Change to the Thread of Fame

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Change to the Thread of Fame

Post by Nappen » Wed Aug 29, 2012 1:29 pm

The thread of fame was becoming very unwieldy with the number of members with badges of multiple levels, which also made it difficult to keep current and difficult to read. It also made it easy to miss getting someone their badge. Of course this is all great news because there are so many of you painting every week!

To make things a bit easier, we updated the list with all of the current badges that we have a record of and changed the format slightly. First, your name is with your highest badge level. As you complete more pledges, your name will move up through the badge levels until you reach the century club and join Greywolf. Second, the list is now alphabetical so you can find your name easier.

Please let us know if your name is missing or if you need a badge by posting here (for painting pledge only). We will continue to update the pledge talley as often as we can.



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