Zipding's Army Painting Challenge

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Zipding's Army Painting Challenge

Post by Zipding » Fri May 30, 2014 2:52 pm

Greetings all!

I've got several armies that require paint, some more than others. My goal is to finish as many as possible before I go back to university at the end of August. Some of them are near completion, some are about halfway, most aren't even primed.

The full list of stuff that needs painting with progress:

1 Deff Dread - mostly primed, some painting done on metals and teef
1 Trukk - crew painted, some basecoats done on frame
1-4 Meganobz, depending on conversion - 1 finished converted, basecoat on skin
5 3rd ed Bikes without riders - all primed, some basecoating done
7 AoBR Deffkoptas - riders done on all, basecoats done on 3

Vampire Counts:
20 Skeletons with spears - unprimed
20 Crypt Ghouls - unprimed
4 Black Knights/Hexwraiths - primed, and test models done
1 Corpse Cart - some basecoating done on frame
10 Grave Guard - primed

1 Warlord - primed
1 Warlock Engineer - primed
40 Clanrats - unprimed
2 Weapons Teams - unprimed
2 Rat Ogres with Pack Leader - primed

12 Fire Warriors - basecoating done on armour and cloth
12 Kroot - basecoating done on skin for 3
7 Drones - Basecoating done on armour for 6
3 Stealth suits - essentially primed, little basecoating on shoulder plates
1 Devilfish - basecoating, wash and second coat on almost entire model

10 Genestealers - mostly done, 1 coat left on skin for most, 3 for carapace on all
19 Termagaunts - same as Genestealers

Space Marines:
20 Tactical Marines - Basecoating done on almost all

2 Jungle Swarms - primed
1 Skink Priest - Skin and scales almost done, nothing else

Dark Eldar:
1 Raider - basecoating and washes done on almost entirety of model and crew

High Elves (Painting for girlfriend):
1 Noble/Prince on Griffin - primed, won't touch until she's decided on her colour scheme

I'll cross them off and update as I finish models. Current projects are the Corpse Cart, and orky stuff. Tyranids will come after, once I'm no longer tired of painting white.
Lizardmen: 3200 points
Vampire Counts: 2500 points
Skaven: 2200 points

Amount painted by army:
Lizardmen: 97%
Vampire Counts: 92%
Skaven: 87%


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