Tyranids Completed then DE before New CSM

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Tyranids Completed then DE before New CSM

Post by jmaddux » Tue Mar 13, 2012 10:13 pm

My Goal is to Finish my Tyranids Im about 70% finished with it, the rest are basic troops and a couple extras and my Dark Eldar (Every things been based and a few models already done) all before the New Chaos Space Marines come out, bec thats the army I want next :D

My Dark Eldar are very fast to paint up (well feels like it only have 60 models and a few Vehicles compare to my 250+ troop nid models, 12 MC's, 19 elites, 30 FA and 3 Heavys thats other than MC). The color scheme is the Art Work on the front of the Codex; Blue, Highlight, metal, Red or White cloth, then heavy wash.
I;ve did one squad of warriors and only too maybe 15 hours, only need 4 more Squads of 10 Warriors and 8 Vehicles + 5 Jetbikes ( a few are already finished).

I'll Post a List up of everything that is painted and then a 2nd list of what will be painted for each army later.
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