The Tale of Army Painters 2009-2010 Season Signup Thread!

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Re: The Tale of Army Painters 2009-2010 Season Signup Thread!

Post by KenStorm989 » Wed Mar 24, 2010 1:08 am

I just ordered a 1500 point elder army, and I would really like the support that this thread could bring to get it all painted. There has been talk recently about reviving this, I’d be more than happy to keep track of everything for a new season, I don’t know how MWG staff would like it, if they would frown on it because I’m not a moderator or anything, but I work a night turn job with access to a computer 5 nights a week, and I have some spare time here I could use to organize it.

The only thing I would want to change is instead of painting a percentage of the Points Value, I’d like to paint a percentage of the total models, with Walkers, Bikes, etc counting as 5 models, and Tanks counting as 10 models.

The Joker card idea is fantastic, that way you have 2 months of slacking, because we do all need it.

This would be an example, using the Army I just ordered


Counting walkers as 5 models, and Tanks as 10 models I have 103 models I have to paint, so my goal would be 10 models / month since 10 doesn’t divide equally into 103 I would have 3 models left over to complete. The excess could be added to any month you are ahead, or during one of your Joker card months.

I guess if we can get 5 serious people interested, PM me, and I’ll start a thread, if we can get people interested we’ll try to start some time in April, If you PM me I’ll keep you posted as to how many people we have and when we’ll start.

If people get interested after we start we could always start a new one every couple months or so. As I said before I don’t mind doing the work if people are interested.

Lemme know

Also…if any MWG staff thinks this is a bad idea, just let me know, I don’t want to over step my bounds..or offend anyone, just thought I’d chime in to help out, since most people on this site have been helpful to me.

Thanks, Ken

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Re: The Tale of Army Painters 2009-2010 Season Signup Thread!

Post by LuckGod » Mon Apr 05, 2010 5:54 pm

I would be up for that, I started my army with the aim that it would be fully painted and this could help me out too.
I dont plan on buying anymore for now so will just paint what I have. (Being orks I have a lot to paint...)
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Re: The Tale of Army Painters 2009-2010 Season Signup Thread!

Post by Tarkand » Wed Apr 21, 2010 11:44 am

I would love for this to get started again. I just got into the hobby and I'm loving the painting aspect of things :)

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Re: The Tale of Army Painters 2009-2010 Season Signup Thread!

Post by theninjanid » Wed Dec 08, 2010 3:19 pm

i know this is sorta late but id do a 2010 to 2011 one as im getting nids for christmas so if it was revived somehow that would be awesome. :twisted:
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