"Sacrificial Rites" EDH deck list

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"Sacrificial Rites" EDH deck list

Post by Korsarro-Khan » Tue Apr 29, 2014 11:25 am

hey guys, so im currently running a commander deck that started off as the Power Hungry deck from the latest commander release. it has changed quite a bit.

the entire deck revolves around sacrificing my own creatures (preferably tokens) for some kind of effect (usually killing opponents creature). The deck works really well, and can even win games fairly quickly every now and then, but im interested to see what you guys say and to see what your suggestions are. I am planning to spend a bit of money on this deck to improve it a little, i am intending to get a dragonbroodmother for this deck, but overall im not intending to spend large amounts of money on this deck, but just enough to improve it a little. I also dont really have much of an interest in buying expensive lands for the deck either. Also, i only play casual games with mate, so format legality isnt much of a problem. Anyway, enough rambling, here is the deck list


Prossh, Skyraider of Kher

Lands (39):

x7 Mountain
x7 Forest
x8 Swamp
Akoum Refuge
Command Tower
Dragonskull Summit
Golgari Guildgate
Golgari Rotfarm
Grim Backwoods
Khalni garden
Kher Keep
Llanowar Reborn
Opal Palace
Rakdos Guildgate
Reliquary Tower
Rupture Spire
Savage Lands
Temple of the False God
Terramorphic Expanse
Vivid Grove

Creatures (35):

Archetype of Endurance
Butcher of Malakir
Champion of Stray Souls
Charnelhoard Wurm
Deathbringer Thoctar
Desecration Demon
Deepfire Elemental
Dragonlair Spider
Endrek Sahr Master Breeder
Erebos, God of the Dead (only in deck to help counter the guys i usually play)
Falkenwrath Noble
Fell Shephard
Gyre Sage
Harvester of Souls
Hua Tuo, honored Physician
Jade Mage
karametra's Acolyte
Nefarox, Overlord of Grixis
Phyrexian Plaguelord
Quagmire Druid
Reaper of the Wilds
Royal Assassin
Rage Thrower
Savra, Queen of the Gologari
Scarland Thrinax
Sakura Tribe Elder
Stalking Vengeance
Stronghold Assassin
Sprouting Thrinax
Shattergang Brothers
Skirsdag High Priest
Vicera Seer

Artifacts (8):

Blade of the Bloodchief
Coalition Relic
Elixir of Immortality
Jar of Eyeballs
Obelisk of Jund
Sol Ring
Spine of Ish Sah
Swiftfoot Boots

Enchantments (9):

Awakening Zone
Goblin Bombardment
Grave Betrayal
Night Soil
Primal Vigour
Tooth and Claw
Vile Requiem

Instants & Sorceries (7):

Army of the Damned
Fated Return
Jarad's Orders
Living Death
Spoils of Victory
Tempt with Vengeance

Planeswalkers (1):

Vraska the Unseen

So there you go, as i said, im intersted to see what people think, and what suggestions you may have. As you may notice, the deck revolves around trying to remove other players creatures from the board by generating tokens, and sacrificing them to either make the players sacrifice their creatures, or just destroying them, or just dealing damage directly to player when creatures die


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