hopefully some new ideas

A rigged launcher that fires scrap? A new plasma rifle? We want your weapon ideas!
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hopefully some new ideas

Post by warmachinemini » Fri Jul 31, 2009 7:24 pm

Orks! I don't play them and don't personal like them but they got the right idea when it comes to weapons. (at least when it comes to the Galagido and the Marauders)

If you think about it, even though weapons will be around, after an entire generation of lost knowledge, you would run out of ammo before you learned the secretes to gun making or even understood how they worked. The occasional rifle or big gun could still be active and ammo conserved but it would still be very limited. Which brings up the pulse weapons or energy weapons, again the lost knowledge and ammo factors are in affect causing minimal to no usage long term usage.

Before fighting other people, the first years of the Era of Survival people would have probably been well... surviving. They would be using the 'old technology' of the time before The Event in ways that would seem crazy to one who knew its real purpose. Weapons would consist of kitchen knives tied to broom handles with shoe lasses. Old fashion rabbit traps consisting of a box with a sting holding it up. There wouldn't be any specialty weapons or anything that would need to be cast or machined from metal parts. They would have to be made from scraps.These wouldn't be the type of weapons after 60 years mind you, maybe for the Galagido, but I could see people running around with parts of blown up car exteriors as armor plating (maybe even a metal garbage can lid or two). Of course you would have to spruce it up a bit to make it less grungy. Something along the lines of Rufio from the movie Hook?

This is where the Orks come into play, take a lot of shiny and probably pointy metal things and a lot of creativity and you can make a more reliable weapon then a small L shaped piece of metal i.e. pistol.

Hope this wasn't too much of ramble.
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Re: hopefully some new ideas

Post by Ariyaris » Sat Aug 01, 2009 5:06 am

To make a gun is really easy, i purely doubt people would lose all their ammo, maybe for some futuristic weapons but to make a gun you need a strong steel pipe, put some gun powder in it (that's easy to make) put a iron ball in front of gun powder in the steel pipe, lock the place where you placed gun powder so when you light it, it doesn't fire in your face.
There you go, a classic medieval gun.
It's not safe :P , it can explode in your hand maiming you or even killing you!
But it's a gun, lethal (and unfortunately short ranged unlike todays weapons)

As for many not having luxury to have such weapons, i agree, many settlements will have few or none of ranged weapons (unless you include bows or crossbows )
{WARNING: arrow fired with crossbow can pierce trough metal armor with great ease, especialy if fired from relatively close range: 1 to 20 meters )

But! gangs, marauders etc. will have such weapons and will attack to get food, water and if they're lucky ammo.
The very same pressence of a "gun" is intimidating, especialy for people who know what it is and won't try to resist the gangs/marauders while they are taking away their resources.

( SHIELD fraction in primal horizon is another thing, they have the best technology and can reproduce some of it, so i doubt they'll have issues with ammo )
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