Special Rules Ideas/Index (sticky?)

If you have any ideas for rules or game play that you think would make the game even better then post them here.
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Special Rules Ideas/Index (sticky?)

Post by TheJadeCross » Wed Jun 24, 2009 11:31 am

Here is the current index for special rules:

Page 1

I'll start for special rules. Anyone can post their ideas here, just be creative but keep it so that it would be a double-edged sword (in other words, make sure it's fair).

(NOTE!: "Unit" and "Squad" pretty much mean the same thing.)


Good Hunting!

DESCRIPTION: At the beginning of a Shield player's first turn, roll a d6. If the result is a 5 or 6, that player gains a -1 modifier for one opposing model when the player designates that model as a target (regardless of the units). However, if the result is 1 through 4, that player must add a +1 modifier when targeting that opposing model.

Tactical Regrouping

DESCRIPTION: If a Shield unit is within 2" of a friendly squad, that unit cannot be pinned. However, once the unit moves out of the 2", all normal rules apply.

Drive Me Closer! I Want to Hit Them with My Sword!

DESCRIPTION: If a Shield transport is within 6" of an enemy squad, that transport may charge that squad and enter close combat. However, if it does charge, it must add a +2 modifier for its "to hit" roll.

Reckless N00bz

DESCRIPTION: If a Shield unit is in cover, it gains a -1 modifier when being shot at by an enemy squad and adds a +1 modifier when shooting.

Chain of Command

DESCRIPTION: If a Shield Independent Character is on the table, all Shield units must use that Character's values for Morale, Defense, and Shooting Skill for the rest of the game (even if those values are worse). If multiple Shield Characters are on the table, choose one.


Good, yes?

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Re: Special Rules Ideas/Index (sticky?)

Post by Phatty » Sun Jul 19, 2009 7:31 pm

here are some ideas for the Marauders

Blinding Fire

Noncharacter units in squads can fire twice each turn. However the squad takes 2- cover bonus reguardless of cover they are in. They also have a moral check if they lose 2 men in squad (not regular 50%)

Tunnel Visson

An attacking Marauder squad gains a 2+ attack on a declared enemy squad. The attacking Marauder squad can not move as long as the declared squad is in their attack range and have a 1- attack for any other attacks to the nondeclared squad while the declared squad is in their range.

Mob Mentality

If a Marauder squad can see another ally squad they gain a 2" movement bonus, have a 1+ defense, and 1+ melee attack. When a Marauder squad sees another ally squad retreat or take more than 50% loses they become pinned and lose their movement, defense, and melee bonuses.


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