MWG's Weekly Painting Pledge 3/18-3/25

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Re: MWG's Weekly Painting Pledge 3/18-3/25

Post by Number6 » Sat Mar 25, 2017 3:57 pm

Guildenstern wrote:
Number6 wrote:
Pledge Complete. I love how much fun these minis are. Kind of the same reason I secretly would love to play Orks.

Doooo EEEIT :D
I'd love to, but already have my Dakka Angels, 30K Emperors Children, and Harlequin/Dark Eldar to work on. I have been tempted to sell off the Dakka Angels, as they are the least interesting (save Cypher).... If I did, I would seriously pick up Orks.

EDIT: What if I kitbashed an army of Dakka Angel Orks? Some cool mystikul orkey munks. :mrgreen:
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