The council

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The council

Post by lordbob » Wed Sep 16, 2009 6:23 pm

The primal horizon seems to have given my creative juices a rebooting.

After the event occurred, the world was plunged into darkness, but in the same way that in the dark, barren crater of an exploded bomb, flowers can begin to bloom, so did the council find it's way back to the surface; however, sometimes that flower can become poisonous.

Not all technology was lost to mankind after the event, some it remains, carefully intact and ready to be used. In the final days before the event brought its destruction, the world was already experiencing worsening disasters; in an effort to preserve the civilization they knew the top minds of the age, as well all those deemed fit to survive the coming cataclysm were evacuated down into an underground city christened "New Babylon", and with them went all the technology and knowledge that they could save was stored down in their secret city. There they waited, and waited, and waited.

The road to hell, they say, is paved with good intentions, and so it was, full of bright aspirations to help rebirth civilization the New Babylonians found themselves waiting longer than they had anticipated, forced to wait many more years after the fallout and aftereffects of the event until they could venture out into the world to help the remnants of mankind. The scientists of New Babylon restarted existing cloning research in an effort to preserve the inhabitants until such time as they could leave, but their human minds continued as their bodies were renewed and the human mind was not born to be able to accept immortality.
As each new generation of clones died and were reborn the denizens found themselves forgetting their noble intentions and aspirations, they forgot of the outside world and focused only on themselves.

Until one day, many, many years later, the new Babylonians now calling themselves, the Council, found an exit, to something outside of their world, another world; a barren world filled with alien creatures far from their own perfection. It had to be cleansed and remade, so the council retreated back and began preparations, emerging once their warmongering was completed.


Donning thick, heavy robes covering advanced protective suits, wearing large gas marks that shield them from the outside world, along with backpacks containing air tanks and war supplies, holstering advanced weapons unseen for ages, the council soldiers venture out into the world in small parties with the sole aim of exterminating and destroying the rest of civilization.

The council squads are small but have significantly advanced technology compared to that of current armies in primal horizon, each squad only has up to three men in a squad and only a few squads in any skirmish; living in an already small populace there are few that can be sent out to fight, despite their ability to simply clone more, it is a lengthy process, so they are careful with their troops.
However, these few men are capable of taking on enemy troops that outnumber them, with stone melting heat lances, nerve disruptors and automated weaponry; these squads are able to control where troops can and cannot move or even forcing them to move.

Despite their technology aiding them in offense and defense in long range the council lack close close combat skills and weaponry. They are also xenophobes and agoraphobic, making their morale in close combat easily shattered and making them unwilling to move directly across wide open areas, even to a better location.

Council Weapons
Heat lances are long range beam weapons that can be used to penetrate cover in order to hunt down enemy troops and can be used to sweep across any areas that the soldiers feel their enemies are about to move across. Although the more powerful forms of these weapons are rare and cumbersome.

Nerve disruptors come in two varieties, sonic emitters attack the aural nerves, causing the enemy to move around in their cover, exposing themselves to fire. Toxin injectors are the second type, these are medium range weapons that cause paralysis in troops, either causing to slow in their movement as their nerves deaden or stop completely in their progress, placing them at the mercy of the council soldiers.

The council's automated weaponry are static sentry guns that can be placed down and left to their own devices, where they will then fire upon any enemy troops that come within sight and range, however the guns cannot benefit from cover if they can see the troops they are firing at. These guns are left in place until they are destroyed or picked up again by the council soldiers.
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