Bolas of Steel - Junk Splash Red Reanimator

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Bolas of Steel - Junk Splash Red Reanimator

Post by Zero » Wed May 01, 2013 3:48 am

I wrote out a quick decklist for the 'Junk Rites' deck I'm looking to run. I took inspiration more from one of the Daily Decklists on Daily MTG ("A Different Kind of Reanimator" or something like that) that was also splashing red for Faithless Looting.

Land (21)
1x Blood Crypt
2x Cavern of Souls
1x Gavony Township
3x Rootbound Crag
4x Overgrown Tomb
1x Plains
2x Stomping Ground
4x Sunpetal Grove
2x Temple Garden
1x Vault of the Archangel

Creatures (21)
3x Angel of Serenity
2x Arbor Elf
3x Avacyn’s Pilgrim
2x Cathedral Sanctifier
2x Deathrite Shaman
1x Disciple of Bolas
4x Lotleth Troll
1x Sublime Archangel
3x Thragtusk

Planeswalkers (2)
2x Nicol Bolas, Planeswalker

Other Spells (16)
3x Faithless Looting
3x Grisly Salvage
3x Mulch
2x Obzedat’s Aid
1x Ready and Willing
1x Staff of Nin
3x Unburial Rites

Total (60)

It's capable of a turn 3 Nicol Bolas, but doesn't entirely revolve around it (because, quite frankly, that's not incredibly likely). It's meant to play a touch more fair than most Junk Rites decks while still retaining the reanimator side that lets it do some quite unfair things (like a turn 3 Nicol Bolas...).

My only real worries are if I somehow get stuck with a Nicol in hand, both Aids in the graveyard and no Faithless Looting, but with 4 of them and Flashback I highly doubt this scenario. The biggest issue would be Grisly Salvaging through both the Nicol's and both the Obzedat's Aids, resulting in 4 completely dead cards, but then it's not like they're dead cards in my hand, so it's not so bad.

About a couple of choices:
I have fewer mana dorks because I'm kind of following suit of the afforementioned reanimator deck, but I still have more than he does so that I do have the potential to fight dirtier than someone running that list would be hoping to do.

I've got cards like Staff of Nin and Disciple of Bolas because I do want cards in my hand as well, not just in my yard. Furthermore, I'd be running Disciple of Bolas over the Resto Angels usually in lists because I prefer the Disciple. It's basically a cheaper Sphinx's and has potential to gain me more life from a Thragtusk than a Resto Angel when combined with the Sublime Archangel.

Ready and Willing is a nut card. It has the ability to do two things that my deck wants. I can do one in a pinch if I need it (e.g. make all my stuff Indestructible in response to a Supreme Verdict or even an Ultimate Price on an Angel of Serenity) or I can combine them for a back breaking combat phase. The second part is a cheaper Vault of the Archangel activation by itself.

I wrote another list that goes a bit more Bolas to the wall in trying to get Nicol Bolas out followed by an Angel of Serenity early. It should be stronger in terms of playing unfair for anyone unprepared, but some early graveyard hate like Tormod's Crypt or Ground Seal would hurt very, very badly:

Creatures (18)
3x Angel of Serenity
2x Arbor Elf
4x Avacyn’s Pilgrim
2x Cathedral Sanctifier
1x Craterhoof Behemoth
2x Deathrite Shaman
1x Sublime Arcangel
3x Thragtusk

Planeswalkers (4)
4x Nicol Bolas, Planeswalker

Other Spells (18)
4x Faithless Looting
4x Grisly Salvage
3x Mulch
4x Obzedat’s Aid
3x Unburial Rites

More graveyard interaction, more chance of dangerous early plays, more chance of throwing away Bolas with an Obzedat's Aid in hand, but less chance to deal with graveyard hate. Haven't done the mana base for it but it'll probably just be the same as the first one.

Which one looks better? There are a lot of single cards that I'm partial to in the first deck (Staff of Nin, Disciple of Bolas, Lotleth Troll) but the second list looks like it could potentially be much more dangerous if I can get the sideboard right. In short: the first list will do less dirty things and get less "free" wins from luck and no MD grave hate, but the second deck could potentially have a much harder time post sideboard depending on how much hate is around at the time, though if I sideboard well I may be able to prevent that.
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Re: Bolas of Steel - Junk Splash Red Reanimator

Post by MFletch » Thu May 02, 2013 6:57 pm

It certainly isn't a 21 land deck.

You'll badly positioned against aggro, also control then midrange is going to get you purely on consistency.

Maybe try a turbofog/omniscience back bone.
Else maybe just a junk/4 colour reanimator back bone.

This will give you the safety you need to pull the party trick you are looking for.


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