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PostPosted: Tue Jun 23, 2009 10:43 am 
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The Painting Deathmatch

The premise of Painting Deathmatch is simple: each Month, two Painters from the MiniWarGaming forum will paint the same model in a head-to-head battle (headliner challenge). Side-challenges between other painters may be issued during the month as well (side-challenges).

The winner each month will then select one painter from a list of challengers and compete again the following month.

The Rules of Fightclub...err.. Painting Deathmatch

1 - The Miniature for each month will be selected by the two headliners of the current month. (February headliners pick miniature to be painted for february).

2 - Photos of models painted for both the Headline Challenge, and Side Challenges, must be posted by the predetermined Deadline. This will typically be the 26th of the month at 9AM EST, though it may be extended if the 26th falls on a Weekend or a Holiday. Headline challenge deadlines may be extended under special circumstances if both participants and the responsible moderator agree. Voting threads will then be posted for a 5-7 day voting period.

3 - A headliner may not challenge, or accept a challenge from, the same painter within a 3 month period, unless there are no other challengers. This is to make sure everyone has a chance at the Title.

4 - Anyone not involved in the Main Event may issue challenges to other painters. While it's recommended that the same miniature is used as the Main Event, it is not required.

5 - Conversion is allowed, but should not be the focus of your miniature. This is a painting competition after all :)

6 - For Side Challenges, WIP pictures are not required, but you are more than welcome to post them. Headliners should post NO Work In Progress information, as their final photos will be posted anonymously by a third party (A Luna or Edsgotjive).

7 - In order to challenge a Headline Champion, you must have completed at least one Side Challenge in the previous 3 months. You don't have to win the Side Challenge, you just have to get your model done on time.

8 - Models for either headliner or side-challenge death matches should be finished including: every part of the model has to be painted, a base which is either painted or based with basing materials.

Picture submit rules

1 - Because every bit of time saving helps, we'd like you to submit a maximum of 3 pictures. This could be as a collage of multiple pictures (e.g. 4 pictures under eachother, saved as 1 file) or just 1 actual picture of the model (not recommended).
How to get a single pic out of several files? I (A Luna) am using photoshop for this. Open -> New: <x> pixels (width) x 2500 pixels (height). Drag all the other pictures to that one in a nice order. Crop picture. Done.

The Perks of Deathmatch

1 - Forum Ribbon - There will be a Forum Ribbon awarded to anyone winning a Main Event. Participaters of the DM will receive a silver ribbon, so do the headliner participaters.

2 - Bragging Rights - I don't need to explain this one ;)


Judging will be done via an open poll on the forums over a 3 day period, typically from the 26th to the 29th of each month.

Issuing Challenges

After a winner has been decided, a forum thread will be made available where painters may challenge the Winner. An additional Thread will open up where side-challenges against other painters can be declared. The winner may accept any challenge, provided it is not someone they have challenged recently.

A Note on 3-Way Battles and Battle-Royales

Sometimes it'll happen that 3 or more painters want to paint the same model. As long as this is alright with all 3 participants, there's no problem with this. The Headline Match must always be a 1-on-1 battle, however. Battle Royales of 4 of more painters will allow 2 votes per user.

Miniature Selection

The headliners each month select the miniature to be used that same month.

Red Flags
When you enter a challenge, you are expected to complete it. If you do not, you will be awarded a Red Flag. This Flag is a cautionary mark to other painters, letting them know you may not complete your challenges. If you know well ahead of the deadline (10 days or so) that you'll be unable to complete your challenge, let your fellow challengers and either A Luna or Edsgotjive know that you need to drop out, and you'll avoid a Red Flag.

If you have a Red Flag, you can get rid of it by completing a Side Challenge. You don't have to win, you just have to participate.

If you're in a headline challenge and you did not finish your entry, it's rather an emberassment if you did not finish a headliner.

That's it!

Last edit: 4/4/2012

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