Pokens (pike-tokens)

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Pokens (pike-tokens)

Post by Bone2pick » Tue Jul 23, 2013 7:05 pm

Here's a fairly mediocre concept I'm building a standard deck around. It's junk tokens with runechanter's pike. I realize intangible virtue may very well surpass pike in terms of power, but I'm kinda bored with virtue tokens. Any other suggestions you may have though I'd be happy to consider.

4x voice of resurgence
2x scion of vitu

4x lingering souls
4x farseek
4x advent of the wurm
4x selesnya charm
2x doom blade
2x mulch
2x faith's shield
1x rootborn defenses
1x entreat of the angels
1x midnight haunting

Artifacts and Planeswalkers
2x pike
3x garruk relentless
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