If you have any ideas for rules or game play that you think would make the game even better then post them here.
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Post by Fusebox45 » Wed Jun 17, 2009 12:46 am

I'm not sure how to classify this, but whatever. This is something that would be neutral in the conflict, something placed on the board beforehand and roams like a spore mine until it sees something, in which case it will shamble towards that target.

What I'm talking about here is zombies. What I'm thinking is based off something that actually exists in the Amazon (I think, it's in South America, I know that) jungle, it just only effects insects.

My idea is that amongst the many toxins and chemicals released into the atmosphere when bioplants and such were destroyed in the event, was a certain, little known fungi. When inhaled, the spore will grow inside the unlucky person who inhaled it, quickly spreading to the brain, where it literally yanks the controls away from the person, and turns them into mindless, cannabalistic zombie. The zombie will retain some things like muscle memory, and as a result some can fire guns or use close combat weapons. However they have very loose motor control, and will frequently fall over, and cannot do things such as run.

The zombie survives for two too three months before the fungi grows too large and ends up using all the nutrients the brain requires, much like a tumor. The fungi by now has penetrated the skull, (Usually through the nostrals and mouth) and begun releasing spores, bringing the cycle around again.

Fungi zombies are extremely dangerous, especially 2-6 weeks after their death, when the release their spores. Fresh bodies should be incinerated on the spot. Zombies that have been dead for an unknown amount of time should be avoided at all costs. Anyone suspected of inhaling zombie spores should be quarenteened, and inhale something to kill the fungi, (If you happen to actually possess the means to do this, you are very fortunate). Zombies are easily identified by the fungi growing out of their mouths, adn the appearence of extreme malnourishment.

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Re: ZOMBAIS!!!...Fungis?

Post by firemanmm » Wed Jun 17, 2009 11:10 am

sounds kind of like a Nurgle idea, but I like it!
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Re: ZOMBAIS!!!...Fungis?

Post by Ciaphas Cain » Thu Jun 25, 2009 12:42 pm

i think that would be good or even native things such as vicious mutant plants humans, sub-humans, zombies, wild dogs, stuff like that treat them as independent and have them do rage checks to closest target to determine what to shoot/ attack.

and i think that zombies should have not to take panic/ scared, retreat tests and they should take multiple hits or only one critical to kill.
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