Need quick wood elf advice

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Need quick wood elf advice

Post by BigAxeGod » Fri Jul 03, 2015 4:16 pm

Hey so I know I've asked a very similar question to this before so sorry if we end up going down the same roads.

My local GW is doing one last big end times themed fantasy game tomorrow to celebrate the release of AoS.

I need advice on building a 1000pt Wood Elves list. I've never played them before as they're my GF's models but I have at my disposal:

1 Lord on foot
1 Araloth
2 spellsingers/weavers
36 glade guard/deep wood scouts
12 dryads
10 wildwood rangers
8 glade riders
5 sisters of the thorn/ whatever the orher thing is.

Any advice would be great. Thanks guys.
Khorne Daemonkin mostly right now...ask again next week.

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