The Eldar Alliance

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The Eldar Alliance

Post by Hedonismbot » Mon Oct 06, 2014 11:16 am

Greetings inhabitants of the craftworlds and citizens of Commoragh.

The time to strike back at the verminous monkeigh and the other lesser races of the galaxy is now. For too long have they been left to spread unhindered across the realms of our forefathers, while we hide away in our little corners of the universe and pretend we are still the masters. Well no more. The only way to reclaim our birthright and ensure our survival is through the fury of Khaine, the path of fire and blood, for that is the only thing that the filth understands. If it is war they want, then that is what they shall receive. We will make them regret they dared to even contemplate opposing our might and together, we shall be victorious.

Many of our kind have heard the call to battle and for those of you who have taken up arms in our cause, we now have a place of our own to strengthen the bonds shared by those who go to war alongside one another. Feel free to discuss whatever you want fellow Eldar, this is our place, not some prudish monkeigh hovel.

-Lady Galianth Galianostra

If there are important announcements that need to be made, check in here from time to time to see if there's anything new.


This just in. It seems that the leader of the fenix conglomerate has been assassinated by the alliance of order. Their faction is no more. This has opened up a raft of possibilities as many worlds they occupied are now undefended and vulnerable. This is a golden opportunity for us!

So about all these question marks. It's just the Alpha legion up to their old tricks. Not a huge problem.

Apparently there's been a renegade callidus assassin going about disguised as an Eldar ranger. Remember to check for I.D. at the door next time.

Submission time for battles during phase 1 is over. Hopefully everyone has been able to evacuate their planets before the super weapon hits.

Phase 1 is officially over now. You have my most sincere thx to all of you that participated in furthering our cause and we accomplished much during this time. That does not mean that it's over yet. The next phase will be upon us in a little over a months time, so when the hour draws near I will need your strength once again. If you're able to recruit more of our race when the fighting starts up again, even better!

Sicarius is dead! While I really wanted to capture him, it looks like this will have to do. Be sure that you go and dance on his grave(or worse) whenever you pass by Ultramar. You know which option I'll be taking.
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Re: The Eldar Alliance

Post by mrshadowguy » Mon Oct 06, 2014 12:00 pm

Planets under Eldar Power

Vana Prime
Virlis Prime
Jander’s Beacon

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Re: The Eldar Alliance

Post by Hedonismbot » Mon Oct 06, 2014 1:05 pm

Interesting. Very well then Mr Shadowguy, you will be in charge of updating this post of yours to reflect the changing fortunes of war and to give our team mates and idea of how things are going.

If any other member of the Eldar Alliance would like to add something like this, you have my permission to do so.
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Re: The Eldar Alliance

Post by Farseer Oz » Wed Oct 08, 2014 3:20 am

Greetings fellow kin.

The time of our dark kin and craftworld's doing their own thing has come to an end. Combined and with the same purpose we are strong and can push back the lesser races and reclaim our once beautiful maiden worlds.

Like the phoenix we will rise again and see the Eldar as the rulers of the galaxy once again.
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Re: The Eldar Alliance

Post by BigMouthMeowth » Tue Jan 13, 2015 12:27 pm

Listen, I have to pull out. I thought I would get more chances to battle but unfortunately it hasn't happened. Really sorry, guys.
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Re: The Eldar Alliance

Post by IngenuityGap » Tue Jan 13, 2015 4:24 pm

Dude, we haven't even played anything for the campaign since October. A little late, there. :lol:
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