Grey's Graveyarders

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Grey's Graveyarders

Post by LoneHero2008 » Thu Aug 19, 2010 11:34 pm

-The Before-
Grey's Graveyarders were a small time gang in Los Angelos. They were known for hanging around graveyards and wearing white skull masks, rumors say they even practiced Necromancy. They became a threat several years before the event, growing from a minor street gang to a full blown, and armed, street militia. In the end the US Government had to get involved, full blown battles erupted in Los Angelos, the place became a small Warzone. Grey's Graveyarders were defeated, most were sent to a man-made prison island especially designed for them. Grey, the long time leader of the Graveyarders, was put to death.

-The Now-
Grey's Graveyarders have returned, a mixed army of humans and undead, supported by necro-machines, vehicles and robots made from scrap metal and controlled by the spirits of the dead who are forcefully sealed inside and emit an eerie green glow. Rumors say that Grey had cheated death and survived to lead his army of undead, flesh and machine against all those who now live on New Earth. Whoever is leading the Graveyarders, it is certain that they wish to turn the world into an ideal world of Undeath. Their human soldiers are fanatic, almost religious, acolytes who try to spread the word of Grey, and the 'holy' glory of undeath.

NOTE: I'm someone who works best on fluff, not that good with the whole rules/stats portions of an army. I do have some ideas for some units, though they will be from a fluff standpoint and wont have stats. If anyone is willing to aid me in the stats department, I will be very glad.

-Soldiers (Fluff)-

Acolytes: Acolytes are the basic foot soldiers of the Graveyarders. Armed with crude weapons ranging from bows and crossbows to swords and daggers made from the bones of their victims.

Acolytes Honored: Some Acolytes are chosen to be honored, a squad of four honored is almost always expected to be present with a Graveyarders strike force. Their bodies are covered in mostly exploded canisters filled with a plague of sorts. When an honored explodes, any of those who are killed in the blast are infected with the green bile that erupts from the canisters, causing them to return as mindless, and incredibly slow, zombies.

Acolytes Chosen: The leaders of squads of Acolytes. A Chosen is an acolyte who is close to becoming an undead himself, his body is plagued with almost every disease that man kind has ever faced. Chosen can choose to use one disease, forming an aura around itself that can cause horrible plagues on any unfortunate soul that gets to close to them.

Acolytes Hunters: Hunters are lone members of the Graveyarders. They are assassins and expert marksmen, shrouded in cloaks made from human flesh to hide their odor and using specially designed sniper guns that can fire either normal rounds or armored piercing rounds. A Hunter is never with the rest of the group and prefers to remain as far from the action as possible. Each hunter is armed with a combat knife made from human bone to use when in close quarter combat.

Zombies: Slow, mindless, slaves of the Graveyarders. The Zombies can take a lot of damage but are unable to dish out much, as they are unarmed and only able to attack those they can claw at.

Skeletons: Faster than Zombies, but not as tough, the Skeletons are armed with a variety of weapons ranging from long swords to shotguns or pistols. Skeletons prove to be the main force of the Graveyarders, while the Acolytes seem to be the scouts for the undead army.

Necromancer: Necromancers are humans that lead squads of Zombies and Skeletons and are capable of healing their undead allies. A Necromancer have no combat training and as such they are always behind the lines of their Skeleton and Zombie servants.

Necro-Arachnoid: Spider like Necro-Machines that are twice the size of a single man, the Necro-Arachnoids are a rarity in battle and are armed with bladed front talons and undead bile that can be fired from the cannons mounted on its back. Anything killed by the cannons' bile are turned into zombies.

Necro-Wartron: Skeleton like robotic soldiers armed with a long bladed claw on one hands and a gatling gun or bile spitter on the other. No more than three of these are ever spotted with the same group of Graveyarders.

Necro-Walker: Necro-Machines that resemble mecha from the early 21st century video games about the same size of the Arachnoids. Armed with an array of weaponry options from bile cannons to harpoon guns, it is a good thing that Necro-Walkers can only be armed with two weapons at any give one time.

Necron-Biker: Small motorcycles that were turned into Necro-Machines, armed with bladed wheels and a small front mounted machine gun. It seems to lack any form of bile weaponry, unlike the other Necro-Machines. The Necro-Biker can be mounted by a Necromancer, forming the Biker-Deathlord, capable of both combat as well as healing undead allies.

Avatar of Grey: A mix of undead flesh and Necro-Machine robotics, the Avatars are cunning leaders and warriors who lead whole strike forces of Graveyarders. Armed with swords capable of cutting through armor and flesh, as well as a deadly bile gun, they prove to be high targets on the field. However, most Avatars manage to vanish in strange green fog before they can be truly killed, leaving no body behind to be examined by enemy forces.

Grey the Lord of Undeath: Grey, or maybe someone pretending to be him, has been spotted in various locations under Graveyarder rule. A man of true undeath, his arms made using Necro-Machin robotics, ending in massive claws. His favored weapon is his shoulder mounted Bile Cannon. Forces with Grey seem to be the smallest of the army, usually only having ten to twelve other soldiers. However, due to Grey being present, the forces seem to be the most dangerous. Avatars of Grey seem to be unable to become members of a force with Grey in it.

-Dead Tech-

Bone Weapons: The most basic of Graveyarder Weaponry, these are maces, swords and daggers made from human bones and enchanted to prevent them from ever breaking. The most common Bone Weapon is the combat dagger that all human members, other than the Necromancers, seem to carry.

Gang Gunnery: Basic guns, such as shotguns, rifles and pistols, made from scrap metal. These weapons are basic and seem to be used by most of the higher ranking Acolytes. The strongest of the Gang Gunnery is the Sniper Rifle the Hunters are armed with, it is also the only Gang Gunnery weapon capable of firing two different kinds of ammo.

Bile Weaponry: The most common of these are the explosives the Honored use. The Graveyarders' Bile Weaponry eats through flesh, should someone be unlucky enough to be killed by a Bile Weapon, they find themselves being brought back to life as undead Zombies, completely under the control of the Graveyarders.

Necro-Machine Blades: Most commonly seen on the Necro-Bikers, or on the hands of the Necro-Wartrons, these Blades are made from pieces of scrap metal but prove to be extremely sharp. The most dangerous of these are the ones found on Necro-Arachnoids and wielded by the Avatars of Grey.

Necro-Armor: Almost all members of the Graveyarders have little more than their clothes as armor, however the metal used on Necro-Machines proves to be highly durable and enchanted to keep the Spirits of the Undead inside the Necro-Machines. As more holes form on the armor, the more Spirits escape. The result is the slowing down of the Necro-Machines.

Necro-Machine Reliability: The biggest downside to Necro-Machines is not only the fact that they explode when destroyed, damaging everyone around it, be them friend or foe, but also the fact that the more damage it receives, the bigger chance it has of exploding prematurely. However, due to their worship of death and undeath, most Graveyarders members don't mind being so close to an exploding Necro-Machine.

That's all I have so far, I'd love to get some feedback.

Basic Idea Behind the Graveyarders:
A army that will be outnumbered most of the time. The Bile Weapons are just for fun and are not meant to be a cheap way of winning, it's suppose to be really hard to kill an enemy with them. The Necro-Machines will be more costly than normal units and will cause the Graveyarders to be even more outnumbered. Bile weapons will also be expensive due to their power. It's really just suppose to be one of those armies that unless you play it you're gonna hate it. :)
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