The Campaign Storyline, Sub-Sector Merovingian

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The Campaign Storyline, Sub-Sector Merovingian

Post by Katharon » Sat Jul 13, 2013 7:51 am

+++Accessing Data-Loom XCVIIΦ...
+++Establishing Link....
++Servitor Φ-264 has connected to Terminal Σ221
++Servitor Φ-89A has connected to Terminal Ω79

*hissing electronics and vox feedback*

+++Image File Inloading+++
"Welcome, Commander, to the Merovingian Sub-Sector. If we had thought times were hard for the Imperium of Man due to the Thirteenth Black Crusade, then we knew nothing of what has lurked in the shadows for us here. The sub-sector lies in the heart of the Ultima Segmentum and sits along one of the most stable warp-routes between Ultramar and the Ghoul Stars. Such a thing has given it great prosperity and great danger, as such things are seen throughout the galaxy.

"Currently there is great danger in the sub-sector. Imperium forces only control four systems out of the eight within the sub-sector. The sub-sector capitol of Merovingian, from which the sub-sector takes its name, is positioned in the center and has been our firm foothold throughout the last century, but even that could be lost.

"Reports have been flooding in for the past decade now on new dangers. The Orks have been growing in number and daring, moving out further and more aggressively from Golgotha, that ill-named world that has become the xenos vile nest. Aid from several Adeptus Astartes Chapters has been issued to require assistance in exterminating these foes.

"The last scout expedition to find a path through the Jaglan Alpha Nebulae has not reported in -- much like the previous nine such expeditions. The Adeptus Mechanicus has filed several more complaints with the Administratum, protesting the lack of initiative on the sub-sector Governor's part to look further into the nebulae. The old legends about there being several technologically advanced and lost worlds within the nebulae continue to fuel their desire to reach them.

"The Tau Empire has made a strong bid in its most recent expansion efforts into the sub-sector. The St. Adelphia's Hope system was lost four years ago to a lightning incursion from Tau forces, at a time when the sub-sector forces were distracted by a Chaos uprising on Anduak and Vullis Prime. Vullis Prime remains a hard fought war on the planet, but no word has been heard from Anduak in over a decade. The local Ecclesiarch has already sent a report via channels to the Inquisition, requesting advice and help in this heretical matter.

"Much is happening beneath the surface events however, Commander. I can feel it. I can only hope that with your arrival that the Imperium of Man will emerge victorious...even through it is against training to entertain doubt, I feel worried. Things are happening within the sub-sector and for all I know, things will not be brighter on the other side."

++Priority Transmission: Coding/Omega/Green++
++Recipient: All Imperial Vessels/All Planets of Merovingian Sector++
++Subject: We Are One ++
++Author: Captain Cato Sicarius++
Sons, daughters, brothers, sisters,
I stand before you in deep awe and respect at the sight that is before my eyes. On this very ground and in these very skies, the children of the beloved immortal Emperor all stand proud and united under single purpose: To annihilate our enemies who dare come to take what is ours. Though we all come from different corners of the void and our cultures deviate from one another, it is loyalty to the banner of the Imperium and our willingness to protect the helpless do we curl the fingers of our many armies into one magnificent and destructive fist.

Make no mistake; our foes are many and they are strong. To underestimate them is a folly. Yet, what do they come to the Merovingian Sector for but to steal, usurp and destroy? Many of our citizens have built up lives here in peace, toiling restlessly in civil service for their families and the Emperor. Harmonious life once echoed across these fields and these cities as men and women worked towards a dream of prosperity. But now, the fields grow silent and the horrific screams of death and destruction echo the very streets where small children used to laugh and play. Blood spills in every corner, fathers bury their sons, and it utterly despairs and enrages me to see a once renowned sector ravaged by baseless animals who would dare come and take everything away. Are we wrong to take up arms to defend those who cannot themselves? Absolutely not, for I would rather draw my sword and cast out the enemy to oblivion a thousand times over than be dishonored with the thought of the helpless torn to pieces by idleness!

Let them come. Let the heretics, the thieves, the butchers, the animals, and all the malevolence in the galaxy pour into the Merovingian. Let this be the place where our enemies fear us as whelps fear monsters in the shadows. Show them absolutely no mercy. Every gun, cannon, and sword will ring out in furious justice as we make these sickening terrorists pay for every life taken and every inch of ground stolen from us. From this moment on, we are all equals. Not as astartes, guardsman, and citizens, but children of the Emperor who will each fight with extreme ferocity until we are dead to the last man.

Prepare for battle!

- Cato Sicarius of the Ultramarines Second Company, Second Commander of the Imperial Coalition of the Merovingian Sector
++Transmission Ends++
The cries of anguished souls rings through the ether like the passing of hurricane winds, twisting through the outstretched fingers of creatures so dark and evil that there mere touch of one nail is enough to torment a fallen soul for aeons unending...a voice begins speaking within your mind, svelte and seductive, horrifying and powerful, undeniable and all-seeing.

Welcome to my paradise! What glory is there for the True Gods that this sector burns ever brighter for Chaos!

A growl is heard.

But how disappointing is the flailing of a drowning man that denies his fate. The puny and insignificant masses of Sub-Sector Merovingian continue to defy the will of Chaos Undivided. Long have I slumbered and waited. Long has it been since Horus -- once the paragon and favored son of the Chaos Gods -- cut a path through this sector on his way to kill the Anathema. Promises were made. Pacts bound by blood sacrifice and delicious souls!

Dark laughter peels along the spine.

Now is our time! The conflict is just beginning upon Vullis Prime! If enough souls are ensnared upon the alter of war then a portal into the Warp shall be opened and my minions will stretch out their hands. So go forth, my dear little ones, go forth. Slaughter all who would deny the glory of Chaos or try to bar our conquest of Merovingian.

Conquer it and eternal rewards will I bestow upon thee.

A cold sweat breaks upon you as unseen eyes focus upon your darkest soul.

Do as I command. Conquer this place, free me from my prison, and Chaos will reign.
~Stranger, I bid you greetings in the name of the Tau.~

~If you are reading this, then you will have encountered one of our messenger drones and are therefore a spacefaring race. You will soon see more evidence of us; this is no cause for alarm.~

~When you encounter one of our ships or outposts, then welcome it. We have much to offer a faithful friend. We are five castes, one people. All are bound to the dream of bringing a new and better way to the universe. All are working towards the Greater Good.~

~I hope you will choose to share the culture, technology, and protection of the Tau Empire. The wise learn to adapt to change. Believe, as we do, in our destiny.~
[Welcome to what will be the future expansion of the Farsight Enclaves, Uash'o. Thanks to the guidance of the Gue'vesa, our expansion fleets have found the Merovingian Sub-Sector, as the local Gue'la call it. Great joy was had when we discovered so receptive a place. The first planet to be awoken to the advantages of becoming one with Tau'va was called St. Adelphia's Hope. Through a mix of Water Caste negotiation and the quick insertion of a Fire Caste Kavaal, we have liberated one of the many lost worlds of this sector.]

[A new enclave is being built upon Or'es'shi, the new name of St. Adelphia's Hope. From this foothold within the subsector we will extend out the hand of cooperation. We must bind the people of the universe under the precepts of the Greater Good. Such is our duty to the Tau'va. But much resistance is being met. The Gue'ron'sha are present in the sector in force, stemming the tide against the corrupted humans that appear to worship 'kaos'. But, we have encountered the wise Eldar Craftworlders. Though they resist the call to join with the Tau Empire under the guidance of the Greater Good, the Eldar have proven to be beneficial allies. We will help them, and by this help ourselves in establishing a stronger hold within the sector.]

'Dem hummies think dat they are so smar'? Well boyz, it's time to get stuck in! Dis' ere' place of Golgotha is a squigsty and 'der ain't no good fights no more! A warboss kan only crush so many skullz bifor it gets borin'! But dat's why we'z going to go a pick a fight with the hummies on dat world of Vullis Prime!

Now der be a fight brewin'! Ahahaha! Dem' Space Mareens are there! It's not much fun hacken down the puny ones, but dem Space Mareens -- that's a real scrappa by Gork! It dozn't matta who we find on that world! It dozn't matta who we fight! Zo' long as we get a good brawl and get some more bitz to feed me mekanical doks. 'Dey keep hooting about a powa source on the planet that we need. Moar powa! Moar fightin! I like 'dem ideas!



"Dark shadows play upon the mind as it walks through the Paths of the Seer, the guidance of scrying ruins the only safety when perceiving the future of this sector. The Sea of Souls churns with the delight of Chaos. Daemonic beings stretch forth their hands, whilst the foolish Monkeigh ignore the portents and happily run rampant along the knife's edge of their fate.

"We must be patient. We must be swift. Our actions will define whether or not the forgotten heritage of our race is lost forever to the hungry mouths of Chaotic beings, or if we will exult in victory and deny Chaos its victory over the souls of lesser beings; and in doing so destroy what was once an important part of our fallen empire.

"The monkeigh do not understand it. They have ignored it. This is to our advantage.

"Alliances have been made with the younger race, those beings known as the Tau. They are a mystery to us, for we cannot perceive their fates in the same manner as the Monkeigh. Where the Monkeigh would leave a jagged, gaping hole in the fabric of the future -- these beings leave only the barest passing of footprints in sand, soon to vanish and not be seen again. With their help we may be able to salvage what was lost on our Lilaethan from time immemorial.

"Only then can we successfully stop the foolish Monkeigh from awakening the sleeping death that await them within the Jaglan Alpha Nebulae. Ancient enemies that are best left undisturbed until such a time as they may be dealt with.

But the fates are unclear and time is running out."

--{Revivication Protocols Are Now In Effect}--

Cold chambers hum with the machinery from a time before the first microorganism ever was created to eventually spawn the flesh of the creature that would eventually become Man. Ambient light of a sickeningly pale nature, malevolent and green, pulses.

Souls of beings as old as stars begin to shudder and twist, flexing back and forth within the metallic confines of their bodies -- ancient memories of flesh fading away as the reality of cold metal is all that is awoken to.

It is there. On the edge of the hunting instincts and detection systems.


A fluttering candle.

Time to reawaken and squelch the flame.

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Re: The Campaign Storyline, Sub-Sector Merovingian

Post by Katharon » Thu Jul 18, 2013 10:09 am

“I have paid witness to the account that shall be recorded herein. Few will believe all of it, and even less will allow another to read it again. It's likely that this will be censured by the Inquisition – they do dislike others telling the truth without their little flair to it! But me? Oh, dear reader, you can trust me. From the Halo Stars to the Golden Throne, my words are worth their weight in precious stones. Why else would the Inquisition dislike this tome?

“It began, as most wars do, in that one place that no one suspects there will be trouble...what was it again, I know I remember the name – Throne I'm sitting in the governor's palace on the capitol world of the sector! – ah! That's right! Merovingian. The Merovingian Sub-Sector, located rimward within the Ultima Segmentum. A curious place really, astrographically placed at the nexus of the most stable warp routes between the blessed Realm of Ultramar and the forgotten Ghoul, in this place, there is only war.”

Recovered Mem-Diary of Inquisitor Godfried Kausser, Ordo Xenos

Chapter One – The War Begins

It began upon the world of Vullis Prime. Little did they know, those innocent Imperial citizens, of the destruction soon to be visited upon them. First, it was the descent of the Orks. Ignorance and pride kept the Imperial war machine from mustering to crush that old foe, that foul beast that plagues the galaxy like lice. The Imperial Governor Roderick van Gogh was responsible for that. In his ineptitude he allowed the Ork forces to fester unmolested by the Planetary Defense Forces, allowing the Orks to grow stronger.

Just when things could not get worse, a Chaos rising took place. Using the guise of an ignoble rebellion against their rulers, several Imperial hives cities turned to the powers of the Warp. Daemons walked the world and foul traitors descended from the heavens above. Driven by ancient and most hateful foes, all was thought lost.

On the heels of the Chaos invasion, another forces intervene. Without directly confronting the forces of the Imperium, several Tau and Eldar forces landed upon the center areas of the continent, occupying ancient lands and several important hive cities. The reason for why these two races chose to intervene now, at a time when the Imperium could ill afford such distractions, was a mystery to Imperial authorities. Nevertheless, calls for aid were sent from Vullis Prime back to the sub-sector capitol of Merovignian and thence outwards to all Imperium forces that could respond...

The first to answer the clarion call were the hallowed sons of the Lion! The Dark Angels Space Marine Chapter had descended upon the sub-sector, practically at the very moment that help had been asked for by the local authorities. A strange coincidence perhaps. A lucky turn of fate, as far as others are concerned. With swift action, the Dark Angles leaders Belial and Sammael led their battle-brothers into the fight upon Vullis Prime. The first xenos enemy to feel the fury of the Astartes were the Tau. Those cowardly blue-skins had ensconced themselves behind defenses. The fury of the Emperor's Angels of Death would see them cleansed!

Like twin bolts of lightning, Belial and Sammael led their Dark Angels upon the field and struck a lethal blow against the Tau. Though suffering some casualties, the Tau were driven back and the territory retaken in the name of the Emperor.

More Imperial forces answered the call to arms. Space Wolves, Ultramarines, Salamanders, Minotaurs, Ice Claws, and Grey Knights – Astartes all – descended upon sub-sector Merovingian. Behind these immortal champions came the Hammer of the Emperor, the serried ranks of the Imperial Guard in their tens of thousands. With the weight of ten thousand boots and the treads of thousands of tanks, the Imperial Guard would not allow another world of this sub-sector to fall prey to the ravages of Chaos or Xenos!
It was the Orks falling from the sky that woke them. Those greedy savages, eager for rapine and pillage, for the wealth of a world they opened up what should not have been opened. Buried beneath the sands of Vullis Prime, forgotten by all, lay a hidden city. Made from star metal and glowing with a crystal stone that eats light and replaces it with a green hue – the city awoke! Beings that had laid at rest for benighted eons now strode the world once more.

Scouting parties from the Space Wolves searched the desert, originally to find traces of Ork activity and to divine the plans of the greenskins. Alerted to their presence was a warband of Necron warriors. The undead machines unleashed their gauss weaponry and destroyed the Wolves. Nothing was heard from that scouting party thereafter and their fate was only determined later when another Lone Wolf discovered the battlefield. His report to the Imperial High Command was troubling to all, but there were other, more urgent matters at hand.
The war between the Imperial forces and the Chaos-infested rebels of Vullis Prime's northern hives had entered into a grid-lock. The battle lines had been stagnant for nearly half a year, until more Chaos reinforcements arrived. Traitors and vile fiends! Chaos Space Marines landed to reinforce their heretical brethren. Their warlord knows that the Imperium relies heavily upon the efforts of the Adeptus Mechanicus, and launched an attack against the great Manufactorum Tallwich.

Tallwich is the linchpin to the Imperial lines in the north. Without its industrial output the Imperial forces would be forced to ship supplies over greater distances and weaken the Imperial forces who are constantly in need of more material of war. A terrible force, an armored fist, descended upon Manufactorum Tallwich. All seemed lost until the intervention of a new foe.

Like the armored chivalric knights of old coming to the rescue, the Ultramarines stormed forth with their Predator tanks and Rhino transports – led by none other than the famous Captain Cato Sicarius. The 2nd Company of the Ultramarines had answered the call to sub-sector Merovingian and they would not find the Emperor wanting. By their ceramite-encrusted hands would the forces of Chaos be denied their prize.

The battle was fierce! A great host had been marshaled by the Chaos Space Marines, led by the infamous Emperor's Children Lord Vadrien. The very beasts of hell had Lord Vadrien summoned, the fearsome drakes scouring the skies above the Ultramarines. Sorely tested by these forces the Ultramarines nevertheless prevailed. Lord Vadrien's warband was driven back – the warlord himself being wounded in the battle.

Chaos had been beaten...but only for a time.
The Ork had not been idle in the time that the Imperium had foolishly given him. One such ferocious warband of Orks, led by a monsterous creature that styled itself “kolonel” was the warboss Zogblud. His clan, known to Imperial Tactica reports as the “Blood Dakka Boyz,” were active in surging through the Imperial cordon surrounding the Wasteland of the Dragon Tribes. They made short work of the planetary defense forces, killing all the humans and pillaging the settlements and hive cities within reach. With this sudden influx of Imperium-made material, the Ork meks were busy from dawn to dusk of every day.

First to feel the wrath of the Greenskin would be the Tau. Even the advanced technology and weaponry of the Tau could match the sheer ferocity of the Orks and their great numbers. The Tau commander had been unwilling to believe such savages could prove an actual threat. Such led to his death. From the skies above, the Ork aircraft covered the ground below like locusts. The Ork pilots fire their weapons as erratically as their ground-based brethren, but regardless the amount of firepower they produce is staggering. Caught unprepared for such an onslaught, the Tau defenders were decimated.

Kolonel Zogblud roared with laughter and delight at the slaughter of his foes. A good fight. But only the first fight. Many more were to come.
Events continued to unfold around Vullis Prime. Considered to be the most senior and respected of the Space Marine forces gathered in the Sub-Sector Merovingian, Chapter Master Belial of the Dark Angels was chosen as the commander of all Imperial forces on Vullis Prime. Energized by the influx of aid from other Chapters and by the forces of the Imperial Guard, the defenses were reinforced and offensives planned.

Though there it little love lost between the Dark Angels and Space Wolves, Belial was interested when reports were made of a Space Wolf scouting party wiped out in the southern regions. Reports of strange xenos ships above the world also lent itself to peaking his curiosity. Belial sent forth the vaunted Ravenwing to investigate a crash site near the Pallid Woods, believed to be xenos in origin.

The mounted warriors of the Ravenwing were ambushed! Waiting for them in the depths of night were the Necrons. Ancient machines of war spat emerald streams of energy. Floating above the ground upon lost technologies, the barges of the Necrons promised doom to the Ravenwing. But, as fate would have it, the night shielded the Space Marines. The ambush was thwarted and the Ravenwing slaughtered their metallic foe.

The Necrons faded into nothingness, even their war machines leaving no trace behind which could be studied or kept. The crash sight remained however, a prize that the Ravenwing would keep until the analytical skills of the Mechanicus and their own techmarines could give more information.

As though they were goaded by the loss of their war party to the Ravenwing, the Necrons continued to raise their forces up from stasis and larger forces began to march from from beneath the sands of Vullis Prime. Their target: a Space Marine forward operating base defended by the vaunted Space Wolves.

The very elements turned against the Imperial defenders. The skies themselves were traitorous. The Necron army marched forth beneath their techno-ensorcelled sky and a great battle was begun. The Space Wolves, distracted by the metal monstrosities assaulting them, were unprepared for the scuttling terror that was to also face them.

Drawn by their innate senses, feeling the presence of biomass that the Space Wolves represented, a Tyranid host appeared. Without seeming rhyme or reason, the Tyranids ignored the Necrons – as if they could not even sense the metal warriors – and attacked the Space Wolves en masse. This unholy pact between two of the Imperium's worst enemies saw the Space Wolves overwhelmed.

The night was long and full of horrors.


There is no other race of beings in the galaxy that enjoys the torment and fear of others as much as the Dark Kin, that twisted sect of Eldar who have delved further into depravity and corruption of the soul to lengths and depths that would cause a man to go insane. Even daemons stare in rapt envy of the twisted delights that the Dark Eldar go to in order to obtain the sustenance that gives them life. And like a mosquito drawn to the scent of fresh blood, the Dark Eldar descended in secret to the surface of Vullis Prime.

Hundreds of xenos sightings flood the Imperial High Command every day. Chapter Master Belial does not have time to substantiate every single one of them, but must send some forces out to investigate when some rumors prove to be too strong to ignore. A small frontier town, close to an Ork manufactorum, had not been in contact with Imperial forces for more than a week – even though an Imperial Guard garrison had been left there months before.

A force of Iron Hands Space Marines was sent to investigate – the Ravenwing was still busy with the xenos crash sight elsewhere – and determine what had happened to the garrison.

What awaited them was a slaughterhouse.

Dark Eldar and their thralls ambushed the Iron Hands. Even the vaunted terminator veterans of the Irons Hands proved to be inadequate to deal with the Dark Eldar, their poisonous weaponry a match even for tank-armored astartes. By some trickery of psykic sorcerery or technological dampening, the vox transmissions of the Iron Hands were hindered and their air support was unable to arrive when called for, leaving the Iron Hands stranded amidst a sea of shuriken bolts and psykic manipulation.

Recovered from the battle were helmet recordings from the perspectives of the space marines. Tricks of the mind and technology are seen being used against the Iron Hands. Their warriors fooled by the mimetic abilities of the Dark Eldar. The dead were left to rot, though not all of the Iron Hands were accounted for by the battlefield investigators. Lord Belial now fears that several of their brother Astartes are now the prisoners of the Dark Eldar.

Fear grows among the hearts of lesser men.


The perfidy of Men knows no bounds. If even the gloried warriors of the Adeptus Astartes can fall from the Emperor's Grace, then it is no great measure for normal men to fall either. Whether or not it was the lure of Chaos or simple spur of the moment personal desire – the 13th Elysian Regiment turned its back upon the Emperor and marched to the beat of its own drum.

Unbeknownst to either the Imperial High Command or the would-be mercenaries of the “Blood Wings,” an Inquisition task force had arrived upon the world of Vullis Prime and its forces lay in wait to pounce upon the unwary.

Unfortunately, because the Imperial Commanders were not informed of the presence of this Inquisition force, they were not able to lend it assistance when the Blood Wings encountered them in the southern deserts.

Reports have it that Captain Sicarius appeared near the end of the fire-fight, neither becoming involved or acting against either party. Another report is due to reach the High Command from the Inquisition on this matter...


Not to be outdone by Kolonel Zogblud, another Ork warlord appeared on the scene. Seemingly a trend becoming popular amongst the greenskins – the bastardization of Imperial Guard ranks and titles – one Ork warboss named Kapitan Goldteef led his war party out of the southern wastes and into the waiting defenses of the Blood Angels Space Marines.

Helping to reinforce the cordon around the wastelands, the Blood Angels had intercepted and ambushed the Orks. Kapitan Goldteef roared mightily, leading his boyz in a charge. The Orks didn't find themselves lacking in technology, with a Big Mek leading the assault as Goldteef's second in command. Not to be outdone by the fighter jets of Zogblud, Goldteef had the infamous deffkotpaz riding in the skies above his boyz.

The battle was short but fierce. Neither army was able to drive the other successfully from the field or cause a rout. The Blood Angels had to be content with holding the line and the would not be the last time anyone saw Kapitan Goldteef.


In coordination with a widening effort on the part of the Imperial High Command to bring the fight to the Arch Enemy, a battle plan was created by Lord Belial to be executed by the fierce Nocturnians. Plunging from the skies like the fabled fire drakes of ancient Terran myth, Salamander Space Marine drop pods rained down upon a Chaos-captured manufactorum.

Led by their leader, Jaric Phoros, the Salamanders prosecuted a bloody battle against the renegade forces there. Faced with the unleashed might of the Salamanders, the traitors were forced to call upon their daemonic allies for aid. It did them little good. Within hours the Salamanders had massacred the entire Chaos force. Afterwards, the Salamanders would retire back to Imperial lines.

Imperial Governor Roderick van Gogh has sent letters of anger and censure to Lord Beliel, as well as angered representatives from the Adeptus Mechanicus – for the slaughter of over a quarter of the manufactorum's work force. The local Imperial citizenry had been forced into slave labor by their Chaos masters, only to have the release of death at the violent end of a bolter round.


The paths of Fate must be tread carefully. None do so better than the Farseers. Led on by either whim or will, the Eldar forces under Farseer Noldoth led any assault upon the Chaos-captured Manufactorum Amaris. It was a scene of pure desecration. Nothing touched by Chaos can ever truly be the same again, but nothing paled in comparison to what had taken place in Manufactorum Amaris.

The air was still – an unmoving haze of putrid stench that would cause any who breathed it to become infested with a malaise of the body and mind, falling dead soon thereafter. A chaos champion of the vile god Nurgle was arrayed before the Eldar raiding force. The corrupt and defiled forms of Chaos Space Marines touched by the Grandfather of Plagues defended against the encroachment of Farseer Noldoth's army.

Given free reign of their normal control, the atavistic rage of the Eldar was unleashed upon this, their most hated foe. With the fury and might of their shattered god, Kaele Mensha Kaine,the Eldar slew all before them. Even the chaos champion himself was cut in twain, the soul and corrupt blood shed by the passage of the Wailing Doom.

Though the Eldar soon after retreated from their field of victory, it must have been instinct that led them there. Sadly, they were too late. The ceremony had already been completed and its sorcerers moved on to other places.

Time is beginning to run out.


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