Decisions, decisions... (Modifying a pre-con deck)

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Decisions, decisions... (Modifying a pre-con deck)

Post by coldsteel » Mon Jan 12, 2015 6:19 pm

Ok, I have a 'Spectrum' deck from about the turn of the Millenium (Invasion set I think) that I've added a couple of cards over the years (Cards marked with a *) and it works OK. I've come across a couple cards I want to add to the deck (Burnished Hart, Karametra's Favor x2) but am unsure what to remove.

The way I play this is to use parts of the deck to get different basic lands out for certain other cards then get the big guys like Kavus out to pound my opponent.

The contents so far are:

*Torrent of Fire
Tribal Flames x2
Halam Djinn


*Guilty Conscience
Global Ruin
Wayfaring Giant

Exclude x2
Probe x2
*Riptide Survivor
Zanam Djinn x2

*Stream of Life x3
Harrow x3
Fertile Ground x3
*Alpha Status
*Pulse of Llanowar x2
*Skyshroud Ranger
*Journey of Discovery
Nomadic Elf
Kavu Climber x2
Quirion Trailblazer x2
Serpentine Kavu
*Fierce Empath
Thornscape Apprentice x2

Ordered Migration
Yavimaya Barbarian x2
Sabertooth Nishoba
Voracious Cobra x2
Fires of Yavimaya

Spite & Malice
Assault & Battery x2
Wax & Wane x2

Forest x11
Mountain x2
Plains x2
Island x2
Swamp x2
Crucifiers (SM codex) (11881/703 PL)
Orks (3745/255 PL)
Astra Militarum (####/378 PL)
Fallen Crucifiers (CSM codex) (####/351 PL)
Khornate Daemons (####/65 PL)
Death Guard (2387/128 PL)
Primaris Marines (1099/60 PL)


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