FJ list from Grey Wolf

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FJ list from Grey Wolf

Post by tko540 » Sat May 26, 2012 6:50 pm

Alright folks finished my German Fallschirmjager list finally so I thought I'd post it and get some feed back. I'm still really new to FoW and this is also my first full army.

Fallschirmjagerkompanie HQ 105
[*] 2x Panzerfausts
[*] AT section (Panzerschrek)

Fallschirmjager Platoon 3x Squads 275

Fallschirmjager Platoon 3x Squads 275

Fallschirmjager Machine-gun Platoon 2x Sections (4 HMGs) 155

Fallschirmjager Light Gun Platoon 2x Sections (2 Guns) 60

Fallschirmjager Anti-tank Gun Platoon (PAK40) 2x Section (4 Guns) 245
[*] Kfz15 field car; 3-ton Trucks

Heer StuG Platoon 2x StuG G; 1 StuH42 285

Fallschirmjager Artillery Battery (10.5 leFH18) 4x Guns 235
[*] Kfz15 field car; Kfz 68 radio truck; 3-ton Trucks

Heer Anti-Aircraft Platoon (3.7 Armored Sd Kfz 7/2) 2x Tracks 110

Total 1745

7/8 platoons depending on the HMG attachment or not. I figure that will be situation dependent.
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Re: FJ list from Grey Wolf

Post by Makarov » Sun May 27, 2012 9:30 am

There really isn't a FOW community on this forum, I'd suggest you go to ... ouched.jpg they have a much more lively community.
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Re: FJ list from Grey Wolf

Post by AtlantianWarrior » Mon May 28, 2012 7:08 am

Yes it is true that we are not that active in this forum, but we do chat a little. The list looks to be good. I have only looked through Grey Wolf. So I really can not comment on it by units. I will get the book when my friend gets Red Bear.
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