Sonic Weaponry

A rigged launcher that fires scrap? A new plasma rifle? We want your weapon ideas!
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Sonic Weaponry

Post by Cazaius » Fri Jul 31, 2009 4:35 pm

"According to this report, every time he plays a note
Sonic waves cause whole buildings to collapse
Streets to buckle and split and vehicles to fly about like toys!!"
(Extract from I Come in Peace by Brian Carrol - popularly known as Buckethead)

I reckon the idea of sonic weapons would be sick. Also very cool, seeing as 97.271845% of wargamers listen to real music! :mrgreen:

But in all honesty, Sonic Weapons, like those used by Emperor's Children would make a tasty addition to the Primal Horizon arsenal.


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Re: Sonic Weaponry

Post by Ariyaris » Sat Aug 01, 2009 4:51 am

As for sonic waves to crash the entire building, i haven't seen any device capable of that.

But you can do this, sonic weapon that sickens or nausiates victims making them useless if they fail to resist that effect (even if they don't they should loose their abaility to aim properly or should be pinned = if you played call of duty 2 try to remember how did it look like when grenade exploded near you and didn't kill you. The sonic weapons should do something like that)

sound bends around obstacles so your units and anything in the area of the sound wave effect will be affected.
You can't make sound to go in just one direction, it spread all around the source in all directions, always.

Sonic grende could be used then without the danger of sickening/nausiating your units.
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