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Allies and Axis & Gaming Board

Post by snowbud5 » Mon Aug 08, 2011 10:56 pm

Okay,two questions; first, does anyone use Allies and Axis pieces in their Flames of War armies? I found a StuG III and a Panzer IV H the other day, which, with just a little painting, would fit perfectly in my army. I also have a few support vehicles lying around. I bought all of these in a pack for $10. I bought 1 FoW Panzer IV H for $12. Besides offical events, are there any reasons not to use some of these in an army?

Secondly, is there a certain size a FoW board needs to be? In Warhammer 40k, its something like 6x4. If not, how large are most boards?

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Re: Allies and Axis & Gaming Board

Post by Makarov » Thu Aug 11, 2011 8:47 am

I guess you can use them if they are to scale, and represent actual vehicles in the game. As long as it fits the criteria above you can use it. I would recommend You get a big bang for your buck. Also check out and Which also sell 3rd party miniatures.

About the board size, it varies depending on the points value, and game type. Its honestly up to you, but be sure to have plenty of terrain (more than 40k), and it really helps if its all to scale.

Also would recommend this site. It contains all the lists you will need, plus battlefront supports it.
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