s furious attacks, he would be able to destabilise him a little bit by being stronger. The Eversor was a true fighting machine and even a space marine could only parry so many attacks. Decimus was wounded to the arm, then to the torso and took a hit in the head, but his helmet saved him.

He needed to think to some way to retake the initiative or he would be dead in a second. Out of the corner of his vision, he saw Aurelius running toward him. He suddenly kicked the assassin to the knee level. The foe immediately jumped to dodge attack, but doing so it made him vulnerable to Aurelius punch that was coming right on the assassin’s head. A cracking sound of bones was heard and the assassin was sent flying a few meters away. He rolled for a few seconds on the marble floor only to stop near a column. He jumped back on his feet and kicked on the column to propulse himself toward Ctesias, his true target. But the sorcerer was ready this time: extending the hand, he launched a telekinetic blast that sent the killing machine straight through the column which exploded in a cloud of dust and marble rubble. He flew straight on the wall behind and crashed into it before felling on the floor loudly.

Ctesias, bolt pistol pointed toward the foe, carefully advanced toward the immobile assassin body in case this would be a ruse. A few of his teammates deployed on both of his flanks, their bolters and weapons pointed toward the Eversor.


Tallious, Wolcott's command center...

- Ahmuz Qaralek: “You’re coming just at the right time. I was just finishing assembling my bolt pistol after cleaning it up. By the way, I feel there is a little something different about you, but I can’t put the finger on what it is.”

It was true, but it was a very unconventional way to do it since the whole operation had been made through telekinesis. Wolcott had huge sunglasses; the type that douchebags would wear to match their own internal arrogance. Qaralek suspect it was hiding something, but he didn’t know what. Wolcott dodged the question.

- Wolcott sarcastically: “Are you just there for pointless chatting and to show how amazing you are? Because, I don’t have time for this.”
- Qaralek chuckling: “You know me very poorly if you think so. No, I came here to tell you that Lord Suren isn’t someone to trifle with. You know that this most unwise to refuse to answer my master’s calls. Do you?”
- Qaralek: “First because he could suddenly abandon your army to your destruction if he feels that your stupidity will lead a catastrophic defeat.”

Wolcott, who was walking around the room nervously exploded of wrath.

- Wolcott: “So this is my fault? You seem to forget that it was your precious Lord that agreed to a suicidal plan WITHOUT ME!!! Had we gone with my plan we wouldn’t have down half our force! So if you're to just pass your failures off on me, I'm not going to stand here, and listen to you INSULT ME, IN FRONT OF MY OWN MEN!!! FETH IT-IM LEAVING!!!

Without saying anything one Rubric moved swiftly in front of the only door and firmly pushed Wolcott back inside the room. The brigadier stumbled back and nearly fell. He turned himself back toward Qaralek with a look betraying both astonishment at the sorcerer’s insolence and an immense wrath at being humiliated. The two feelings were confusedly mixed in the general’s mind and it stopped him from answering in any meaningful way for a few seconds.

- Qaralek with a voice a lot more menacing: “Should I remind you that the reason why you weren’t at the briefing was because you were too drunk to even stand? We haven’t come this far to let you destroy everything we’ve painstakingly built during centuries by being reckless.”
- Qaralek now amused: “Threatening? Do you mistake us for mere brutes? No, no, no. This is no threat, but a promise.”
- Wolcott: “What is the fething difference?!
- Qaralek: “Do I have to make Low Gothic courses now? A threat is something aggressive that you say to force someone to act in a desired way. It may be empty or followed through. A promise, however, shall be followed through.”

Wolcott was fulminating at the sorcerer arrogance.

- Qaralek: “Secondly, the information that Lord Suren wanted to tell you is of prime military importance. Not only the enemy is marshalling a force of more than one million men with thousands of tanks, heavy artillery and air support, but they will be supported by a significant amount of Imperial Knights and Titans of different types.

Colonel Owen and the officers, who had been caressing their laspistols’ handle since the meeting had started to look confrontational were now becoming white of fear. 1 million of men and strong armored support? That was manageable with space superiority. But with numerous Titans Imperial Knights? That was a whole different thing. They threw a stare at each other’s, then at Wolcott. Their leader didn’t seem a lot more confident than them, but he had more composure.

- Wolcott: “And you’re making all this fuss for Titans?! We’ve been fighting them a lot successfully on Lucius!” He continued, adding an angry dismissive gesture of the hand: “No problem!”
- Qaralek being condescending: “No problem? Oh! Did I forgot to say of what type was the leading titan? How absent-minded I am!”
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Re: Reclamation Dominion Forum

Post by Acanthus » Tue Jan 05, 2016 10:08 pm

Thorald nodded. "So says the readout." Gently, he leaned Reavus against the nearest wall. Then, turning towards the door, he pressed the green button on the wall beside it. With a hiss of displaced air, the door slid open.


Arren and his men struck the Hierophant with the force of a thunderbolt. Hacking and slashing, they tore at the thick, chitinous plating of its massive body.

It seemed not to notice.

Wheeling overhead, a group of harpies swooped down, screeching, as the Space Marines reached the top of the bio-Titan. Several were dropped by precise bolt and plasma fire, but there were dozens more to replace them. Arren growled to his men over the vox. "Ready your blades, brothers!"

As if they needed to be told. The Vanguard veterans were already launching into the sky to meet their foes, energy fields of their great weapons sparking and ready. Arren was in the fore, blade raised in both hands. The first harpy before him barred its teeth and hissed.

That was all the time it got. The great broadsword swung straight and true, energized edge cleaving directly through the alien's face. As it fell, another came forwards. It, too, was dispatched by the First Captain, followed by three more in quick succession. The Veterans around him were doing similarly, though none quite matched his skill and speed. But harpies continued pouring from the skies, and the back of the hierophant made for an unstable battleground indeed.

Arren decapitated another harpy, and roared over the vox to all Imperial forces. "Heavy weapons, take the Titan's eyes and mouth! Give us an opening, or, by the Emperor, the beast will be the death of us all!" He parried a wild strike from a harpy's claw, and slew it with a bisecting cut. That was when he heard the sound of rent metal and flesh.

Turning, he saw the Hige Tyrant, a winged beast carrying a sword and whip, stride over the fallen body of a Vanguard veteran. The honored corpse slid from the back of the hierophant into the chaos below, but that was of secondary concern. Arren saw the beast, and knew that his brothers could not hope to slay it. With a roar and a gunning of his jump pack, the Captain of the First Company leaped into the air at his target.


The strongpoint defense was going well. All available Imperial forces on Dracoon Prime had been diverted to a single bunker. PDF, Helios Guard, and civilian militias fought side-by-side on the walls of the complex. The minions of the hive mind were coming in ever greater numbers. Such was their wont; adapt to a changing situation, and consume all in their path. Thrice they had been thrown back into the wastes that the hive capital had become. Yet they returned, each time, with greater numbers and knowledge. Valorum had his few available Scouts watching day and night for lictors and genestealers. The Tyranids could not be allowed to infiltrate the fortress. Success depended upon their complete ignorance of his plan.

Beneath his helm, the Chapter Master clenched his jaw. Under the circumstances, there were no other alternatives. Nonetheless, his plan still sat ill with him. It was pragmatic and the only way to ensure victory, but the cost...the cost would be high. The charges were primed and ready, yes. But until every last Tyranid on the surface of Dracoon Primus was throwing itself against the walls of his redoubt, they would have to wait.


Daros stood before his brothers, heok removed and fist deactivated. All told, eighty-four Space Marines of the Third, Fourth, and Tenth Companies were arrayed before him, looking expectantly, but silently, on.

He raised a fist. "My brothers! Oro's Keep is ours!" At this, there was a clash of ceramite on ceramite as the Helios Guard gave their traditional salute. "I have sent word to our Dreadnought brothers in the hive city. Rest assured, brothers. The PDF will be here soon. Then, we can end the greenskin menace on this world of Fivos IV! The aliens who slew Captain Oberyn..."

Suddenly, at his side, Librarian Ignathor collapsed to his knees, hands pressed to his temples. Blood ran from one nostril, as the Librarian gasped out. "Grease! Grease, and green flesh. A great evil, a flare of black, and the grease!" He began to regain his composure. "Brother-captain, the greasy one. He is here."

Daros stood silent. That could only mean one thing. Somehow or other, the thrice-cursed greenskin had found them again. Through clenched teeth, the Third Captain spat one word.

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Re: Reclamation Dominion Forum

Post by Signet-Powers » Tue Jan 05, 2016 11:49 pm

"S-sir!" Owens declared. "We can't- we... we can't fight that!"
"Yes we can!" Wolcott growled. "I will not be shown up by this planets degenerates and, and... and..." He trailed off as he grabbed his forehead and stumbled backwards. "Feth!"
Qaralek let out an unamused sigh and looked towards Owens. "It seems we have no choice unfortunately."

Wolcott approached the war table and looked at the map. "I don't care what they send at me. A legion, and army, they can crash the damn sun into me and it won't make a difference. This world is mine! I am in control, not them! If I tell them I've won, I've won!"
Qaralek wasn't convinced. "And, how exactly do you plan to assert them of your claim to rule?"
Wolcott snorted. "We still have the Shadowsword."

The officers tugged at their collars. "Sir," Owens spoke cautiously, "even then we're still outgunned."
"I know! How many Leman Russes do we still have?"
He growled. "Damn it all! Set up Russes at all major motorways and positions around the city. Focus fire on the knights and let artillery deal with the main force."

"You already forgot about the Titan?" Qaralek mused.
"No, but aside from the Shadowsword we haven't got a reliable way of dealing with it! So we deal with the rest first, then focus fire on it."
"B-but it'll destroy us before then!" Owens added.
"Then we distract it, give it something to focus on! the Airborne units will do what they can to stop it firing down into the city." He looked at Qaralek. "Unless you have a better idea?"

Qaralek waited a few moments before answering in a calm manner. Whether judging or hesitating Wolcott did not know. "I'll make sure your Shadowsword is delivered as soon as possible."
Wolcott nodded. "You do that."

Qaralek turned to leave but then stopped. "Oh, and you may be interested to know that we've already apprehended the Governor and his family, should you wish to speak with them."
The Brigadier looked annoyed to have been withheld from this information, and that made Qaralek smirk slightly. "...Yes. Obviously. Bring me his kids."
"Not the Governor himself?"
"No. Do what you want with him. Children are idiots, far easier to control and fool."
"Clearly..." Qaralek muttered and in a sudden bright flash had teleported away.

Wolcott looked over his officers. "...Well what are you standing around for!?!"
The officers all nodded and apologised, before running off to prepare the defences and give out orders. Wolcott approached Owens and crossed his arms. "Owens I need to speak with you."
"About what sir?"
"About..." he hesitated. "It's private."
Owens gave an awkward look. " you... need some sort of cream or something, cus I've got-"
"WHAT? No! Nothing like that, follow me." and lead him out of the command centre.

Eventually they reached a spot with no other Guardsmen or officers about. Wolcott paced about nervously while Owens rubbed the back of his head. "Brigadier is there a problem?"
"You could say that. Do you trust them?"
"You know who?"
"The-" Owens hesitated. "...Chaos marines?"

Wolcott stopped pacing and looked right at him. At first he was surprised, but after a second he relaxed. Of course Owens knew, he may be a nervous wreck but he wasn't an idiot. "Well?"
"They're Chaos Marines Brigadier. If they betrayed the Emperor there's nothing to say they'll betray us."
"I agree. You heard him didn't you, he threatened to abandon us here."
"He did sir."

Wolcott made a clicking sound with his tongue. "Owens, listen, have you ever heard of leverage?"
"We're going to betray them?"
"No, no, but we're going to make sure they don't leave us behind, that's all."
Owens swallowed. "But they can read your mind, they can see inside our heads! They'll know what we're planning."
Wolcott laughed. "can I trust you Owens?"
"Um... yeah, off course." Owens nodded.
Wolcott removed his glasses.

Owens cursed and backed up against the wall. "Holy F- W-what..."
Wolcotts eyes were pitch black. Completely. He grinned. "I promise you, they really, REALLY can't see inside my head."

Owens covered his mouth with his hand. "y-y-you're... you're..."
Wolcotts grin became a smirk. "Not quite, at least... I'm on my way there..."
"D-d-daemon... you're... how?"
He shrugged. "Take a guess, because this isn't the first time it's happened to me and its starting to get just a bit inconvenient to be honest with you."
The Acting Colonel wasn't quite sure what to say. His hand hovered over his weapon but he couldn't bring himself to draw it. "Why are you doing that? B-being honest with me, I mean..."
"Because..." Now Wolcott was at a loss for words. "I dunno, actually. I just sort of... felt like it." He sniggered to himself. "But anyway, that doesn't matter, you need to help me."
Owens shook his head. "I can't!"

Wolcott suddenly lurched forward and grabbed him by the collar. There was a desperate look in his soulless, black eyes. "Owens, I need you, you can't turn your back on me!"
"I need someone! Anyone! I can't go to no one else!"
"The Librar- I mean Sorceror, he must have done this to you we can-"
"NO! You saw him, he didn't recognise it! It's hiding from him!"

Owens was shaking. "Wh- are you turning into one or is it-"
"It's inside me! They keep getting inside me and I don't understand it! These... Sorcerors helped me out last time but now they- I can't let them know, I can't let anyone know, it needs to get out!"
"Then... how do we get it out?"

Wolcott shook his head. "I have to.. I have to face it or something. That's why I need you!"
"What do you need from me?"
"...I need you to kill me."

Owens stared at him, his normally dark skinned face now quite white. "W-what do you mean..."
"Look, this thing will try to fight back, try to control me and... if we can't fight back you need to kill me."
He shook his head. "I can't do this. I need to-"
"DO YOU WANT TO BE COLONEL!!!" Wolcott blurted out.

Owens squinted. "b-b-but I'm already-"
"Acting Colonel, you know that when you get back home they'll demote you again, nothing I can do about that... but you help me now... and I'll make you Colonel! For real, you'll get the pay, privileges, my own recommendation."
He shook his head. "How can I trust you?"
"I'm paying these f*ckers their due, its hardly like I have a reason to betray you, is it?"
Owens considered this for a few minutes, but Wolcott knew he'd accept. Owens had a son, a terminally ill son, and all of his military pay was redirected towards the medical bills. As a real Colonel he'd be able to afford permanent surgery. "...Okay. What exactly do you want from me then?"

"First, we sort out our leverage, then we get this THING out of me, then we find a way to stop these THINGS from getting into my head again."
Owens bit his lip. "SO you don't have a plan for the last part?"
"Not especially, no. We'll deal with that part when it comes though."
"Then... wait, what if you had something that repels things from the warp? Like a... aren't there people that do that?"
"Like a blank?"

Wolcott laughed. "Owens, seriously, where in the heck am I gonna find a blank?"


Graham clenched his sides as they entered the door that Terminator had just opened. His insides stung so bad, the pain unbearable from his stomach and quickly spreading around his entire body. Every limb, every nerve, every single bit. He had to bite down on his tongue and drew blood. It was one of the few thing keeping him up.
"Are you sure you're all right Graham?" Parker asked.
Graham looked at him. Despite the concern there was a sadness in his eyes. Graham felt bad for him. his wounds could heal, but he doubted Parkers ever would. "I'm fine, really. You?"
"I'm good, obviously." he lied.

As they entere the room they found themselves in a huge chamber, one that went so high that they couldn't see the ceiling through the darkness. All around the walls were shelves, each one covered in jars and packages, with so many wires running rom them that they needed to get up close to see what they were.
Graham stumbled over to one despite the constant protests of his commanding officers to sit down and ripped out a bunch of wires from a package.
it shook violently for a second but stopped. Richards and parker got up and looked at it. "What is it?" Richards asked.
"It looks like..."
"An organ." Graham finished and tried to grab it only to let out a sudden gasp and fall to his knees.
"Easy, easy..." Parker said and helped him sit properly, a hand on his back.

Richards meanwhile looked at the package. "...this is an organ." He then turned to the Terminator. "It's a Geneseed, isn't it?" Before the Terminator could respond he glanced over the entire chamber. "They're all Geneseeds! They're corrupted, aren't they?"


Tallious, the city of Tharian. central district.

High Lord General Xavier was sitting in the war room with the other Generals when the holgramms of the KNights reactivated. The Knights weren't wearing their noble clothing now but instead their battle uniforms. They were inside their Knights and their knights had been deployed.
Sir Percival looked over the generals. "I believe we are all ready, unless anyone else has any further altercations?"
A few Generals raised a few points, but they were either reolved quickly on the spot or passed off with a few disapproving shrugs. The atmosphere was roudy and aggressive. They were all excited to kick these invaders off their world.

Xavier was about to light another cigarette while everyone was conversing when an officer ran up to him. "What is it?" Xavier whispered to him.
"Sir, there's a large scale shootout by the high speed train station. Enemy forces, mostly human but several confirmed to be in power armor."
"No sir, Sororitas."
"I see. Send whatever's needed and kill them quickly."

"Is there something you wish to add to the debate?" Sir Percival said angrily, directing everyone's attention towards Xavier and bringing silence about the room.
Xavier grinned and stood up. Rather than answer as everyone expected him to he lit a cigarette. He put it up to his lips and took in a slow, deep breath, before letting it out.
The Knights were not amused but only Percival dared to raise his voice. "Does the fact that we're having to solve your incompetence annoy you, High, Lord, General?"
Xavier laughed. "No, no, by all means continue."
Percival looked back to the rest of the room with an irritated snarl. "Then we'll have to-"

"However!" Xavier rudely interrupted. When everyone looked back to him he drew another slow breath. "The army is already mobilised, as are your knights I believe, and the Mnemosyne will be there before the days end. Victory is already ours."
Percival glared. "As it is. Your point?"
"Well... What's our plan of action after that?"

The knights all looked at each other, as did the Generals. Percival was not amused. "We ensure that they face the consequences for their heresy and rebuild our world, in order to-"
"Well, as much as I like that little dream you've come up with, it's simply not going to happen."
"When we capture that boy alive, and we will capture him alive, the war won't end here."

Percival stood up. "This is irrelevant, save it for once we've saved this planet."
"I disagree." Xavier declared louder. "We have allowed our world to become weak, that's why this has happened. We have a demand, nay, a duty, to ensure that we come out of this stronger than we went in!"
"What in the Emperors name are you blathering on about! Our objective is to save our world!"

Xavier smashed his fist down on the table. "THEN THAT'S NOT GOOD ENOUGH!!! We cannot sit by and allow these, these monsters to continue to be a threat to our world! If not this boy, then any other member of his family, or, heck not just kestrel, any other world that decides to attack us!"
"YOU FORGET YOUR PLACE!!!" Percival roared. "We put peace and justice before the desire for revenge and violence! Are you suggesting that we take aggressive action against their empire? May I remind you that Mnemosyne or not they severely outnumber us!"
"We cannot be pushed around!" Xavier yelled. "Millions of my citizens, people I'd sworn to protect have been slaughtered in no less than a few days! This, this can never go unpunished!"
"And once the boy has been captured he will face the-"
"Not just the boy! All of them! We must reclaim what has been taken from us!"

The Generals and Knights looked around each other. One of them cleared her throat. "High Lord General, are you... saying that we should go to war against the Kestral Sector?"
"They own close to 200 worlds!" Another General added.
"And millions of Guardsmen, let alone their PDF! We can't hope to face that!" A knight laughed.
"Aye, they're far, far more powerfult han us. We can't hope to face tehm. But I dare anyone in this room to contest me that they deserve this."

There was silence.
Except for Percival. "Our world, has been built on the foundation that we put peace and progress, before war. The governor was a great friend of mine, and he would never allow this."
"The Governor is their prisoner. Maybe even dead. That is because he allowed this world to become weak. We should not rebuild, we should improve! The Kestrals aren't exactly popular, we'll not be short of allies in our crusade against them, we can free-"
"CRUSADE! No! In the Governors absence I am the ruler of this world, not you!" Percival said clearly. "Never forget that I am your superior, Xavier. Your sister did, and that's what lead to this in the first place."
"And what are we to do about the Kestrals once they come demanding their little sh*t back? Are you to hand them the boys headless corpse yourself?"
"No. We hand him back alive in order to maintain a good relationship and ensure-"

Xavier roared and kicked the table, knocking it over and making the Generals besides him jump up out of their seats "TTTHHHIIISSS IIISSS AAANNN OOOUUUTTTRRRAAAGGGEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Xavier stood there, practically heaving with rage for a while. Eventually he smiled, a creepy, unnatural smile and sat back down in his seat, crossing his arms and legs, now that he had no table to rest on. "Okay. Okay... I'll prepare the tea shall I? Start boiling some eggs, put out a banquet. How about his own castle, a boat or ooh, ooh, I know, perhaps even you'd care to offer him your own daughter to f*ck to his hearts content? Seeing as your so eager to please him?"
Percival sneered. "If you have nothing but Vulgar jests then this is over. Everyone knows the plan. We are commencing in several hours. Good day."
And with that the knights cut their transmission, laving the Generals in the war room.

Xavier took out his cigar and dropped it to the floor. "This... this is unforgivable..."
"High Lord General..." A general started. "Sh-should we-"
"Do what he says." Xavier sighed. "Let me deal with that spineless coward. For now prepare the fleet. They're going to be relying on orbital dominance to destroy the Menmosyne. We can't let that happen."


Tallious. The city of Tharian. Western district.

Alarms were blaring as they ran out of the train station. Ekaterina finally got her first view of the city and her jaw fell open. There were so many people. The train station was on a higher level than the rest of the city and she could see hundreds of streets, all filled to the point of overflowing with people who'd fled from other cities. "So many..."
"This way!" A voice shouted over a loud hailer, just about hearable over the hordes of screaming people. Ekaterina wasn't sure where it had came from, until the sound of a bolter firing into the air and making the crowds flee showed her the way.
The Sororitas were next to the entrance of an alleyway. she recognised the Canoness shouting at a police officer she held y the throat. "This way!" Ekaterina yelled to her squad and lead them over there.

As she got closer she could hear what Caroline was yelling at the officer. "Which way after that?"
"S-second right, then left at the turning!"
"After that?"
"I-I don't know- I-I swear!"
Caroline cursed and threw the officer, sending him flying a good 20 feet onto the ground. He rolled back onto his feet and sprant away as fast as he could. As Caroline paced about for a second she turned to see Ekaterina standing right there.
Neither of them said anything, and Ekaterina couldn't see what she was thinking underneath her helmet. That was until Major Nadia and Lieutenant Paula ran over. "We got a path?"
"Through these Alleyways, Not exactly ideal but it'll make it harder for them to get to us in large enough numbers to stop us."
"Excellent, let's split up then. I have 3 platoons so If you have 5 girls leading each squad we should be fine."
"Good idea. Who am I bringing."

Nadia looked about quickly, then setting her eyes on Paula and Ekaterina. "You're with her."
"Us?" Ekaterina protested.
"yeah, why, there a problem comrade?" Nadia practically chirped. Seemingly oblivious to the obvious tension between her and the Canoness.
"No Major." Paula answered.
"Then get going!" She smiled and went to tell the other lieutenants.

Ekaterina and Paula looked at Caroline. Caroline turned towards the other sisters and sent a dozen of them to join the other squads. Then she turned back to the two women before her. "We haven't got time to lose. You hear that?"
They listened and could hear what sounded like some sort of speech being played over the public speakers, but they couldn't make out what it was saying. "What's it saying?" Paula queried.
"They're launching a major counter attack. Time is short! This ends now or never. Can I trust you?" She seemed to be looking specifically at Ekaterina.
"Now or never." Ekaterina repeated.


Fivos IV.

The Ork Knob tried rallying his men again to send them after the escaping scout. "I SAID, GET AF'ER DEM YA-"
"NO!" A loud voice boomed. The Knob span around in surpise to see Boff standing right there.
"Boss, I was- I were jus' goin' da-"
"Shu' i'!" Boff warned him. "You lettin' 'I'm escape was ya?"
The Kommandoes backed away from the ginormous leader in fear. "Well..."
"Good!" Boff declared.

"Eh?" The Knob uttered helplessly.
"Yea'! Boff confirmed. "See, dem sneaky gitz alrea'y know da sneakiest way back ta der gitz dey came from."
"Oh!" The Knob agreed, partly catching on but mostly pretending to understand out of fear. "So..."
"So we gonna follow der trail..." Boff grinned and made a gesture, rallying the rest of the mob. The Orks let the scouts get a bit further ahead before following them through the forest, keeping at least a full kilometre behind at all times.



Resnove pointed for the Titan, which was now so close that the ground shook beneath his feet. "YOU HEARD HIM!!! OPEN FIRE!!!! GIVE IT EVERYTHIMG YOU'VE GOT!!!"

A storm of autocannon fire and Lascannon fire was sent through the air, over the screeching horde and into what could only be called the Heirophants face. Whether or not it was able to penetrate didn't matter, nothing was taking that amount of focused punishment standing.

It reeled back and screeched. The heavy weapons teams and Guardsmen stopped firing momentarily as their ear drums collectively burst, but it seemed that by the Emperors grace the horde was hesitating as well, if only for a moment.
As the harpies fell towards the ground for a brief pause that would only last seconds until they recovered themselves, Arren saw it.
The titan had opened its mouth, wide.

Wide enough that something could be thrown in there...

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Re: Reclamation Dominion Forum

Post by Kovlovsky » Fri Jan 08, 2016 3:29 pm

Sorry for the obsene length of the text. These three stories were happening in quick succession, so I posted them in a single post. I hope that it's not too tedious to read. Take your time.

Tallious, in Xavier’s HQ…

Sergeant Anderson, or what was remaining of him, was there. He had seen it all. Xavier losing his calm about avenging his planet by invading the Kestral empire and Percival being the voice of reason and moderation. Of course, he was astonished and desperate by the fact he wasn’t massacred by the guards. He felt like his spirit was in fire or teared apart endlessly and the green orbs replacing his eyes were burning through his skull. He wanted to die so that this miserable existence could cease and that he could at last be released. But the guards and the generals there seemed to be completely oblivious to his presence. He saw it all, but someone else saw it too…

In the Wrathful…

- Lord Suren: +What have you to report Qezremah? What are your unwilling spies sending to you?+
- Khadeth Qezremah: +The operation isss a big successssss. I’ve got one of my agentsss in Xavier’sss headquarter. There isss a growing schisssm insssside their leadershhhip.+
- Lord Suren: +What is the nature of this schism?+

“Does he chose his words to maximise his serpentine way of talking?” Lord Suren thought.

- Qezremah: +Lord Commander Xavier wantssss to launch a crussssade of revenge againssst the Kesssstral sssssector in retaliation for Wolcott’ssss invasssssion after what he thinkssss will be our deccccisive defeat. The Imperial Knight Perccccival isss vocally opposssed to it. They were closssse to come to blow. +
- Lord Suren: +Interesting… Very interesting. It could play to our advantage if Xavier launches his crusade to occupy the Kestrals in case they became too powerful to be controlled, but it could also attract needless attention on our little agreement with them.. To make a definitive decision, I need to consult Aphael, but for now, Xavier must live.+
- Qezremah: +But my Lord! Sssssisssster Caroline isss leading a commando to kill Xavier! They are about to reach him and ssshe hasss the assssssisssstancccce of a company of Ssssspireguardssss!+

“Wow, I started to think that this sentence would never be ended!” Lord Suren thought.

- Lord Suren: +I know and you will order your agents to make sure they never succeed in their mission to preserve the future. If we want to kill him later, it shall be as easy as stealing a lollipop to a baby.+
- Qezremah: +It shall be as you will, my Lord.+


The Wrathful, In Lord Suren’s apartments...

- Imhotep (Champion Terminator) entering in the room and bowing:
“Sorry to disturb your work my Lord, but the Magister Templi Ahmuz Qaralek has answered your summon.”
- Lord Suren: “Thank you Imhotep. Let him in.”

Imhotep stepped aside to let Qaralek enter and then closed the door. The newcomer had his helmet tucked under his arm.

- Qaralek bowing:
“You summoned me, my Lord?”
- Lord Suren still sitting at his desk: “Come closer. We need to speak of your meeting with the good brigadier.”
- Qaralek: “I’m here to serve, my Lord.”
- Lord Suren: “Of course you do. So, how did he react?”
- Qaralek: “Oh! He wasn’t happy. That’s for sure. He certainly didn’t like to hear that his behaviour was disruptive. In fact, I had to order a Rubric to stop him from leaving.” Now amused, Qaralek continued: “He had his eye wide open from shock and anger. That was a sight to see.”
- Lord Suren: “How did you get his attention?”
- Qaralek: “I bluffed. I told him we would abandon him and his pitiful army on Tallious if he continued to not collaborate with us. When he accused me of threatening him I told him that it was a promise and not a mere threat.”
- Lord Suren amused: “A bold suggestion.”
- Qaralek: “Yes, my Lord. I hope I haven’t overstepped my bonds.”
- Lord Suren: “Hmmm, no. I am amused by it. This was an appropriate initiative.”
- Qaralek: “You are too good, my Lord.”
- Lord Suren: “How did he react when you mentioned the titans?”
- Qaralek: “At first, he played the bold guy saying it was a mere annoyance more or less. When I told him what type was leading the formation, he lost his composure somewhat.”
- Lord Suren: “Good, maybe he will take this operation seriously from now on. Please continue.”
- Qaralek: “Ah! He wanted to see the planetary governor’s children. He said they were more malleable than the governor himself. He seemed annoyed that we hid that from him.”
- Lord Suren: “Ha! Ha! Now, this is interesting. There is something hiding behind this request.”
- Qaralek: “Should I tell you that the request is denied?”
- Lord Suren: “I am tempted to allow it. I think he is starting to conspire against us. It might be amusing to see where his plot will lead. I have my little idea on what he has in mind and I think it shall be entertaining.”
- Qaralek: “You don’t fear he could undermine us?”
- Lord Suren: “We still control the fleet and his army would not survive without my Thousand Sons on the ground. The risks are very small compared to what will happen if no countermeasures are taken against the Titans. Is that all Qaralek?”
- Qaralek hesitating: “Eh? Oh! Y... Yes, my Lord.”
- Lord Suren inclining his head on one side: “Are you sure Magister Templi?”
- Qaralek unsure: “Well there may be something… I found him… different.”
- Lord Suren frowning: “How so?”
- Qaralek: “Well… It’s hard to tell. He was acting strangely compared to when I met him regularly on Lucius and even before going on Tallious. He seemed bolder, more self-confident and also more vindictive.”
- Lord Suren: “I am not seeing what is so different. He has always been a manic-depressive individual and explosions of wrath were common from him. Self-confidence could be explained that he is gaining experience and has an overblown impression about its actual worth.”
- Qaralek: “It was different this time. There was something more calculated in his behaviour. And he was wearing big sunglasses.”
- Lord Suren suddenly more alert: “Sunglasses?”
- Qaralek: “Yes, big ones like those that a playboy or an arrogant individual would wear.”
- Lord Suren rubbing his chin: “I see... That is definitively hiding something…”
- Qaralek: “Yes and I haven’t heard that he was wounded to the eyes or recently being sensitive to light. It might be just another incarnation of his vanity though.”
- Lord Suren: “Anything else?”
- Qaralek: “That’s strange, but I felt being watched to when in there, but I can’t put my finger on what it was. Maybe he bugged the place or something.”
- Lord Suren pensive again: “Hmm. Hmm... That was most interesting. Go see the children and bring them to Wolcott. We will see soon enough what he wants of them.”
- Qaralek bowing: “Immediately my Lord!”
- Lord Suren: “You are dismissed, Magister Templi.”

Qaralek nodded to Imhotep and the later acknowledged it. The Sorcerer exited and Imhotep closed the door.


In one apartment in the Wrathful…

Anna was playing with her little Frederick. The transfer to a more gilded cage had a great effect on their morale. The lightning was good, the room was well heated, the carpet was soft, the bed was comfortable, they had regular meals, they had a normal toilet, etc. The difference was stark with the previous rusty steel walls and floor, the creeping humidity, the camp bed, the poor quality food and the glow globes. Frederick was joyful and enthusiastic. By extension, she was too. From time to time, she wondered if Batov would come back soon or not. She was surprised to miss him. She hadn’t expected it. He was the only friendly face here so far although some female guards who had poker faces initially were now smiling to her and her boy. She was astonished by how a little cheerful little baby could warm up the hardened heart of female veterans so fast. They were either already mothers or mothers in waiting for sure. That realisation had reassured Anna. The people here were real humans although they had acted with a lot of cruelty on her home world. That she now knew that there was something salvageable among them meant that she and her boy could hope to not be the target of more cruelty from their part. She felt a little bit safer. Suddenly, she heard steps coming toward her door. Instinctively she took her little boy in her arms and held him tight against her breast. The door opened.

- Female Spireguard in heavy accented Low Gothic: “You will be held here until further notice. There is a nice woman there that will take care of you.”
- Girl: “Where is my father?”
- Little boy: “I want my daddy!”
- Male Spireguard: “You will see him when you allow it! Now be calm or you won’t see him before a long time!”
- Female Spireguard: “Andrei! You will scare them, you heartless idiot!”
- Male Spireguard: “They’re prisoners! They need to know who’s the boss!”
- Female Spireguard: “They’re children! I’m not surprised your wife dumped you!”
- Female Spireguard: “Don’t worry. You will see your father soon.”

A girl about eleven or twelve years old with beautiful silky dark brown hairs accompanied by a little blond boy around 5 years old entered the room at the surprise of Anna. She quickly changed her astonished face to one with a large welcoming smile. The little Frederick looked to the two newcomers with a curious stare.

- Anna: “Hello to you!”
- Girl smiling shyly: “Hello!”

The little boy was too shy and probably too shaken to answer.

- Anna: “Since we’re going to live together for a while, why not make acquaintance? My name his Anna and I’m the mother of Frederick right here.”
- Frederick enthusiastic: “Aaaaaah!”
- Girl chuckling at Frederick reaction: “I’m Sophia and this is my brother Titus.”
- Anna: “Why are you prisoner here?”
- Sophia: “Our father is the planetary governor of Tallious.”
- Anna: “Serpia right? Oh… I didn’t know we were so far away.”
- Sophia: “And you? You seem like a very nice woman. Why are you prisoner?”
- Anna suddenly a little more sad: “I guess you’ve already met the space marines who rule this place? They destroyed my homeworld, Gardakan, and captured me.” She continued with a tear rolling on her cheek: “They also killed my husband.”
- Sophia: “Oh sorry madam. I didn’t want to make you cry.”
- Anna: “No worry, you have the right to know. I miss him a lot.”
- Sophia: “If I can ask you, why did they capture you? You or your husband was important?”
- Anna now smiling despite her sadness: “No, not exactly. We were quite poor habitants from a hive world. He was soldier and he died protecting the planet. They captured me because my son and I supposedly hold great powers.”
- Titus: “So you are witches?”
- Sophia: “Titus! Don’t say that!”
- Anna: “It’s okay, don’t worry. Technically yes, I’m a witch… At least, it's what they say.”

Sophia had the reflex of massing her neck as a protection reflex. Titus frowned and said:

- Daddy says that witches are evil. But you look nice.”
- Anna: “That’s because I’m nice. Freddy is nice too, isn’t it?”
- Frederick clapping his hands together: “Adada! Dada!”
- Anna: “You see? We’re nice!”

This lightened the atmosphere, but Sophia was still suspicious.

- Anna: “I was born with powers, so was my son. We didn’t choose it and even if we could, I wouldn’t have chosen to be one. People fear us, but we are like everyone. We just want to live in peace and make people around us happy. In fact, I didn’t know that my son and I were psykers before being captured by the Thousand Sons.”
- Sophia: “The Thousand Sons? Are they the evil marines?”
- Anna: “Yes, this is their name.”
- Sophia: “They killed my father’s soldiers; they captured us and send our father in another cell. I hope he’s fine.”
- Anna: “I’m sure they won’t hurt him. He’s important, they will want him alive.”
- Sophia: “I don’t know. They are cruel. I don’t think the Kestrals will help much neither.”
- Anna: “The Kestrals?! Are they here to help us?!”
- Sophia: “No, they are with the marines. They’re even worse than the soldiers that fight together with the marines.”
- Anna: “What?! The Kestrals are allied with the invaders?!”
- Sophia: “Yeah. And they’re really merciless.”

Anna was shocked although she tried to hide it. The Kestrals had a rather bad reputation… They were often seen as little better than opportunistic hooligans, but the young woman couldn’t imagine that would fall so low. But what could you expect from incestuous degenerates?

- Anna: “And the others are they the Spireguards?”
- Sophia: “I don’t know how they are called. They have gray and white camouflage pants, big armors and hide their faces with a balaclava under a big helmet with a black visor.”
- Anna: “It looks like them. Why are they better than the Kestrals?”
- Sophia: “The women Spice… guards were nice with us. The men, not so much. But the Kestrals were all rude and mean.”
- Anna: “Anyway, we will have to be strong together while waiting that someone come and save us.”
- Sophia: “It’s nice of you to try to give us hope, but nobody will help us because nobody knows what is happening.”
- Anna: “Maybe the Emperor knows and that he will send his soldiers to help.”

Sophia looked on the ground with sadness and shrugged. Titus however had started to play with Frederick with a toy truck and a Teddy bear. They seemed to have fun together. Anna smiled at the two children.

- Anna:
“We always must have hope. Otherwise, it will paralyse us. I promise that I will do everything in my power to keep you safe.”
- Sophia: “You swear it?”
- Anna: “I swear on the Emperor that I will.”

Thankful, Sophia smiled and nodded to Anna. The later made an engaging smile in return.

- Anna: “There is something you haven’t talked about. Where is your mother in all this?”
- Sophia: “A few years ago, she was sent in a diplomatic mission, but her ship was lost in the Warp. We’ve never saw her again.”
- Anna: “Oh, I’m so sorry. It must have been hard for both of you.”
- Sophia: “Yeah, it was. I miss her very much.”
- Anna: “I’m sure that wherever she is, she is looking after you with love.”
- Sophia smiling: “Thanks, it’s kind to say that.”
- Anna: “I know how mothers feel for their children. They are the most precious things in the universe for us, even more than our own life.”


A few hours later…

The three kids were playing together. Anna found them very cute. Sophia was acting like a mother to both her brother and to Frederick. She would arbitrate conflicts and would make sure everyone was fine. Anna was happy to see that the two governor’s children had quickly accepted her and her son psyker condition and forget that it was a thing. It made her hopeful somewhat that she could have a normal life one day. Suddenly, she became alerted and rose up: she was hearing steps on a metal floor and felt a disturbing aura. The children didn’t realise immediately. However, a bit later, Frederick started to cry without any apparent reason. Sophia tried to cheer him up, but he rejected her. Anna crouched and took him in her arms, but he was impossible to comfort. Then she heard something else.

- Muffled female human voice: “Greet… Lord!”
- Muffled electronic voice: “Let me in.”
- Muffled female human voice: “Imme.. tly Lord!”

A door opened and a sorcerer entered with his large crested helm, his cream coloured robe on his sapphire and gold armor. He wore a axe at his belt. Frederick cried even more heavily. He was struggling to get out of her mother’s arms like if he wanted to flee a mortal danger. Anna started to feel a mounting state of panic inside her. It was a primal feeling similar to what an animal fleeing a forest fire would feel. She struggled to crush it since she had to protect the children, she swore it. The sorcerer was followed by to Rubricae silent as ever.

- Anna
: “You’re not Aphael?!”
- Ahmuz Qaralek chuckling: “Hehehe! Me? No, certainly not. I’m not that high on the ladder… Yet. I’m Ahmuz Qaralek, Magister Templi of the Daemonologists. I see that you and your son felt it instinctively, isn’t it? You are both psykers, powerful one indeed. And charming too.”
- Anna swallowing bile coming up from her stomach: “Beurk! Stop it with your flattery and tell us what you’re doing here!”
- Qaralek: “Sorry that my aura has such a dreadful effect on your stomach, my lady. I’m here for the governor’s children and they will come with me immediately.”
- Anna: “They will go nowhere until I know what you want to do with them!”

For a while, neither Qaralek nor Anna talked. The woman’s face was one of hard determination, but it wasn’t clear what Qaralek was thinking with his face hidden.

- Qaralek:“Hehehe! I’m starting to like you… I bring them to Brigadier Wolcott, commander in chief of the Kestrals.”
- Anna: “Then I’m going with them! I won’t let them alone with this butcher.”
- Qaralek firm: “It’s out of question! You may be Lord Aphael future apprentice, you don’t give orders here! I do!”
- Anna: “Then you will have to take them by force! I swore I would protect them and I will do it like if they were my own!”
- Qaralek inclining his head on the side: “Is that so? By force? Hehehehe! You don’t know what you are talking about.”

Anna was still firm and unmoving. She was shielding the two children with her body. Qaralek thought about it. He couldn’t damage Aphael’s prize. That would be bad for advancement. However, bringing Anna to the meeting with Wolcott would upset the Brigadier very much… a most amusing perspective.

- Qaralek: “I will allow it.”
- Anna astonished: “Really?! Are you doing this for my beautiful eyes?”
- Qaralek: “You’ve got spirit! No, I’m doing this to upset the good Brigadier and I hope you will be as much annoying as possible. But, I must admit that your beauty isn’t completely stranger to my decision.”
- Anna: “I will be most annoying, you can count on it!”
- Qaralek: “I hope so. I really do. Ah and, don’t try to flee by kicking my knee caps. You will only break your foot.”
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Re: Reclamation Dominion Forum

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Above Fivor IV three Nova class frigates emerged from the warp. A moment later a grey battle barge tore its way into real space to rejoin its escorts.

Bridge of the Gorgon's Wrath

Four space marines stood around a holographic table at the bridges centre. One clad in blue, another in red and third in black Terminator armour and the final one in grey mark three power armour. The figure in grey spoke first "Shipmaster what is the situation?". From his command throne the mortal was quick to reply "All system are operating a full capacity, our escorts are reporting the same. We are detecting two ships in orbit identifying as Helios Guard as well as a Imperial Battle Group accompanied by Astartes of the Champions of Luna. Orbit is uncontested Lieutenant Mallis"

The grey Astartes nods and turns to his comrades "looks like your vision has led straight to our objective Semos"
"You doubted me brother?" the blue clad Liberian replies
"No, not at all I just.."
The Liberian interrupts him "I merely jest Mallis, I know you didn't mean anything"
Mallis sighs and is about to rebuke the Liberian when the doors open and a fifth Astartes joins the council.

Like Mallis his Armour is Grey with the company's turquoise highlights and a recently polished bronze Imperial eagle across his chest. However his mark four armour shoulder pads were both Mechanicus standard red, not just the left like most Battle Brothers of the chapter.Unlike the other officers he wore no battle helm allowing the others to see his hard brown eyes and short black hair. This was Auron, Captain of the Iron Wardens first company.

"Brothers what is the situation"
Mallis replied "Orbit is secure and we have found the Helios Guard as well as another battle group attached to the Champions of Luna"
Auron frowned, this was another Chapter he not encountered before and could only add to what would likely be a tense confrontation with the Helios Guard.
He relaxed and turned to shipmaster "Send out a general message across all channels announcing our arrival and that we will be deploying planet side immediately, repeat until you get a response from all Imperial force's, then message the Helios Guard ships and request to meet their commanding officer immediately, failing that get them to send their location".

He turned to the Holo map "in the meantime we will assist in combating the Orks. I will take the Thunderhawk gunship along with First Veteran, Fifth Tactical and Eighteenth Reconnaissance squad. We and two Stomtalons will search for the Helios Guard from the air", Auron faced the Chaplin "Thortes you gather Second Veteran Squad and await my signal to teleport, make sure to bring heavy flamers to minimise the chance of orks spores growing" "don't keep me waiting long" the Chaplin growled.

Auron nodded and addressed Semos "Liberian you are to remain here an keep us coordinated, but remember keep the ship safe no matter what". "Understood Capitan" Semos replied, while most would have been disappointed to be left on the ship Semos knew he was of more use keeping his brothers informed of any developments rather then on the front lines.

Finally Auron spoke to Mallis and Lord of the Armoury Torval "the two of you will go to the hive city and reinforce what ever defences are there. You have command of Tactical Squads 9 to 12 as well as all Devastator squads. Due to the fact their is no evidence of anything significantly different about the Orks here, equip the devastators with missiles and the Centurions for anti infantry combat".

Auron addressed all of the officers "the destructor's and Thunderfires will go with Mallis while everything else is kept in reserve. Dismissed". As the other officers went to their stations Auron gestured for Mallis to follow him and they began to make for the hanger.
"Your troubled Mallis?"
Mallis knew he couldn't lie to his Capitan, the two were as close as blood brothers.
"Yes Captain I.."
"Drop the formality"
"Understood. I won't lie Auron I am concerned that we lack the necessary strength to complete the mission, I mean three escorts and a single battle barge against a force that possibly wiped out a forge world let alone Lucius"
"What intelligence gleamed from Lucius' disappearance suggest the Helios Guard are under strength and besides we are here get answers not bring vengeance" Auron stated "and remember their are more reports pointing to the Kestrels being the ones responsible for the disappearance of Lucius"
"I understand but no chapter appreciates their autonomy being encroached on"
Auron stops and turns to his subordinate "if the Helios Guard reacts with hostility we know what to do, but we cannot simply wait, if Lucius is still recoverable we cannot let whoever controls it be allowed to defile it"
"yes Captain"
"your dismissed Lieutenant"
Auron continued down the corridor toward the hanger while Mallis went back to find Torval to plan the defence of the hive.
The Iron Wardens had arrived and none would deny them the information or vengeance they seek.

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Re: Reclamation Dominion Forum

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The three champions, blindly swing forward, were mowing down the zombies. They didn't need to aim, the horde was so thick that a blind swing would take out one or two. Pericthyus felt a slash on the shoulder that came from something stronger than a normal zombie, but it did not pierce his armor.
"Ah damn, thought you were a zombie."
Suddenly, the darkness lifted slightly. Pericthyus had just enough time to see a flying piece of metal hit the box, it looked like a scrap from the ground.
The girl's voice came back "That's not very nice!"
The other warriors still under the influence began to stop fighting each other, but they all turned towards the champions and attacked the three
Szartek tried to disable his troops with an override, but everything was jammed.
"Wraymek, come with me. We'll fight out soldiers. Pericthyus, finish her off."
Wraymek charged at his soldiers, knocking them down and trying to knock them out. Szartek was using his nightmare stave to insstil fear in the marines, but they weren't the problem. It was the necrons, who were immune to the technology of the stave, who couldnt be taken. Just as the last slaneeshi marine fell unconscious, Wraymek was hit on the side with a synaptic disintegrator shot. Wraymek went to fire back but he saw Szartek disabeling them one by one. Him being slightly faster than the other necrons, he had no problem stunning the deathmarks. The tomb blades were proving to be obnoxious though...

Perichtyus was having a much tougher time fighting off the zombies. Their attacks were coordinated, they were hitting him hard. Just as the sorcerrer swiped one away, two more latched on. He focused himself, and began harnessing all the powers of the warp that he could. His eyes blazed a bright pink, and the sorcerer became infused with a warp level strength. The zombies became unable to hurt the sorcerer, he was too strong. The terminator charged through the zombies, full force, using his body as a weapon. Like a cannonball he smashed through the horde, straight towards the box. He smashed straight into the thing controlling the girl and, in a flash, she was gone. The necrons who were still standing seemed to be dazed, and the three champions finished off the zombies.
Wraymek stepped forward, he saw, below him, a body in power armor. He turned it over to see Xerov dying on the ground.
"PERICTHYUS!" The sorcerer was still stunned from his charge. Just as wraymek went to get him, Xerov died. Another soldier of Wraymek's had fallen.
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Re: Reclamation Dominion Forum

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Anna held Frederic tightly as the Storm Eagle descended to the surface of the planet. At first it had been relatively smooth but once they'd entered the atmosphere it hard started to shake aggresivly. The baby was crying non-stop, and the Sorcerer's prescence wasn't helping.
"What do they want with us." The young girl asked, her voice trembling.
"I wouldn't worry about your personal safety small one." Qaralek chuckled. "The good Brigaider would never harm a child directly."
'so he harms them indirectly?' Anna thought. "You didn't answer the question."
The Sorcerer cocked his head. "He's at war with their planet and they are the Governors children, surely that answers itself."
"Hmm..." she muttered.
"I hate them..." Sophia complained.

They began to hear the sounds of gunfire and explosions outside. "What's that sound!?!" Anna panicked.
"Tallious artillery, firing on the void shields. Nothing to worry about, we're quite safe." As he said that they could hear what sounded like energy crackling and the explosions became muffled. "We are inside the shield."
"We're there?"
"Any second."
The transport began to stop shaking as it went into a hovering state and she could feel it turning. "Children, you need to stay close to me."
"As I said, there's no need to worry. They're too valuable an asset for him to harm and you're under my protection. Of course, someone as... lovely as you should have no problem getting on his good side."

She felt a strong feeling of repulsion. "I'm not letting some old man touch me!"
"Old man?"
"He is a Brigadier isn't he?"
Under his helmet Qaralek grinned as the Stormeagle touched down and shook everyone but the Rubrics. "If you say so. Oh."
Qaralek lead the way out onto the landing deck. Anna took a deep breath and looked at the children. Sophia took her brothers hands in hers, but he stayed hidden behind her. She smiled at them. "I promised to protect you, and I will, there's nothing I can't handle."
The girl remained silent but nodded. Anna the turned and lead the way out, the two Rubrics ushering them from behind.

Outside of the vehicle they got a full view of the city. The sky was covered by a great void shield that rippled as it was hit by enemy artillery. The buildings were mostly collapsed and smoke flooded every single street below the 10th floor. Every so often an explosions and gunfire could be heard in the far distance, followed by flashes of red light. Messages and propaganda spew forth from loud hailers and the shouting of soldiers could be heard from all directions.
They had landed on what seemed to have been some sort of converted large hospital. The rooftop was covered in Gun and anti-air emplacements, as well as a few landed Valkyries.
And the Guardsmen. Lots of them. Most of them wore thick brown and reddish uniforms under cadian style armor plating, however as they stepped froth from the StormEagle a squad of them in heavier carapace emerged from a doorway.
They approached and stood before them in a threatening manor, several of them even carrying plasma guns with their fingers on the triggers. All around Guardsmen turned their attention towards the visitors and readied their weapons hesitantly.

Anna and the children came to a stop at a gesture from Qaralek, who stood resolute. "I can only hope for your own well-being that you're mistaking me for somebody else."
The Sargent made the sign of the aquilla over his chest. "We thank you for your co-operation and will take the prisoners from here."
"that is why they brought them down here." Qaralek sighed and made to move past them.
They flicked the safety off of the plasma guns. "The prisoners, not you." The Sargent said louder.
"Is that an order?" Qaralek asked the man in a threatening tone.
"Yes. Colonel Owens instructed us to bring the prisoner. We will contact you when they're ready to be returned." the Sargent said without backing down. "In addition, the Brigadier ordered that no Marine is to enter the command centre without his direct permission again. Ergo, you're not getting in!"

Qaralek thought about this. As much as he felt like tearing this insolent fools brain apart from the inside out, it wouldn't look good if he started attacking Wolcotts men, and given how his mere prescence made the witch sick, he couldn't risk using his abilities around her.
Anna could feel Qaraleks anger, so she was quite surprised to see him give in so quickly. "If the Brigaier insists..." he said slyly. "you are lucky that I'm in the prescene of women and children, otherwise your insides would be decorating very roof you stand upon."
He turned and made his way back towards the StormEagle. Underneath his helmet Anna had no way of knowing if he gave them a second glance but she felt like he did.

As the vehicles doors closed the veteran Guardsmen relaxed slightly and approached her and the children. "Th-thank you." She smiled at him, her stomach feeling better by the second.
The Sargent didn't have quite as nice a reply though. "The Governor has 2 children." His voice was harsh, sounding almost like he was choking on his c's. "So who are you?"
"I'm their..." she decided it was best not to say Witch. "...Guardian."
"What do we do with her then?" Another Guardsman asked, looking her up and down.
"We can't leave her." A Guardswoman added.
"Why not, she'll be fine here?"
"What about the baby? We can't leave them-"
"You're not leaving me anywhere! I'm staying with the children!!!" She practically shouted at them.

The Sargent shuffled about and sighed loudly as the StormEagle took off and began its journey back to the fleet. "The Colonel says he wanted 'prisoners' right?"
"Those were his exact words, yes." the Guardswoman nodded.
"Then she counts." he grinned at her. "Lucky you, you get to come to the party after all, miss..."
"Anna." she smiled. She was reluctant to reveal her last name to them. "And this is Frederic."
He smiled half-heartedly at the baby, who only gave him a confused stare back. He then looked at the two children. "And you two?"
"Sophia." the girl said firmly. "And Titus."

"Right, well, you're coming with us to meet Saint Brigadier Ashton Wolcott of the Kestral 73rd Battalion. Rachel..." he turned towards the veteran Guardswoman.
"Huh, Sargent?" The Guardswoman who Anna figured must be called Rachel asked curiously. He nodded towards Anna. "Huh?" she repeated.
"Search them." He sighed.
"Oh, right, yes..." she nodded and began to pat them down.

The squad lead them through the hospital building, which was now filled with military equipment and soldiers. Anna held Frederic tightly as everytime they passed the guardsmen they seemed to stop what they were doing and look over. At least until the Sargent glared at them and they returned to their duties.
The Guardswoman known as Rachel was leading them, although unlike the Spireguard women she seemed a lot more reluctant to be dealing with them. "Where are we going?" Anna asked.
"Somewhere..." Was all she muttered in response.
Anna gave up and decided she wasn't worth trying to speak with. She couldn't help but notice that there was a lot more women soldiers here than in the spireguards by a significant degree, but they were also a lot more aggressive and gave her aggressive looks whenever she made eye contact with them.

They turned down more corridors until the Sargent raised a hand, telling them all to stop. "Wait a second..."
Several medics suddenly passed by, dragging a couple of hospital beds with injured Guardsmen on them. Blood was practically pouring from them and one was screaming. One of the medics tripped over his own feet and the bed they were carrying shook violently as it came to a stop.
The soldier on this bed was covered by a sheet, but what could only be described as a large amount of intestines spilled out onto the floor.

Sophia and Titus let out a gasp and Anna pushed them behind her.
"You f*cking d*ckhead!" The Sargent growled at the medic.
"Yes Sargent, sorry Sargent!" The medic blurted out as he haphazardly scooped the bits up and put them back shoved them back under the sheet, the other medics shaking their heads dissaprovingly.
"Get out of here!" Rachel snapped and the medic apologised again. They wheeled it away and the Sargent gestured for them to keep going.
"Wh-wh-what was that!" Sophia asked, her words catching in her throat.
"That's what happens when a bolter round hits you in the stomach!" The Sargent laughed.
"That's not funny!" Anna snapped. "That man's dead!"
"Nah, we got a good doctor." he grinned. "Don't worry about it, I'm sure he'll be fine. He'll learn not to let it happen again next time."
"What doesn't kill you makes you stronger?" she snorted derisively.
The Sargent flexed his powerfist. "What doesn't kill me dies."

They quickly exited the building and took a Taurox to the building that used to be the Talliousian parliament.


"Are you sure sir..." Owens asked, his voice nervous.
"Yes, I'm sure!" Wolcott insisted. "Now shut up and let me... damn... okay..." he took a deep breath. "3... 2... 1..."
He slit the razor blade across his wrists, cutting deep

He screamed before biting down on his tongue. He sprayed blood out into the sink until Owens quickly applied the first aid kit and bandaged him up. "It should be okay now sir."
"Good, my eyes?"
Owens looked at his eyes. "They're... back to normal sir, just like you said."

Wolcott smirked. "Good, good. I feel a bit... uh."
"Are you sure this was a good idea?"
", but we know its the right idea. When I'm mortally wounded it focus on fixing my injury above taking over my mind."
"So you're free?"
he shrugged. "No, but it's distracted."

Owens vox-coms suddenly beeped. He held it up to his ear while Wolcott checked his eyes in the mirror. They were back to normal, for now. His wrist stung like crazy, he wondered if in his panic he'd cut to deep. The daemon was still there, and no doubt still influencing him, but at least he didn't have to wear the sunglasses again for a while.

Owens put away his vox-coms. "The Governors children are being taken down to the command centre."
Wolcott nodded and stepped away from the mirror. For a moment he swayed, but eventually regained his balance. "Woah... All right, fine. Let's go."


Upon the Taurox arriving there they exited and approached a large gate being guarded by a security checkpoint and some heavy bolter emplacements. "State your business." The officer there grumbled in a tone evident that he'd said the same thing to 100 people already that day.
"Prisoners for interrogation."
"Who's orders?"
"Colonel Owens orders."
The officer checked a clipboard. "Right you are, we'll take them in from here. To your duties."

The Sargent looked back at Anna. "In you go."
She nodded politely. "Thank you, Sargent..."
He hesitated to respond. "...Redwood." Then pointed at the Guardsmen opening the checkpoint gate. "Good luck."

They were lead into the building and down towards a meeting room. inside it was a large round table with several guardsmen standing around chatting. They glanced over them when they entered and gestured towards the seats before resuming their conversation.
Sophia and Titus were cautious to sit down, Titus trembling slightly but his sister laid a hand on his shoulder and helped to calm him slightly. Anna took a seat close by and smiled warmly at them. Despite the girl trying to stay brave for her brother, it didn't take a genius to figure out she was scared too.
Anna looked down at Frederic to see that he'd fallen asleep. "can I see him?" Sophia asked timidly.
"Offcourse." Anna said and tilted her body sideways so that she could see.

The door opened and two people entered. The Guardsmen all stood to attention and saluted the aquilla over their chest. "Get out." one of the new entrees ordered them rudely and they nodded before heading on out of the room.
Anna looked to see the two new figures. The first was a darker skinned man that looked as if he was going near thirty. He wore practical carapace armor and a black and red rimmed patrol cap. He pulled up a seat across from them and waved nervously with his hand. "Hi." she said back.
The other officer was much younger looking, in fact she had to do a double take when she saw him. His uniform looked far more ceremonial and he looked like some sort of fashion model almost. He reminded her more of the sort of boyband singers she went to concerts to see when she was younger than any sort of officer.
She smiled flirtily. "hi."
He didn't return it though. "Who are you?"
"she's our nanny." Sophia lied.
"Right, whatever." he sighed and took a seat next to the other officer.
Anna looked towards the door. "Qaralek said we're meeting the Brigadier."
"You're looking at him."

She stared at him quizzicaly. "Y-you?" that wasn't right. She wasn't a soldier but even she knew that Brigadier was a senior position, one that took years of experience to achieve. This boy looked barely her age and he was leading an army?
He nodded, an irritable look on his face. "Yes that's me." and he turned his attention towards the children. "And you must be Sophia and Titus, yes?"
Sophia nodded. "Yes."
He clapped his hands. "Right, excellent, let's get started. Firstly, I'd like to start off by extending you my sincerest apoligies."
"What has happened here... this... war, was not what I wanted. I tried to seek an alternative solution, I truly did, but my hand was forced and I had no choice."

Sophia swallowed cautiously. "B-but dadd-Father says that you-"
"Your father?" he asked and leant back in his chair. "Sadly wasn't to blame. I mean, yes, he's to blame for bringing your world to the level of degeneracy it has achieved but it was actually the High Lord General that started the war so-"
"Degeneracy..." Anna repeated, not quite sure if she'd actually just heard what he said. "What do you mean?"
He stopped talking and raised an eyebrow at her. "Did you say something?"
"What do you mean 'degeneracy'?"
"It means that they're racially impure." he smiled at her sweetly and then turned back to the kids. "So, anyway, as I was saying, this war was not my choice, and I'd have done anything to try and avoid it."

"Wh- but...We're not impure!" Sophia argued.
Wolcott let out a small giggle. "ah, don't worry, it's nothing to be ashamed off. Different people are just born at different stations in life. It's why its up to us to work together and overcome those stations, in order to ensure humanities continued existence."
She was confused by his reasoning and so was anna. "But..." Sophia continued "Why did you invade us?"
he grinned. "I've already explained it to you, I'm not doing it again. Besides, that's neither here nor their, it's in the past."
"So why are we here?" Anna demanded.
"because I want to make up for it."

Sophia and Titan stared at him. "What?" she asked.
Wolcott made sad, puppy dog eyes at her. "I... feel just... awful about what's happened to your planet. It's people, having to die because of decisions that your father and High Lord General Xavier made in their name. That's why I will do anything to fix it, and that's a promise."

Sophia shook her head. "I don't believe you."
He looked offended. "Why not?"
"Because you're a bad man."
He laughed. "That's not very nice, is it?"
"Do you expect them to believe you?" Anna asked.
he glared at her. "I dunno, do you want to keep interrupting?"
"maybe I do."
"And why is that? Hmm? Is it because it-"

Owens tapped him on the arm. "Sir, we're uh... getting off track slightly."
"...right, yes." he growled and calmed down. "Anyway, basically I want to make you two planetary governors instead."
"What?" Sophia blurted out. "But then... is father-"
"-he's not dead." Wolcott explained. "He's just no longer in office. As his children you two have the legal rite to inherit this world and I will ensure that you do, provided you follow certain conditions."
"Which are?"
"Firstly, you order the immediate surrender of this worlds military. Secondly, you order the immediate surrender of the Knight houses of... whatever the other planets called. Thirdly, you will accompany me back to Kestrel, where you will remain prisoner until you come of age and can be married into our family name."

the kids didn't have an answer, so Anna spoke for them. "You want them to surrender this world?"
He nodded. "And the entire system as well. It will join the Kestral Sector and rightfully become ours by Imperial law."
Her jaw was open. "That's.... that's not right."
"On the contrary, this world already belongs to me. Should I wish it I could have the atmosphere destroyed and every single life extinguished in an instant. HOWEVER, I am giving them the chance to save it."
"You want me to marry you?" Sophia asked.
"EW!!! Emperor, no, not me! ...But one of my brothers, yes."
She shook her head. "No."
He raised an eyebrow. "Would you prefer one of my sisters then?"
He shrugged. "Well I mean, it's not like either of you have a choice in the matter. If you agree to it willingly then you'll get to choose whichever one you want."
The girl went quiet, not uite able to take in what she was being told. Ashton leaned to the side and looked at Titus. "What about you? You havn't said anything this whole time, what do you think?"
The boy took a good long while to consider his question, then eventually came out with it. "Are you really inbred?"

Owens let out a snigger into a closed fist but then restrained himself. Anna noticed the Brigadiers eye twitch. "...Am. I. Inbred?"
Titus nodded. "Yes, are y-"
Sophia slammed her palm over his mouth, shutting him up. "he didn't mean that, he didn't-"
"no, no it's fine." he smiled. "It's only a question."
"So are you?" Anna asked, curious herself. She'd heard rumors about it, usually from drunken racists back on her home planet, but she wanted to make sure...
"No." he said firmly. "I am not inbred. I and the rest of my family are born by a method of artificial insemination. The um..." he hesitated to find an appropriate word to use in front of the children. "The stuff is taken and grown in a private facility elsewhere. I'm more like... a clone, if you will."
Anna raised an eyebrow. "Who's the DNA from then?"
"My mother and Father, obviously."
"And are they related?"
He breathed in heavily. "They're both clones of each other as well."
She nodded. "So... your mother and father and brother and sister then? That's still pretty incestuous..."
He stared at her angrily. "No, it's not. There was nothing actually going on between them, it was purely professional and for the purpose of ensuring that our bloodline remains in-"
"That's weird." Sophia interrupted. "I don't want to marry into that."
"It's not weird!" he spat.
"It is a little weird..." Owens added.
Wolcott span and glared at him. "WHO'S SIDE ARE YOU ON!?!"
"I don't want to be inbred..." Titus began to cry.

Wolcott banged his fist down on the table. "I have made my offer to you both. Either you accept the role of governance over these worlds and hand it over to Kestral, or the war will continue and people will die. And it'll all be our fault."
"That's not fair, you can't put that on them!" Anna protested.
"I didn't. Their father did. This world is mine and I will take It by blood and fire if I must."
Sophia and Titus looked at each other sadly.
In a weak voice Sophia looked at Wolcott and gave him her answer. "We have no choice."
He smiled sweetly. "No one does."

He clapped his hands together. "Right. Well then. It seems that we're done here."
"Are we going back on the ship?" Anna asked.
"No, I said we're done here but I'm not done with them."
"Right, but what about me?"
He shrugged. "What about you?"
"Aren't I going back up?"
He looked at her oddly. "...No... why would I send you back up? I thought you were the nanny?"

Her mind was torn in two places. On one hand he was offering her a chance for something she'd wanted for ages. A chance for freedom. Yet, at the same time she feared what might happen if the marines discovered that she'd escaped.
"You'll be fine here." Wolcott sighed.
Owens leaned over towards him. "Brigadier, we should probably put them under senior supervision. That way no one can supersede your order to sneak them out."
Wolcott nodded. "Suppose, but who? You can't do it 'cus I need you and Johnsons not available... oh, I know." He pressed a few buttons on his vox-coms. "This is Wolcott, do you read?"
"yes Brigadier." came the reply from captain Mary.
"Is McKinley there?"
"Not at the moment Brigadier, but I can go and get-"
"Don't bother, I haven't got time for her whining. I'm sending some VIPs down, I want her to keep them safe from harm, understood?"
"Um, yes Brigadier I-"
"Good, you are not to tell anyone that they're being sent to you, this is strictly confidential, understood?"
"Yes Brigadier, but-"
"If they're harmed, I'm holding you all personally responsible, so make sure that doesn't happen."
"Yes Brigadier. But-"
"Out." he snarled and cut the transmission. he looked back at Anna and the children. "As I said, you'll be fine."

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Re: Reclamation Dominion Forum

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12 years ago...
Kestral Primus.

"Shut up!" she snarled. "Shut up, just shut up!"
But the girl wouldn't shut up. she just kept crying, uncrontrollably. "You need to stop!" the little boy pleaded but she didn't.
"You need to-"

Outside the door, she could hear their choking echoing down the hallways. They could hear the screams and the boddy hitting the floor. They could hear the shouting and the screaming. They could hear their father yelling, daring anyone else to copy that one.
But they were safe in here, in this room. Solstice looked up at the door again. It was locked, locked tight, the metal thick and strong enough that Father couldn't get in. She prayed beyond hope that he wouldn't try to come in and he'd calm down.
But that didn't seem likely.

The twins. She'd been annoyed when she'd been told they'd be sharing her room until theirs was prepared for them, now she was angry with herself for not arguing back enough. Sure, they were sweet kids, the two of them. A boy and a girl, around ten years old.
They were inseparable, always together, sharing everything, doing everything together. It was like the same person almost. And they were happy, real happy. Always laughing and cheering each other up.
Well now the girl was crying, and no matter what she couldn't shut her up.

"What's that F*CKING NOISE!!!" Father screamed outside, all the way down the hallway.
Solstice looked straight at the girl. "Shut up! Shut up now!"
"Please!" the boy begged, leaning intowards her. He hugged her and held her hands. "It's okay, we're here together."
But she was too frightened. Her entire body shook and htears fell from her eyes uncontrollably. "I-c-can-an-" She struggled to speak.

The footsteps drew nearer fast. "WHO THE F*CKS MAKING THAT NOISE!!!" Father yelled again.
Solstice felt her heart beat faster, the sweat pour across her head. "no..." she begged to herself. "no, no, no, no..."
There was another banging sound as Father kicked someone elses door and yelled at tehm to open it.
"Please!" THe little boy pleaded with his twin sister. But again, she wouldn't stop.

Father got nearer, very close. "WHO IS IT!!!!"

Solstice couldn't take it anymore. she almost skidded across the floor and wrapped her arms around the girl. To the boys shock she pulled her off him and smothered her hand over her mouth.
She dragged her back towards the wall and held on. The boy watched in silence as his twin sisters crys were muffled by Solstices palm.

Father reached the door. she could hear him, the heavy breathing, the sound of steam sizzling off the barrel of his las-pistol.
The girl was still crying, but now the noise wasn't getting out as much. Solstice could feel her shuffling, feel the girl panic, feel her try to break free. But she didn't let go, she couldn't dare.
She could hear Father roar something, a threat to kill someone but she couldn't make out the words.
The girl struggle some more, violently now. Her hand reached out for her brother but he didn't dare move.

Solstice could tell that the girl was no longer crying now, instead she was struggling to breath. She tried letting go but... couldn't.
She couldn't let go.
Fathers footsteps paced back and forth. Solstices hearts beat was so fast. She couldn't let go, she couldn't let go, she couldn't...

The girls arm started to waver.
Then it slowly fell. Her heartbeat slowed way down and her breathing stopped.

Father let out a shout and heard someone else in a room down another hallway make a noise. He shouted and stormed off, eager to find the culprit.

Solstice was shaking. She carefully let go of the girl and let out a little wimper.

The girl fell forward and sprawled out onto the floor.

Tears filled Solstices eyes and she covered her mouth to muffle the uncontrollable sound she was making. She looked at the boy.
He was in the corner. Silent. Staring right at his twin, unable to speak.

Solstice began to cry. "...s-sor...sorr...I..."
The boy didn't move. he just continued to stare at the body. Solstce carefully got up to move over to him. She felt heavy, heavier than she ever had before.
She got up to him and knelt before him, blocking him from looking at his twin. "...I..."
He looked up at her, looked her right in the eye.

He was dead as well. She could tell. Everything in his life that he'd relied upon had just died, right in front of him, because she was... "...I..." she tried again, then shook her head. "Listen to me... you have to, you can't- y-you need to..."
She stopped and wiped her eyes with a shaking, blood soaked hand. "You have to- to be strong- strong, okay?"
The boy was speechless still.
She ran her hands through his hair. She always did that when she was nervous, she figured that it would help him calm down. "Do... do you..."
"Hate you." he said calmly.

She looked him in the eyes. "no." he whispered.
She smiled weakly. "I'm... sorry, I didn't mean to- I didn't-" she couldn't finish. "I'll look after you okay."
He nodded.
She grabbed the sides of his head with both hands. "No, listen to me. I promise. I'll look after you. I-I'll always look after you, understand me?"
He nodded. "yes Colonel."

She let out a small whimper and wiped her tears away. Colonel was what he... they'd been told to call her. By rank rather than name. "I'm Solstice, Colonels not my name it's just... just a title. Solstice. Always Solstice."
He hugged himself tightly. "...hi Solstice."
"Hi... Ashton."
The boy smiled. "Ashely... it's what she called me."
Solstice nodded. "Ashely then. I promise Ashely, I'll always look after you."

Present day.
The Warp. Onboard the Bellum Avis.

Solstice awoke to a cold sweat. She'd had that nightmare throughout her life. Always coming back to haunt her. Always. But this time it was different. He was missing and she couldn't do anything about it. The ship was on its way to Serpia, and she was going with it. Maybe she'd send out some agents to find out where he went when she returned to Traxis but that wouldn't be anytime soon.
She wiped her brow and got up of the couch. She groaned as the hangover hit her, hard, and got up to check the mirror.
Her hair was a mess, she wore it long because at her rank no one was stupid enough to try and tell her she couldn't, but in the military you were supposed to wear it short for a reason. As she fixed it she thought about where the ship was going.

A legion claiming to be Kestrals had attacked the world of Serpia, shortly after they started hunting her brother. Apparently their invasion had suddenly gone well enough that they'd put out a formal request for help, and while the Kestral sector was maintaining a policy of astropathic silence with Serpia, she'd been sent with two tasks in mind.
The first was a direct order to aquire as many knights as possible, by whatever means necessary to make the trip worth taking the sectors two flagships.
The second objective was more indirect, and that was to ascertain exactly who had invaded Serpia and for what reason. No one had been ordered to do so most likely they were another force using the Kestral name to take advantage of an opportunity.

Deep down she thought that she must be hoping he'd be there. It made sense after all, her brother was anything if petty, and they'd given him the perfect excuse to invade, but she seriously doubted it. "He wont be there." she sighed to herself.
There was a knock on the door. "Just a second!" she called out and fixed her jacket.

She opened the door to see no one there. She furrowed her brow and looked both ways down the hallway. No one. "huh." she muttered and shrugged.
It was at this point that the man before her removed his camo cloak, appearing before her as if from thin air. "Major-General, pleasure to meet you. I am Captain Ryo of the 304th Storm trooper company, at your command."
She looked the man up and down. Aside from the usual Maroon carapace armor, he wore an expensive looking active-camo cloak that went up and covered his mouth like a balaclava. He had no helmet but instead a Burgandy beret that was covered by the hood of the cloak, and a visor across his eyes that displayed a blue holographic image on the lens. What skin she could see was covered in some sort of dark make up, so she wouldn't be able to recognise him at all.
"Captain... I don't believe we've met."
"We haven't. I had planned to greet you at some earlier point after being assigned to this operation, however I had other matters of concern. I assure you though, I am now free to commit to any task you require of me."
She grumbled. "A special forces unit that isn't available at all times isn't worth much to me."
"True. I understand that you've not a particular fondness of the Storm trooper corps?"
"Who told you that?"
"The Colonel." he answered smoothly, a hint of depression in his voice. For a split-second she wanted to ask if he didn't like the Storm troopers Colonel, she expected not, but he wouldn't tell her.
"Well, I'm sure we'll got along Captain Ryo... I didn't get your last name."
"Never had one. And I'm sure we will." His voice was consistently smooth, a hint of cheeriness that was almost narcissistic. "I'll see you on the bridge."
"Yeah, sure, bye."
He waved once and then turned to leave, the cloak reactivating and turning him invisible again as he trailed off.

As she returned into her room she thought about the ma who'd just came. She wasn't particularly fond of the Stormtroopers, infact no one was. The only person she knew that actually liked them was her mother, and that was hardly an endorsement. While the regiment would often be split into smaller companies and assigned alongside battalions or divisions on the guard, they would often be sent to eliminate terrorist cells on Kestral owned planets as a single entity, and when they did so...
She shook her head. It wasn't worth thinking about, and in the future she wouldn't have to deal with it. Once the Sisters of Battle had finished training the next generation of their sisters she'd try and get some of them attached to the division instead.
Still, that Captain seemed... all right, and if he disliked the Colonel as she suspected then he couldn't be that bad.

Soon her mind drifted towards the Scions, the scions that she'd given to Harrison to take to the Dracoon system. As she thought of this she wondered if Harrison was alright. She
then she got angry with herself for thinking that. "No, she made her choice." she lied to herself. Sighing angrily she fixed her uniform properly, put on her cap and left to head to the ships bridge to see how they were progressing on their journey.

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Re: Reclamation Dominion Forum

Post by Kovlovsky » Fri Jan 15, 2016 4:18 pm

Tallious, at McKinley’s headquarters…

Alexei was concerned. She was looking fine last day, but now she was looking troubled. She was muttering to herself and was distant and cold. Amelia was acting like if she was angry at him. But the muttering was weird, it wasn’t in her habits. Someone knocked at the door and the guards opened after verifying the identities. Two Kestral guardsmen entered accompanied by one very beautiful strawberry blond civilian woman in her early 20s that he was sure to have seen somewhere, a baby in her arms, one 11 years old girl with long very silky dark brown hairs and a little blond boy around 5 years old with a Teddy bear. The “family” didn’t look like the kind of civilians captured in the cave of city under siege. They looked far too clean for that. Brusilov approached and the guardsmen saluted with the Aquila sign. The Major answered with his usual military salute.

- Major Brusilov: “Can I help you sergeant? And what is this family?”
- Kestral Sergeant: “Brigadier Wolcott ordered them to be sent here and be kept as prisoners. These are the Tallious governor’s children, their nanny and her own baby.” He abandoned his stiff manners and said with a amused smile: “Enjoy the babysitting.”

Both guardsmen left before Brusilov could say anything else. He smiled warmly to the family.

- Brusilov: “Welcome to Colonel McKinley headquarters. I guess we will have to find a room to install you.”
- Anna: “Are you the Colonel?”
- Brusilov: “Hahaha! Oh no! The Colonel looks quite different for sure! I’m only a liaison officer with the Spireguards. I’m Major Brusilov… I’m sure I’ve seen you somewhere…”
- Anna stressed: “I’m sure we’ve nev…”
- Brusilov: “Ah! I replace you! You are Anna! Isn’t it? You are Aphael’s prisoner right?”

Anna’s hearts started to beat very fast. She was identified. Lying wouldn’t work and it was better to accept the situation and hope for the best.

- Anna resigned: “Yes, it’s me…”
- Brusilov with a complicit smile: “If you are their nanny, it must be very recent indeed…”
- Anna: “To be honest, they were in my cell and Qaralek sent them to Wolcott and I wanted to protect them from this…”
- Brusilov: “Jerk?”

Anna had an expression of wonder on her face. So, she wasn’t alone in hating him?

- Anna smiling: “Yes, exactly.”
- Brusilov concerned: “Did it worked?”
- Anna resigned: “Not as much as I would have wanted. He wants to use them to satiate his family’s appetite for conquests.”
- Brusilov: “Why I’m not surprised?”

Anna made an engaging smile, but a question popping in her head made her change of expression.

- Anna: “But how do you know my name?”
- Brusilov: “I saw you when you were carried in the Wrathful. Also the fact that Captain Batov is talking of you nonstop has made your name quite well known. “
- Anna agreeably surprised: “Nonstop?”
- Brusilov blinking: “It’s a figure of speech.”
- Anna: “Oh! I see! And what does he say about me?”
- Brusilov: “Don’t you prefer to hear it from his own lips?”
- Anna jesting: “I’m too curious to wait about it!”
- Brusilov: “Okay then. He told us how he saved you from three counter-revolutionary sh*t bags. He says that you remind him of his late wife with your intelligence, courage and tenderness. He loves your soft silky hairs. He says that your eyes are so beautiful that he would lose himself in them if he wasn’t controlling himself.”
- Anna blushing: “Oh!”
- Brusilov with a complicit smile: “I will let you draw your own conclusions about what he feels for you.”
- Anna: “What kind of man is he?”
- Brusilov: “He’s very tender toward women. He’s a good soldier too, but he’s incredibly naïve.
- Anna: “Naive?”
- Brusilov: “Oh yeah! But he’s a good man don’t doubt it.”

Brusilov crouched in front of the two children to be at their level.

- Brusilov: “Don’t worry you two. You’re safe here. We’re all nice here… Except that guy over there called Lieutenant Nathan. He entirely lacks any kind of sense of humor.”

Nathan raised the middle finger of his right hand to Major Brusilov without turning around to face him.

- Brusilov:
“You see? He’s very mean and vulgar. But I’m here to protect you from his constant bad mood.”
- Sophia after laughing of Brusilov’s joke: “Who is Colonel McKinley?”
- Brusilov: “Her name is Amelia. She’s my superior, but she isn’t well since the last day… She had a bad night.”
- Sohia: “She is sick?”
- Brusilov with a sad voice: “Not physically. Wolcott ordered her to do that goes against her values and she is struggling with it. She feels very culpable for executing it. And she had vivid nightmares last night.”
- Anna: “It seems to hurt you very much to see her in this state.”
- Brusilov: “Yes and you will quickly discover why.”
- Captain Mary: “Ah! The little family has arrived!”
- Brusilov: “Aaah Captain! You are just in time. Could we find a room for our guests?”
- Mary: “I will find something for them. It won’t be extremely comfortable however. We weren’t very much prepared for it.”
- Anna: “It can’t be worse than the hole I was in during a few weeks in the Wrathful. Anything dry and without vermin will do.”
- Mary: “We certainly can do something for you.”


Later that day…

Anna was happy there. It was less comfortable that the new room she had in the Wrathful, but Mary and Alexei were gentle with her. The women guards were smiling to her on the Wrathful, but the men always looked at her curves with unsubtle looks on their face when they weren’t squarely rude with her. That was amazing how the status of prisoner would quickly make of a human being just a piece of meat in the eyes of the gun bearers. They were even allowed to walk around a little bit since fleeing wasn’t possible. The doors were armored and closed up at all times. She couldn’t stop thinking to what Brusilov told her about Batov. While she suspected that he had a weak spot for her, Anna didn’t think he was so much stricken with her. Was he too shy to tell her? She wasn’t exactly sure what she would answer to him though. Her mourning wasn’t entirely finished and she felt that she needed more time.

She just finished breastfeeding her boy and he was sleeping in her arms. She saw a beautiful red haired woman looking nervous and stressed. She was rubbing her crispate hands. She had a peaked cap and a more solemn uniform. It must be Colonel McKinley and Anna decided to try to create a rapport with her.

- Anna with her best smile:

Amelia was startled by the salutation. Anna felt that this woman wasn’t completely in the reality.

- Amelia:
“Oh! Hello. You are one of the prisoners that were announced?”
- Anna: “Yes, I’m the children’s nanny, but this boy is mine.”
- Amelia: “Ah! I hadn’t seen him. Oh! He’s a beautiful boy. You are lucky to have one.”
- Anna: “Thank you. I’m very proud of him.”
- Amelia: “I hope to be a mother as well one day.”
- Anna: “I’m sure you will be a fantastic mother. I feel it.”
- Amelia: “You are too kind.”
- Anna: “I’m only telling the truth.” She had now a complicit smile: “Have you found the… prospective father yet?”
- Amelia looking suddenly nervous: “No... I… No… There is no one yet.”
- Anna: “And Brusilov?”
- Amelia: “I merely know him since two weeks. He’s lovely so far, but it’s way too early and I’m… not ready. And you, who is the father of your boy?”
- Anna suddenly sad: “He’s… dead.”

At the sound of this last word Amelia had the reflex of rubbing her neck. Her eyes became lost in the space like if she was day dreaming.

- Anna: “Are you okay madam?”

Amelia wasn’t aware of her environment anymore. She heard her voice in her head. Or rather, it was a sadistic version of it.

- Amelia’s inner voice: “That was so satisfying to have the power of life and death on an entire city. I’ve never enjoyed killing as much as this morning.”
- Amelia: “No! I’ve never thought that! I was absolutely devastated at launching the missile!”
- Inner voice: “Really? You are only lying to yourself. No, in reality, you enjoyed every bit of it.”
- Amelia: “You’re not me! I’m not like that!”
- Inner voice: “Oh! You certainly are. Look at what you’ve done! The thousands you’ve killed!”
- Amelia: “NO! STOP IT!”
- Anna: “Amelia!”

Amelia snapped back into reality suddenly. She realised she was look upon by surprised eyes around.

- Anna: “Are you okay?! You look troubled by something in your mind!”
- Amelia: “I… I… am sorry. I.. I need to be alone for some time. Yes…”

She started to run toward an empty room and closed the door violently. Brusilov approached Anna with a concerned face.

- Brusilov:
“She isn’t the same since last day. I feel like I’m losing her.”
- Anna: “I’m sure she still loves you.”
- Brusilov: “You seem to have the gift to make people confide in you. I agree, but she is losing her grasp on reality. It happened so suddenly that I’m completely at loss about what to do. And she doesn’t want to talk of her problems to me. No more anyway.”
- Anna: “Try again. I’m sure that she trusts no one else more than you.”
- Brusilov: “Okay, I will.”

The major went toward the room and knocked gently. He entered to find Amelia sitting against the wall on the ground with her legs folded and her hand on her knees.

- Alexei:
“My love, what is happening to you? I heard you scream.”
- Amelia: “You wouldn’t understand.”
- Alexei: “Why not?”
- Amelia: “You would think that I’m mad. And there are other issues I’m not ready to tell to you.”

Alexei sat beside her.

- Alexei: “You have the right to keep a secret garden and I respect that. But when you suffer like this, I suffer too. And I can’t help you to feel better neither. That’s my job, you know.“
- Amelia: “It’s nice of you to offer me help, but I will be able to sort this out myself.”
- Alexei: “I thought so too for my nightmares about my friend’s death. 2 years didn’t repair anything. But telling you my problem has helped me tremendously. I feared you would find me soft to have that kind of stuff and that you wouldn’t understand, but I found the exact contrary attitude from him. Why wouldn’t be able to do the same?”
- Amelia: “I’m not ready to talk about my problems yet. I need to be alone for a while and I will feel better. Give me 10 minutes.”
- Alexei: *Sigh* “If you change idea and want to talk, I will be in the main room.”
- Amelia: “Thank you Alex.”

He exited the room and made a no sign with his head intended to Anna.
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Re: Reclamation Dominion Forum

Post by Signet-Powers » Sat Jan 16, 2016 5:15 am

Fivos IV, in the woods...

As the Orks came across a river Boff halted the entire mob and sighed. "Perfec'... he muttered.
"They mus' 'ave gone downsteam!" the Kommando knob suggested.
"Go check i' ou' den." Boff replied and sent the Kommandos to follow down the stream, what he figured to be the most logical direction that the scouts would have gone.

Boff sighed and paced back and forth, wondering what course of action to take next. That was when an Ork that had climbed atop a tree top saw something. "Boss! Look a' dis!"
Boff climbed the tree, his weight causing it to buckle slightly under the pressure, but he managed. At the top he looked out to where the Orkboy was pointing.

In the far, far distance, he could make out something on the horizen. Taking out his binoculars, he saw what could only be a squadron of Thunderhawks flying out of a series of mountains. "Wa' is i' Boss?" the Orkboy asked.
"Dey's 'iding in da mountains..." Boff smirked. "Well, if da scouty gits 'ave escape'ed us den we go's no tim t' waste..."


Serpia. In the capital city under Kestral occupation...

Wolcott entered the board room and his officers stood up to salute. "At ease." he muttered and took his seat.

The Serpian army was drawing nearer. They'd sent scouting platoons and companies out to nearby towns and cities under Kestral occupation. "Companies 723-5-6-83-84-29 are reporting incoming enemy fire Brigadier," one officer explained, "we should consider pulling them back here and making preparations for the main body of the enemy attack."
Wolcott sighed. "I suppose. No point in a useless last stand when we need everyone we can get."
"Indeed Brigaider, I'll give the order right away."
"Brigadier," another officer started. She pointed at an area of the holographic map before them. "What should we do about this Leman Russ group? Exterminators may face a better use out here, defeating enemy mechanised units that attempt to circumvent this natural terrain."
"Yes, but then they're still facing overwhelming enemy numbers, and if they decide they don't care about that terrain your entire point is meaningless."

A guardsman entered the room and nodded towards Colonel Johnson. Johnson nodded back and turned to Wolcott. "I'm afraid there is an urgent matter I must attend to."
"Make it quick." he grumbled in response.
Johnson nodded. "Yes Brigaider, do you mind if I leave this here?" he gestured towards his bag.
"Sure, whatever."
"I'll be back soon."

As Colonel Johnson left the meeting Wolcott stood up to address everyone clearly. "Pull as many troops, mechanised units, armor and whatever back underneath the void shields. I want barricades set up at every non-conventional entrance into the city. Block the sewers and any other underground passage they can come through. I want the only way into this city to be the main roads.
Then we can focus fire on these areas, set up kill lanes and fill them with explosives, demo charges, traps, anything! If they want to come to us, they're going to have to climb a mountain of corpses to do so!"
"And the Knights?" someone asked.
"Without combined armed support the Knights will be easy prey. The airborne units will distract them from above while the shadowsword picks them off from the vantage of the main overpass that goes through the city."
"And what about-"

But before that officer could ask his question Wolcott noticed a quiet beeping noise. He raised his hand to get everyone to quieten down. "What's that?"
Everyone looked around confused. "it sounds like it's coming from you."
Wolcott sneered. "Obviously it isn't, how could it..." then it hit him. He looked to his right to see the bag that Johnson had left. It was beeping slightly. He began to think that Johnson probably wasn't coming back. "...Oh for f*cks sa-"

The bag detonated and the entire room exploded.


Serpia. City of Thairian, in Xaviers command centre...

As Xavier discussed the battle plans with the other generals in the war room, a Sargent approached him. Xavier noticed this and cut his sentence short, letting another continue for him. He then turned to meet the Sargent who'd approached "Are the intruders dealt with?"
Anderson wanted to cry for help, but it simply wouldn't happen. "I'm afraid not High Lord General. The force appears to have split up and spread throughout the city." There was a hiss in his voice, as if from another person entirely, but how could anyone know that.
"Indeed." Xavier growled. "To be expected, Most likely they have an objective in mind... They know they can't win a frontal attack so they're making a beeline before any sort of organised resistance can occur."
"yes general. We should evacuate you to a safer locat-"
"No." Xavier stated firmly.

Andersons eye twitched frantically. "My Lord?" Inside he felt like laughing, he knew that whatever was controlling him didn't like that.
"I cannot hide while my planet is under siege because of a minimal risk such as this. Besides this place is incredibly well defended. I must trust in my soldiers if they are to trust in me."
"I... understand that, but the risk is still present and we'd be... devastated to lose such another asset."
Xavier sighed. "Well then... take whatever you need and deal with these Sororitas then."
"Yes my Lord, should we capture them alive?"
Xavier mused. "...Our policy dictates that we must capture prisoners alive."
"Excellent, then I'll give the order-"
"HOWEVER..." he interrupted, "...'accidents happen'. Make sure that in this case they do." He lit another cigar and grinned.
Anderson hesitated before backing away. "Yes, High Lord General... it will be done..."

Onboard the Wrathful, Qezremah gritted his teeth in annoyance. "You're aware that we can't kill the Sisters aren't you?" Another minor sorcerer commented as he flicked a switch on the alter.
"I sssupossse that'sss an issssue," he sneered in response, "but we oooonly neeeed the ssssissssteeeer commmmandeeeer."
"And the rest?"
Qezremah smirked slyly. "Acccidentsss happennnn."


Serpia. In the city of Tharian, several kilometres from Xaviers command centre...

They hadn't exactly been quiet. They'd sprant down so many backalleys that it had all become a blur. This city differed to the other one in that it was more industrial and built around shipping than tourism. Pipes and steam grates were huge and everywhere, and every time they had to make a quick sprint across open streets to the sound of surprised screaming, she noticed an impossibly large amount of cranes and tracks all over the hundreds of skyscrapers, moving around and swapping cargo boxes.

They passed into another backalley and she began to feel a stitch coming on. "Ughh, damn..."
"You allright comrade?" Lieutenant Paula laughed.
"Yeah, just... nothing, nothing."
"Here." Paula handed her a flask of water and Ekaterina practically drank most of it, handing it back and hoping that she wouldn't notice. She didn't.
They turned around two corners and continued onwards. The sisters would stop every so often, usually to check that they'd been going the write way, but one time they had to wait for the lionesses to stop whistling at two lovers that they'd ran into when going past a bike shed.
When they came to their fourth stop Ekaterina took the opportunity to sit down for a moment. Many of the women gave her questions of concern and she just shrugged it off. Paula came over and put her hand on her hips. "Are you sure you're fine?"
She laughed it off. "This is what having kids does to you Lieutenant, among other things. Trust me, they're not worth it."
Paula and a few other women laughed, attracting the attention of the Sisters.

Caroline moved past them and looked at her. "Are you injured?"
"No, it's merely a stitch. I'll be back up in a moment." she replied in a calm and professional manner. After the Canoness 'confession' she was no longer sure how'd she'd react.
Caroline tilted her head, her helmet clinking humorously as it touched her collar. "...Right, in that case we'll wait for you to fully recover."
"What?" Paula. "I mean that's good but... I thought we were pressed for time?"
"I'm not a burden, I can manage!" Ekaterina added.
"Yes." Caroline nodded. "But it's in our best interests if we're all... acting at full combat capability. Otherwise we'll all be in danger. I take great pride in ensuring that we are never going into a fight unprepared, never straining ourselves past breaking point, never compromising. To not do so would be a blight on our very values and integrity."
Paula grinned. "You mean you're lost and can't figure out what way to go?"
Caroline hesitated. "... ... ... shut up."
As the girls laughed she turned to Ekaterina to say something else, hesitating slightly, but before she could say it she was drowned out by the sound of engines overhead.

"What's that sound?" she asked, but the squadron of Valkyries flying overhead answered her question. "Oh-"
"-SH*T!!!" Paula blurted out. "Comrades get moving! We're not staying here anymore!"
As everyone got up to run Caroline looked at Ekaterina. "Are you going to-"
"I'll be fine." she nodded and stood up. Her side stung a bit but it was at least far better than before. The canoness nodded and they were on their way.

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Re: Reclamation Dominion Forum

Post by Acanthus » Sat Jan 16, 2016 7:19 pm

Thorald shook his head. "I do not know. But I am under orders from Lord Valorum himself. I am to recover samples of all genetic material, and to download the data of the medical computer." From his armored waist, he produced a small, ancient, thumb-drive. A rare and valuable tech relic, its presence caused the Scions to loose a collective breath of shock and holy awe. Without another word, the hulking Terminator moved to the computer terminal.


Valorum looked over the assembled Imperial commanders. Governor Kleptus, his gray hair tussled and greasy, wrung his hands in a plaintive gesture of despair. Rolland Thell, High Commander of the PDF, blew smoke rings from an antique pipe as he stared, hollow-eyed, at the tactical screen. In the corner stood the newly-elevated Chief Librarian Garren, armored arms crossed over his chest, eyes closed as he stood in psychic trance. Towering above them all, the black armored sarcophagus of the Dreadnought-Reclusiarch, Gerodus, stood in silent and statuesque repose. Valorum, his scarred and battered armor trimmed in bronze and caked with grime, looked each and every one of them in the face as he processed the information before him.

His black beard and hair, closely cropped before the invasion, had grown longer, tangled and messy. His face, always chiseled, had grown almost gaunt. But, even after all that, his deep set black eyes remained the same. It was this dark gaze that each of the assembled commanders beheld. Kleptus glanced nervously away; Thell met it through a haze of smoke. Garren's eyes remained closed, and behind his sarcophagus, Gerodus' expression was unreadable as ever. Satisfied, the Master of the Helios Guard spoke.

"How many Tyranids remain at large on this world?"

Thell answered first. "Approximately twelve percent of xenos ground forces remain away from the fortress." Valorum cursed. "How much time do we need until they have all congregated?" "According to the tech-priests, based on the rate at which their kin have arrived here, three days." "Good. We are hard-pressed, but my brothers will hold the line. Can you say the same for your men?"

The Chapter Master's tone was neutral, but it set the commander of the PDF on edge. "Of course! My men will fight and die for the glory of the God-Emperor for ten thousand years if I order them to do so!" Gerodus rumbled his own reply, a deep and gravelly statement. "Grand statements do not help us against the xenos, commander. Will your men hold?" The PDF commander wilted under that gaze of the Reclusiarch. "Y-yes, my lord. They can hold a little longer." At this, Kleptus panicked. "A little longer? A little?! What if it takes more, what if..."

The governor's eyes rolled back into his head, and he slumped, unconscious. Garren smiled tightly. "He will awaken in four hours, after the effects of my intrusion wear off. Shall I have the servants bear him to his bed?"

Valorum nodded. "Make it so. A civilian's concerns are the least of our worries." He looked back at the display. "Very well. Three days. We will prepare for nine."


From his perch on the Hierophant's back, Arren felt the creature lurch and rear. His foe and he took to the air, jump pack blazing and wings flapping. His melts bomb. That would be the weapon. But how to deliver it, when to turn his back on the hive tyrant was to invite death?

The answer came in a blur of ceramite and steel, the head of a crackling thunder hammer striking the tyrant in the back. Sergeant Helias, his armor rent and torn, his storm shield scarred and pitted, alighted behind the monster.

"Go, Captain! I will take care of this filth."

There was no time for words. Arren turned on a dime and blasted off as the hive tyrant turned to engage Helias. Soaring up towards the Hierophant's head, he unclasped his melta bomb, primed the charge, and dropped it down the monster's throat just as Helias was cut down by a strike from a bonesword.


Following his pronouncement, Daros had wasted no time. Dispatching Sergeant Nathanahel and his Scouts into the mountains surrounding the Vale, he voxed Bennet in the hive city. "Lieutenant, change of plans. Keep my brothers and cannons with you in the city. Send out scouting missions. Send your finest men. Tell them to send any news on an Ork. A greasy Ork."


On the outskirts of the Serpia system, all was quiet. Not a sight or sound disturbed the black void of space.

Until, that is, the warp opened.

From it came ships bearing the marks of Mordian and Tallarn, bearing regiments of Guardsmen loyal only to the Emperor. And before them, like a hound straining at the leash, it's gunmetal prow doing nothing to reflect the light of a million stars, came the vessel of the Avenging Angel, Captain Cvriac of the Second Company, he who was charged with vengeance for his brothers. And its name was Ironside.
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Re: Reclamation Dominion Forum

Post by Hedonismbot » Sat Jan 16, 2016 8:24 pm

The entire room in the command center, or what was left of it was a smoking ruin. Furniture lay in blackened hunks scattered about the room accompaniying the stink burnt human flesh.

From the looks of it, no one had survived. Or at least at first glance.

A lone figure strode into the blastzone, to survey it all.

"Ughh, if it's one thing, it's another with this fool. Time to see how many pieces he's in".

After sifting through the wreckage of what is left of the Wolcott's desk, the stranger manages to locate his target.

"Hmm, that's odd, he shouldn't even be breathing. No sense bemoaning good fortune I suppose, at least there's no need for a complete revival now. Such a waste for a simplistic creature as this".

Bending downwards and touching the target's shoulder, the stranger produces a dark purple, pyrmidal shaped object in it's left hand and hurls it into the air.

A split second later, a portal another place Is opened up in front of the two. With it's right hand, the human is dragged through onto the other side, as it closes up right around them and object and passage vanish into thin air.


"Wake up Monkeigh".

Wolcott opened his eyes and found himself staring right into twin orbs of liquid darkness.

"If you are done gazing longingly at my pupils, perhaps you can get yourself off my operating table and get back doing your job. Perhaps even do so and not do something idiotic for once".

His face turning a slight shade of red. "It seems that once again, I am in your debt doctor".

Letting out a long sigh, the medical practicioner seemed resigned to some sort of grim fate.

"And I doubt it will be the last, knowing you. Continuosly testing the limits of the Lady's favour like this, isn't something I would ever recommend doing".

"The ice isn't very solid, or whatever your saying is".

Averting his gaze from the doctor to avoid even further embarassment, Wolcott braced himself for the rest of his lecture.

"Speaking of which, you were quite lucky to be found breathing when I got you. For your species, that should have been quite fatal without my intervention, so I guess will cut things short for the time being".

"So you can most likely guess where this is leading, now can't you. I will save you this time, but should you be stupid enough to allow it happen again, you're on your own".

"Sound familiar".

"Other than that, I have fully restored you to your previous state, so you can go now and continue your efforts on the planet".

"One last thing".

"There are some new arrivals to the party, so you may wish to greet them accordingly".
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Re: Reclamation Dominion Forum

Post by Signet-Powers » Sun Jan 17, 2016 6:52 am

Several minutes earlier...

Wolcott awoke in a strange place and a blinding light. His head stung like crazy and his body felt... lucid. That was tyhe only way he could describe it. He rubbed his head and stood up groggily. his environment slowly came back to him. he was somewhere new. Not the command centre on Tallious, but...

"Lucius?" he muttered to himself. He was standing in the halls of the Kestral command centre back on the forgeworld of Lucius, not long before...
"Oh, I get it... this again?" he called out. "You think I'm going to fall for this twice? Daemon!"
he heard a giggling from behind and span to see caroline standing there. She looked injured, her arm was missing and she was covered in blood. "Ashton..." she smiled sweetly.
"You think this is going to work on me?" he sneered at it.
"No..." came another voice, and he turned to see a figure that looked identical to him approach her. It's eyes were glowing pink and it was grinning perversely. "but this will..."

it grabbed her by the throat and forced her up against the wall. She let out a cry of fear but it forced its tongue down her throat. She gagged and cried but it didn't stop. After a moment it looked at the real Wolcott, only for its face to turn to one of disappointment.
Ashton was sighing, his arms folded. "This isn't my first time facing a daemon. This isn't real and you're just trying to trick me. It. Isn't. Going. To. Work!"
The daemon let her go and she vanished into thin air. It sighed and its eyes changed color, the left one glowing yellow and the right one glowing blue. "And yet... here I am..."
"So you are..." Wolcott said and looked around the hallway. "What is this? What is the meaning of this? Why do you keep on taking me back to these places?"
"So that you remember..."
"Remember what?"
It took a step towards him. "What it was like. How good it felt. Each and every time you almost gave yourself over, how... perfect it was."
Wolcott laughed and clapped his hands. "And I turned them down. What could you possibly offer me that they couldn't?"
"Whatever you wanted..." a soft voice came from behind him.
He sighed and turned to see who it was. "Who are you suppose t-" his voice stopped dead when he recognised who it was.

"Did you miss me?" she smiled.
He shook his head. "You're making a serious mistake daemon!"
"I'm no daemon-"
"Yes you are-"
"No..." she smiled and put her hands on his forearms. "It's me."
his voice caught in his throat. "Deeana... I... I tried..."
His deceased twin shook her head. "No you didn't. You let Solstice kill me... and I don't blame you!" she then reached in and embraced him.
He couldn't speak. He hadn't seen Deeana in over a decade, not since she'd... "You don't... blame me?"
"No. But I can never come back... I can't ever return... but... I can be reborn..."

He pushed her off him. "W-w-what?"
She smiled. "A new body. We were born from the same seed... and we can live in the same form..."
He shook his head. "what are you..."
"Give me your body..." she moved closer to him. "Together, as one... we'll rule the entire sector... all of Kestral, under our-"

he shoved her away. "NO! You're not her!"
"You're right," it admitted. "I'm not, but I could be. Her soul is attached to yours, let me in and can bring her back to you, forever-"
"NO!" he roared at it. "She died! She died and she's never coming back!"
"But she could-"
"BUT SHE'S NOT!!!" he yelled. "You think I'm so easily corrupted, Daemon!?! You're a thing! A shard of chaos, nothing more! You're intentions are so far as to get a reaction out of me, and you won't get it!"
"I can bring her back for you-"
"No, there's more to it than that. The others promised me glory and almost turned me into a monster, I won't let you do that too!"

The Daemons face sneered at him now. "You're already a monster, and your men know that. They've betrayed you. Even know, I'm speaking to you like this because you're unconscious. When you wake up, you've got an entire army raining down on you! You'll die and they'll give you over like a mere dog!
But me, I could give you victory. I could give you an army of daemons to fight back, the power to know who's out to betray you or not, the will to fight on, the ability to destroy all who stand before you!
Give yourself to me, and I could give you everything! Yes, you'll be a slave to the god of change, but why not? By your own admission you know that stagnation is what's holding humanity back! Change is the future, it is the reality you're making for yourself! It'd be so easy, and bring you so much! And she'd be back... with you... isn't that what you've always wanted? To be complete again?"
Wolcott swallowed as his mind went back to his twin. "I... I want..."
It grinned. "Say it..."
He looked it in the eye, seeing the soulless creature for what it was. "I decline.

It hesitated. " decline?"
"I decline."
It stuttered, unsure how to respond. "...but... you'll lose!"
"NO! Because here's what's going to happen. First, you're going to get the f*ck out of my head, whether you want to leave or not. Then, I'm going to deal with the traitors, then I'm going to kill the Serpians, and just to top it off I'm going to kill every last F*CKING BEING THAT STANDS IN MY WAY!!!"
The Daemon was confused, there was no other word for it. "B-but- but you have nothing! No plans, no loyalty, no-"
"Exactly!" he grinned. "And that hasn't stopped me before!"

The Daemon stared at him in utter disbelief and let out a single scoff. "Wow... wow... you know, if I'm honest with you... I hadn't quite expected you to be just that god-dammed stupid..."
"Well, its a pleasure to prove your wrong." he answered smugly.
"Clearly..." it growled back and vanished.

Ashton looked around confused. "... so um... you're gone right?"
There was no reply. "Great..." he mumbled. "Now what?"

He walked around the empty halls of his subconsciousness until a familiar Xenos voice began to pull him back to reality.

"...Wake up Monkeigh..."


Present time...

Colonel Owens was panicking and arguing with many officers when he noticed Wolcott approach. "B-B-Brigadier!" he stuttered and saluted immediately. The officers turned to see him with astonished faces and saluted as well.
"Stand down..." Wolcott growled.
Owens swallowed. "We thought... we thought you were-"
"Does anyone mind telling me what the hell just happened?" he demanded.
"Yes sir, um... someone planted a bomb in the board room."
"Colonel Johnson's taking command of the troops as acting Brigaider! He's making an address to the troops!" Another officer explained.
Wolcott laughed. "Is he know?"
The officers looked at each other nervously. Owens swallowed. "um... is that funny?"
"Yes, somewhat, you see, Colonel Johnson's the one that planted the bomb in the board room."
Owen squinted. "What? But... why would he..."

"He did it..." Sargent Redwood interrupted. "because he wants to take over."
"Oh..." Owens nodded. "I see."
"You're loyal aren't you Owens?" Wolcott asked, moving uncomfortably close to him.
"y-yes sir."
Wolcott smiled and spoke in a quiet, calm voice. "Very good. Good people like you are hard to come by." he then looked at Sargent Redwood. "That a power fist?"
Redwood held up his gauntleted hand. "It is."
"Can I borrow that?"
"Yes sir." he replied and handed over the glove.

Wolcott put it on with a determined face. "Owens, I hear that we have visitors?"
"Yes sir, many ships just arrived on the edge of the system, wearing the symbols of Mordian and Tallern."
"HAHA! Fantastic, contact them and tell them that we require their-"
"They're being lead by a ship of the Helios Guard."
Wolcott stopped moving and let out a single, long, frustrated breath. " I see... It doesn't matter then. We'll have to slaughter them as well. First thing's first though, where's Johnson?"

Not too far away, Colonel Johnson stood before an entire company of shocktroopers in the parliamentary buildings speaker room. he stood on the main platform where the camera crew could get a good image and display it around the city.
"My fellow Kestral soldiers. At this very moment, we are in dire circumstances. We have lost many friends during these past hours, and with little to gain for it."
"And now, we face overwhelming numbers. it is for this reason, that it gladdens me to inform you that the Brigadier, is gone. His life extinguished by a cowardly, but ultimately beneficial, traitorous attack only moments ago."

There were murmurs and whispers around the room. Johnson continued. "I am taking command now. My first and only objective, is the lives of each and every one of you loyal soldiers. I will guarantee that this war ends with as little casualties as possible. There will be no more fighting. There will be no more genocide. There will be no more needless death!"
"I disagree."

Johnson felt his spin go cold as he heard the voice from his left. The entire room seemed to react as well, shuffling slightly and gasping.
He turned to see Wolcott standing there, his hands behind his back. "Brigadier..."
"Traitor..." he growled back.
Johnson chuckled. "Me? a traitor? I only do what's right. You're a fool, and I'd kill you again in a heartbeat!"
Wolcott looked him up and down dismissively. "I gave you your position, and this is how you repay me? I made you Colonel and this is the gratitude you have to show for it?"
Johnson was noticing Sargent redwoods men entering teh room and holding his officers up at gun point. "Brigadier... I beg of you... end this! The war doesn't need to continue, we don't need to HARVEST human beings for the Xenos!!!"
Wolcott didn't look away. "Their race doesn't deserve to live."
Johnson sighed. "Then nothing more can be said." and reached for his laspistol.

Wolcott moved faster though, pulling out his right arm and reaching straight for Johnsons chest. The Colonel only noticed the power fist when it was too late.

Ashtons hand went through his chest like a claw. The energy screamed and Johnson screamed louder. Blood spurted out messily in short violent bursts and vomited from his mouth. Ashton deactivated the glove after a few seconds and gave off a dismissive sneer as everyone in the room let out sounds of horror.
He tightened his fist around the Colonels heart, twisting it and ripping it from the arteries. He leaned in close to the gagging Colonel and looked directly into his eyes. “By what right does the Snake kill the Falcon?”
Johnsons struggled to reply, a last few words of valiant defiance, but with all the blood he was choking up nothing came out. Wolcott cocked his head slightly and tore his heart out.

Blood spilled everywhere and the Colonels body dropped to the floor. His eyes were wide in agony as he fell towards the ground limply.
Wolcotts face was not one of his usual grinning or smirking, but one filled with silent anger. A dangerous, silent anger. He held the Colonels heart out, glaring at it intently. It was clear to see on the camera and the image was being projected live and unedited.
He reactivated the power fist and the heart began to boil. It sizzled and grilled, steam coming off and filling the room with an unbearable stench. It melted and oozed out bubbling blood. Not before too long the organ lost its form and poured between his fingers. It hit the floor and let out a crackling sound as it turned to vapour.

When there was nothing left he looked over the officers standing there. Many were reduced to tears and covering their mouths with shock. Colonel Owens face had turned white but Sargent Redwood was only nodding approvingly.
Wolcott turned back to the soldiers standing at attention. They were still, perfectly so and not a single one was making a sound. He deactivated the power fist and inclined his head. “This is… normally where everything begins to fall apart, usually.”
A few guardsmen seemed to shuffle slightly and uncontrollably. “…but not today.”

He licked his lips and grit his teeth, talking with a strong hiss. “Lacerating that race traitors heart right in front of you, right here, right in this room, should have gotten the point across I hope.”
“It suited me one to appear weak and pathetic, because it motivated you worthless pudenda’s to take some F*CKING INITIATIVE!!!”

He turned around and looked directly over the officers again, making eye contact with all of them. They turned away as his gaze fell on them. Men and women, many older than him, looking away in fear. “There will be no more moves to take over my prestige…”
He raised his fist and tightened it, causing the officers to back away further, but the veterans redirected them back into place. “No more aberrations…”
Wolcott span so that he was addressing the Guardsmen again and extended his arm so that he appeared to be reaching for them. “THERE WILL BE NO MORE, OF YOUR SH*T!!! NONE OF IT!!!”

He turned and approached the chair that belonged to the parliments house speaker. He took a seat in it and practically clawed the arm rests. He crossed is legs, leaned his head inwards and released a built up growl that echoed about the silent rooms walls. “As I understand it there are no doubt countless more traitors and would be coups in our force. Much like the rest, they will not succeed. One way or another, I will find you. But... those of you who root out these traitors for me will be duly, rewarded. Work with me, and I shall give you this world in less than 24 hours.”
“Try to supersede me, and I’ll rent you apart, right in front of the rest, right here, right now…”


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