June Painting Deathmatch

Formerly "Painting Deathmatch"

Monthly One-on-One and group Hobby Challenges! Settle your differences in the ring! Not for the paint of heart. (Ha! see what we did there?)
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Re: June Painting Deathmatch

Post by SweetSorrow » Mon Jun 19, 2017 12:38 pm

Dheiti wrote:If it's a squad of 5 can I get in with my death guard marines from the new box set?
Of course, that would be more than fine.

SweetSorrow Vs LordMcAllister - One Monstrous Calvary Batbatty vs. General Kroll vs Dheti vs SweetSorrow - 5 man Infantry Squad

Batbatty vs. SweetSorrow - One Character
The Stars Await, Let us now wander together.

Well then, this is rather entertaining
Chaos Marines - 5,000


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