Deathmatch Rules: Read before Challenging! (upd' Mar 3 '15)

Formerly "Painting Deathmatch"

Monthly One-on-One and group Hobby Challenges! Settle your differences in the ring! Not for the paint of heart. (Ha! see what we did there?)
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Deathmatch Rules: Read before Challenging! (upd' Mar 3 '15)

Post by Epic Duck Mike » Tue Jun 23, 2009 11:43 am

The Rules of Hobby Deathmatch

Hobby Deathmatch is a fun and competitive way to push your painting & conversion skills while meeting other hobbyists.

Hobby Deathmatch comes in several flavours:
The Headline Event: This started as a sort of grudge match between skilled painters, but has evolved over time. This is a monthly 3-way battle, with two of the challengers chosen by the previous months' winner. If you make a challenge here, you're expected to put in some serious effort.

The Big Brawl: This All-Comers battle often paints the same miniature as the Headline Event, or a thematically similar group of miniatures. If you're hoping to step up your painting game and push yourself, this is probably where you want to be.

The Sideshows: This is an open format - challenge anyone on any single miniature, group of miniature, category of similar miniatures, etc. If you're new to Hobby Deathmatch, need some motivation to get a certain mini finished, or just want a fun challenge, this is for you!

The Conversion Brawl: Like the Big Brawl, but focused on Conversion rather than painting.

We'll also sometimes run special events (these have included things like "the BIGGER Brawl", a 50-mini challenge, in the past).

Headline and Big Brawl challenges share most of the same rules as Sideshows - only Miniature Selection varies significantly. Because Sideshows are the most common format, the rules below are written with them in mind; the minor differences for Big Brawl and Headline are explained further on.

Declaring a Deathmatch Sideshow challenge!

Pick a miniature you'd like to paint, find an opponent with the same miniature, and have yourself a paint-off!

These Sideshow challenges are fun events to help you push your painting skills to their limits and beyond, and have some fun with other miniature painters in our community. It's actually quite unlikely that you'll be killed or injured as a result of participating, whereas it's quite possible that you'll improve your painting/sculpting somehow.

1 - You have until around the 14th of the month to form your Challenges; simply post in the months' appropriate thread with the models you're interested in painting/converting/etc. You can call out another hobbyist directly if you'd like - it's all for fun, be as lax or aggressive as you want. While typically challenges should involve the same model, it's perfectly alright to challenge on a category instead (ie "Power Armour" if you have people who want to paint Space Marines, CSM, and Khador Man-o-Wars, or "Giant Creature" if you have people painting Helldrakes and Dragons, etc).

2 - Photos of models painted for Sideshow Challenges must be posted by the predetermined Deadline. This will typically be the 26th of the month at 9AM EST, though it may be extended if the 26th falls on a Weekend or a Holiday. Voting threads will then be posted for a 5-7 day voting period.

3 - Conversions are encouraged, especially for The Conversion Brawl - don't be afraid to tweak your miniature and make it your own, even if you're in a Painting challenge!

4 - WIP pictures are not required, but you are more than welcome to post them.

5 - For Painting Challenges, Models should be completely painted, including a finished base (painted or otherwise covered with basing materials). This isn't a requirement of Conversion Challenges, where leaving them unpainted can make your conversion work more apparent.

Picture Submission Rules

1 - On or around the 14th, a Picture Submission Thread will open. Post a maximum of 3 photos of your miniature in this thread, along with the title of your challenge (ie "Mike vs Dez: Chaos Space Marine"). If you absolutely feel that more than 3 photos are necessary, create a collage of your images and submit it as a single picture.

The Perks of Deathmatch

1 - Forum Ribbon - There will be a Forum Ribbon awarded to anyone winning a Main Event. All participants who complete their challenge will receive a silver medal, while winners will receive a gold.

2 - Deathmatch Points - We're not sure what these will do yet - they might award extra ribbons in the future, etc - but you'll earn them, regardless! You earn at least one point simply for completing a challenge, so get those minis done!

3 - Bragging Rights - I don't need to explain this one ;)


Judging will be done via an open poll on the forums over a 3 day period, typically from the 26th to the 29th of each month.

Rule Variations for Headline Events:
1: Headline challenge deadlines may be extended under special circumstances (illness, power failures, etc) if all participants and the responsible moderator agree.
2: The reigning champion (the previous month's winner) can choose who they want to challenge any way they like - posting a thread, contacting members via PM, etc. When they have accepted two challengers, they must make the participants known to event organizers.
3: In order to challenge a Headline Champion, you must have completed at least one Side Challenge in the previous 3 months. You don't have to win the Side Challenge, you just have to get your model done on time.
4: The reigning champion should not accept challenges from the same painters in consecutive months, unless no other challengers are available. This is simply to ensure that more people have a chance of participating.
5: The miniature for the Headline Event is typically chosen in advance by the participants of the previous month (ie Headliners in February will choose the miniature to be painted in March).

Rule Variations for Big Brawl:
1: When posting your Completion Photos in the Picture thread, you can simply mention that they're for the Big Brawl, rather than listing all the competitors.
2: As long as there are 4 or more participants who've completed their miniature, the Voting Poll will allow 2 votes per user.
3: Rather than painting a specific miniature, the Big Brawl event usually focuses on the category or group of similar miniatures which follow the same theme as the miniature chosen for the Headline Event. For example, if Pedro Cantor was chosen for the Headline miniature, "Space Marine HQ" might be chosen for the Big Brawl.

Rule Variations for Conversion Brawl:
1: No painting is required. You won't be penalized for it if you /do/ paint your mini, but it's not required to enter a Conversion Brawl or Challenge. Feel free to double-dip and enter both a Conversion and Painting challenge with the same mini if you think you'll get that far!


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