Dragon's Maze Prerelease.

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Re: Dragon's Maze Prerelease.

Post by MFletch » Mon Apr 29, 2013 7:28 am

Skymark Roc was insane in RtR draft, certainly first pickable.
Alms beast was insane in gatecrash draft. Though on the splash in sealed it will be essentially a 6 mana vanilla 6/6 with downside, which is not exciting.

If you could play your guild packs one was in a good position, if not one was doomed to fail.

I believe one had a ridiculously likelihood of getting obzedat. Anyway he was pretty much instant win, as in 4 packs of dragonmaze you are unlikely to get anything to kill it.

The card which impressed me the most, though it never was a complete blow out for me, was profit//loss. There are so many good 1 toughness creatures, it kills them all.
I found electrickery to be quite weak in RtR, as the one toughness creatures were not brilliant but not the card is going to be a blow out despite being a common card.

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Re: Dragon's Maze Prerelease.

Post by Nonebutone » Mon Apr 29, 2013 8:54 am

Day 1: went 2 wins, 3 loses, came in 14th overall (didn't get any bonus packs as the final guy who got one was 13th!)
This was my Gruul/Gorgari day, where for some reason neither of my packs had anything higher then a 3/3 so... i really strugged to do any sort of damage (not to mention no way beyond fighting to deal with flying... my packs likewise didn't help as i got a pair of the new bloodscribe guys, (Draw an extra card etc) which... felt terrible in Sealed, but ended up being a low drop body for the field.

Day 2 was Dimir/Gorgari, went 2W/2L/1D (mostly due to my opponent being SLOOOOWWWWW)
had semi better picks that day, got mindgrind as my rare, and opened a few cool dimir cards, but once more, creatures of sufiffient size were lacking, only two fliers, no reach, and we had a freakih ammount of the legendary Dimir vampire show up, so I was outclassed again.

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Re: Dragon's Maze Prerelease.

Post by Zero » Mon Apr 29, 2013 10:07 am

From what I saw, Gruul War Chant is an absolutely mental card in limited. I learnt the hard easy and saw many others do the same.
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Re: Dragon's Maze Prerelease.

Post by Falcon » Mon Apr 29, 2013 11:42 pm

I didnt go well overall, thank god this was my first time at a pre-release event. I had a mixture of Gruul and Boros even though I picked Izzet with Simic as my secret ally.
I got quite a few bombs, with Ruric-Thar (the Gruul CHampion I believe) helping me win quite a few games.
But it seems that I was right in nabbing two Gruul War Chants, they helped on such a huge scale, I have even considered throughing together a fun Gruul Standard deck.

Loving Render Silent though, got two that I tried out after the initial draft.
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Re: Dragon's Maze Prerelease.

Post by m14 » Wed May 01, 2013 8:37 pm

So coming out of the pre-release I was able to nab 3 more Volatile Rigs in order to make a fun, coin-flipping deck. I'm excited to take that and a modified Orzhov deck into standard tournaments. Just need the new black rare that gives all creatures extort.


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