October Death Match 2016

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Re: October Death Match 2016

Post by lupusj » Mon Oct 24, 2016 8:18 am

Dheiti wrote:
lupusj wrote:
General-Kroll wrote:I do have a Drop Pod that needs completing....was going to just throw it together and do a quick job on it...putting it in a challenge would motivate me to get it done.

Ok what the heck!
Can I jump in on this too? I have two almost assembled and need some motivation to finish at least one of them off.
Go for it!

Dheiti VS Kroll VS Lupusj - Drop Pod Assault!!
Sorry guys - I'm not going to finish on time. I got sick for a few days and that's put me right behind on a few things, and painting's the one that had to give.
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