Golgari scavenge deck-advice welcome

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Golgari scavenge deck-advice welcome

Post by Lionic » Sat Nov 23, 2013 2:04 pm

so i have decided to make my meh golgari deck good, and after alot of thought i came up with this. note that i tried to make most of the cards golgari, or golgari themed, and that im somewhat ristricted by what cards i have.

9 forest
9 swamp
2 golgari guildgate
3 golgari keyrune
1 golgari signent
2 transguild promenade

2 slitherhead
3 llanowar elves
1 deathrite shaman

2 drudge beatles
2 korozda guildmage
2 lotleth trolls

4 dreg manglers
2 sporecap spiders
2 varolz the scar striped

2 corpsejack menace
1 jarad, golgari litch lord
4 deadbride goliath

2 korozda gorgons
1 vraska the unseen

1 xathrid gorgon

1 fungal sprouting
1 deadbride chant
4 murder
2 putrefy
3 disentombs

so this is 70 cards, and i know its more that 60, but there were alot of cards i wanted to add.
anyway how do you think i could improve it. do you think the llanowar elves are useful? and do you think i should get rid of the korozda gorgons ?
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Re: Golgari scavenge deck-advice welcome

Post by Marit Lage » Sun Nov 24, 2013 11:23 am

I would take out the Murders, Disentombs, the gorgons, the one of spells, and add two Putrefy to start.
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