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Ahotep's campaign in the Nova Armerian sector.

Posted: Wed Oct 29, 2014 6:54 am
by Arkrove
Aboard Ahriman's flagship the Sycorax
Ahriman sat upon his tailored made throne aboard the bridge of his flagship. The throne was made from the finest metals and golds known. The chair also had engraved texts and scriptures long lost to most. Ahriman had his eyes closed and was in deep concentration. It wasn't until heavy foot steps from behind him made him sharply open his eyes in annoyance and anger. Ahriman slowly calmed his humours knowing who it was and why he was here. Ahotep walked in front of Ahriman's throne and stood in a attentive stance.

Ahotep: Lord Ahriman, you summoned me.

Ahriman: Yes captain Ahotep, I did. Do you know why I summoned you here?

Ahotep: No lord Ahriman, I'm afraid I do not. I did not foresee what would happen here.

Ahriman: Well Ahotep, I summoned you for a special assignment I had in mind for you. My current endeavour of attempting to enter the Black Library of Chaos has taken up all my time. With my efforts concentrated on this endeavour I can not seek the other powers the galaxy has to offer. A opportunity has arisen and I can not afford to pass it up. There is a planet called 612 in the Nova Armerian sector. This planet has always sparked my interest and there are many relics there that I wish to have. Unfortunately it has been always heavily defended by the Imperials, until now. That sector has come under heavy assault and the imperial forces have moved off that planet to secure more important areas in the sector. Unfortunately the psychic distress beacon they sent attracted top the Space Wolves and Orks and the planet and has been strongly contested. Now that their forces have dwindled you must go their and eliminate the Space Wolves and take the relics that may be of use to us from the planet.

Ahotep: My lord I will be happy to retrieve the relics from that planet and eliminating those space wolves will satisfy my lesser emotions of vengeance and anger. I will bring the full force of my fellowship. I will do these deeds in your great name my lord. Our enemies will falter under the full power of the 6th Fellowship.

Ahriman: I am glad to see you are up the the challenge captain. Although I have no doubt in the 6th fellowship's strength I will also provide you with some of my personal fleet for arial dominance and one of my Daemon Princes; Xahor. Xahor will be your second in command and these additional reinforcements will make your victory much more swift.

Ahotep: Thank you for these gifts lord Ahriman, our victory will be guaranteed now.

Ahriman: Let us hope so.

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Posted: Wed Oct 29, 2014 7:01 am
by Arkrove
Campaign - Day 7
Aboard Ahotep's flagship the Dust of Ancients
Crew Member: My lord we are exiting Warp travel now.

Ahotep: Thank you, keep me posted.

The Dust of Ancients and the other supporting ships in the fleet then exited warp travel. Another fleet was in nearby range when they exited warp travel.

Ahotep: Who controls that fleet, report.

Crew Member: My lord that ship is under the control of the Imperial Fists, 5th company.

Ahotep: It seems like they are coming to signal's request for aid a bit too late. It looks like they are reinforcing the Space Wolves and their dwindling number. If they get on the planet before us they will make the Imperial fortress the Space Wolves are occupying very difficult to breach. It is very important that we destroy them before they deploy onto the planet.

Ahotep then puts his two index fingers on each side of his head. He them relays a psychic message to Xahor.

Ahotep: ++Xahor, it seems like the Imperial Fists wish to embark ok 612. Organise a task force and eliminate them on their Flag ship the Spear of Terra before they deploy onto the planet. Once that ship is destroyed they will be leaderless and our fleet can easily pick the rest of them off.++

Xahor: ++I will go. If they gain access to that fortress it will make out lives much more difficult when we are trying to destroy it.++

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Posted: Wed Oct 29, 2014 7:15 am
by Arkrove
Battle for the Spear of Terra
The vanguard of the Prodigal Sons breaching force quickly came aboard the Spear of Terra. Little damage was caused by the Imperial Fists battle cannons because of the psychic wards placed on their ships by the Sorcerers.

The Rubric Marines went into the front of the assault and soaked up the damage caused by the Imperial Fists Sternguard veterans. Minimal damage was caused and the Sternguard veterans were cut down with ease. With enough bloodshed caused Xahor was able to be summoned onto the Spear of Terra and lead the charge.

After plenty of Imperial Fists were cut down and massacred 10 Assault Marine terminators lead by their captain in terminator armour teleported behind the assault force. They took down plenty of Rubric Marines and the 2 aspiring sorcerers. Xahor was then able to meet up with them after going from the front of the force to the back and slaughtered the Assault Terminators and killing their captain last in an epic duel.

After their victory the rubric marines scoured the ship and eliminated any crew members that were aboard the ship. Xahor went to the ship's engines and generators and destroyed them making the ship a ticking time bomb. Xahor combined his energy with the other sorcerers aboard the ship and teleported themselves and the rest of the Prodigal Sons forces back aboard the Dust of Ancients.

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Posted: Wed Oct 29, 2014 7:19 am
by Arkrove
Campaign - Day 9
Aboard the bridge of Ahotep's flagship the Dust of Ancients
Green warp energy crackled throughout the bridge of the Dust of Ancients. Through the mist of the warp energies Xahor emerged, fresh from his battle aboard the Spear of Terra and relishing in his recent victory.

Ahotep: I see that you are pleased with the result.

Xahor: As do you.

Ahotep: I am. If they reached the planet surface before we did that would of caused complications. Also the blast emitted from the Spear of Terra not only helped us by destroying nearby Imperial Fist ships but helped sowed more chaos amongst their ranks.

Xahor: What of 612 now?

Ahotep: As Lord Ahriman has mentioned we must retrieve the artefacts of use on the planet and eliminate the Space Wolves that occupy that poor excuse for a planet. Although eliminating the Wolves would be satisfying our main priority is to get the artefacts of use first. The Orks that the dogs eliminated for us left artefacts scattered all over the planet surface so I am sending down swarms of cultists each led by a single sorcerer to gather the artefacts of use.

Xahor: A wise choice. Shall I organise the invasion of the Imperial fortress the Space Wolves are currently licking their wounds in?

Ahotep: I'm sorry but I'm afraid that I have to take that glory for myself, I have been planning this for a while. Now organise the cultists and sorcerers up. Although this scavenging is a mundane task your glory in fighting the Space Wolves will come soon enough.

Xahor: Of course. I will begin to organise that now.

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Posted: Wed Oct 29, 2014 7:23 am
by Arkrove
Campaign - Day 24
Aboard the bridge of Ahotep's flagship the Dust of Ancients
Xahor comes aboard the bridge and furiously storms up to Ahotep who is currently talking to head of the Astropath choir aboard the ship. Seeing Xahor coming he dismisses the Astropath.

Xahor: What was all that about?

Ahotep: Nothing. I was just seeing if Lord Ahriman has given us any further orders.

Xahor: And has he?

Ahotep: That is not your place to ask. Now why have you come here, you should be getting ready for the assault on the Basilica of Absolution.

Xahor: I have come here to see what you have done to the relics we found on the planet. We searched for over a week with no break. Most of the relics were worthless to begin with or have been damaged beyond repair by the clumsiness of the Orks or by the tides of war. The few relics you did find you took and kept for yourself.

Ahotep: Watch your place Daemon. We both know who Ahriman left in charge and we both know I can banish you straight back into the warp if you step out of line. The relics have been placed in a discreet location under Ahriman's orders. Only Ahriman and myself know where the location is. Now get back to your designated location and prepare for battle.

Xahor: What about this Whitestone fortress I have been hearing about. Couldn't that eliminate the wolfs and we can get off this cesspool of a planet? That would eliminate the need for fighting entirely.

Ahotep: We have talked about this before. We don't want to risk their escape by the chance they could be destroyed by the Whitestone fortress. We need to annihilate them before the fortress does. Besides I feel like eliminating these loyal whelps.

Xahor: Very well. I will get back into position.

Ahotep: Remember the plan Xahor. We have to take out the Wolf Lord placed on this planet. Without him all battle plans and strategies they have will be unorganised and they will attack like savage beasts, not that there is little difference now.

Xahor: I remember well. These dogs will be slaughtered and then we can get off this back water world.

Xahor storms off the bridge like he came. Ahotep then turns around and stares out of the view port, looking at 612 and waiting like the calm before the storm.

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Posted: Wed Oct 29, 2014 7:24 am
by Arkrove
Siege of the Basilica of Absolution

Ahotep deployed his forces on 612 via drop ships, thunderhawks, summoning and other means. Tanks started to roll in and Ahotep was at the front line inside his Land Raider with his Rubric terminators. Cultists and daemons swarmed in and filled up the area very quickly. Rubric marines and sorcerers all deployed inside their rhinos and moved up with everyone else. This force was strong enough for a world conquest and this force was 10 times larger than it needed to be for this fortress. However when versing the Space Wolves moderation is always thrown out the window. They must use anything to not only beat them but humiliate them.

Unfortunately during their approach to the Basilica of Absolution there were two narrow columns. This was foreseen and Ahotep lead half the forces up the right column and Xahor lead the other half of the forces up the left column. What they didn't foresee is that the Space Wolves ambushed both flanks, now being split up they could not reinforce each other. Long Fangs started to take out tanks and blood claws swarmed in butchering the cultists and daemons alike.

Fortunately for Ahotep this was the only lucky streak they had during this battle. Rubric Marines began to shoot their Inferno Bolt enhanced Boltguns and shredded through the Space Marine's armour like butter. When the ambushers where eliminated the Prodigal Sons 6th fellowship began to move up in both columns and regrouped in front of the Basilica of Absolution. The tanks started to fire down hails of explosions and artillery. The sorcerers did not wait for the doors to collapse to enter the fortress. All the Rubric Marines, sorcerers and Ahotep moved up towards the gate and past their tank line and the sorcerers put up a kine shield around themselves and the rubric marines. The Fortress' artillery focused on the Sorerers and the rubric marines. Each shot exploded before it hit the sorcerers, the kine shield worked it's magic. When the sorcerers were close enough they teleported themselves and the rubric marines into the Basilica of Absolution, breaching the fortress without destroying it's doors or walls.

While the Prodigal Sons Rubric Marines and Sorcerers led by Ahotep systematically exterminated the Space Wolves inside the fortress the Prodigal Sons Tanks and artillery led by Xahor destroyed the fortress from the outside. The Fortress door was then destroyed, it's walls badly damaged and then the Tanks and Artillery remained where they were, waiting for anyone to flee out of the fortress. Xahor then led the swarms of cultists and daemons into the fortress, crushing any resistance with ease.

With all of the Imperial Guard and the rest of the mortal resistance inside the fortress destroyed and a large proportion of the Space Wolves also destroyed Ahotep seeked out the Wolf Lord; Kagrik Ironhammer. Ahotep then found this Wolf Lord in the thick of the fighting surrounded by his Wolf Guard. He was hauling back Rubric, daemons and cultists alike. Spotting Ahotep in the distance surrounded by his Rubric terminators he charged through the enemy lines with fury and anger. He simply pushed the enemy aside and didn't have the time to kill them and focused on his new prey. Ahotep smirked, wanting this fight even more than Kagrik. This was time to show this savage how a Corvidae sorcerer of the Thousand Sons fights.

Kagrik Ironhammer was still in his sprint and jumped at Ahotep. Foreseeing this action before Kagrik even made it he moved to the right and Kagrik slammed hard into the ground. Now toying with him Ahotep moved to the left of him knowing he would strike at his right at any moment. As expected Kagrik swung his frost axe into thin air. Now with the wolf lord confused, Ahotep used the base of his staff which was similar to a spear and plunged the staff through the back of Kagrik's neck right until it went through the front of his throat. Kagrik Ironhammer was no more.

As expected the Space Wolves force was disorientated. The squads acted individually and attacked at random. With the 6th Fellowship of the Prodigal Sons very well organised they systematically exterminated the last of the Space Wolves like they were vermin. Now out of spite they decimated the Basilica of Absolution and it was turned into little more than rubble. The Prodigal Sons fleet that was present annihilated the remaining Space Wolves fleet in one fell swoop. Satisfied with this victory Ahotep regrouped his forces, went to their fleet and left the system knowing they had completed their task and the system was about to be destroyed by the White Stone fortress.

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Posted: Wed Oct 29, 2014 7:25 am
by Arkrove
Campaign - Day 47 (END)
Aboard the bridge of Ahotep's flagship the Dust of Ancients during warp travel
Ahotep was standing at the front of the bridge looking outside the window into the purple twisted colour of the warp. Xahor comes aboard the bridge demanding to have an audience with Ahotep.

Ahotep stays facing the warp and doesn't give Xahor eye contact.

Ahotep: You seek me yet again Xahor. Am I that fascinating?

Xahor: Don't flatter yourself, I have come to seek answers you are hiding from me.

With a smirk Ahotep says;

Ahotep: I thought Daemon Princes are meant to be all knowing. Very well, if it will give me some peace. Go ahead and ask your questions.

Xahor: Did Ahriman give any new orders? Where did you put the relics? And where are we going?

Ahotep: The artefacts have been placed aboard a shuttle and are being sent to Lord Ahriman. They have plenty of escorts so theft won't be an issue. Lord Ahriman has also given us new orders however there is some details I cannot reveal to you just yet. What I can reveal to you is that Lord Ahriman has ordered me to keep one of the artefacts found and we have allied ourselves with a group called the Coalition of Armies against the Imperium. Although they don't believe in Ahirman's cause they hate the armies of the Imperium and we need their support if we are going to carry out the next phase our plan. Also in return we shall give them our support, all under Lord Ahriman's orders.

Xahor: So what is the next phase of the plan? And you still haven't answered where we are going.

Ahotep: I cannot share that information with you. I can only share the details I have already provided you with. If that doesn't suffice your curiosity, deal with it.

Crew Member: A thousands pardons master sorcerer. There has been some new information. Warp storms have arisen and it may take some time to start the next campaign where Lord Ahriman has instructed us to go.

Xahor: Warp Storms!? That's your excuse you tiny whelps made for these delays! I will take your head for this.

Xahor raises his giant Witch Blade about to execute the human. Ahotep then uses warp speed to move in-between the crew member and hulking figure of Xahor.

Ahotep: Xahor that's enough! This crew member was not talking to you and you have no right to execute a member from my crew. It was not his fault that the Warp Storms occurred and he was brave enough to tell me the message himself so stand down Xahor.

Xahor angrily drops his sword down to his side and storms out of the room.

Ahotep: Thank you for the message, fortunately we have time to spare so do not rush through this warp storm, take the safest possible route available. Also what is your name?

Hemsok Aravith: Hemsok Aravith my lord, at your service.

Ahotep: Well then Hemsok I can say I am pleased with what has happened here. We achieved with what Lord Ahriman sent us out here to do, we have made ourselves known in this region of the galaxy and the best bit of all is that we wiped out those Space Wolves in the most inhuman way possible, just like they wiped us out on Prospero. I wonder what the galaxy next has install for us.

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Posted: Thu Oct 30, 2014 1:03 am
by Arkrove
Thank you very much for the compliment :D. I think your lore is much longer and much more detailed than my one though.

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Posted: Thu Oct 30, 2014 12:43 pm
by Arkrove
Yea I can see how that can be a factor :P. It is unfortunate you can't write more because what you have written so far is very good.