The new inquisitors

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The new inquisitors

Post by okokok » Sat Jul 25, 2009 10:38 am

heres my faction idea

The new inquisitors were strong men who thought of the small new factions growing as chances of restarting considering they were founded before the event they originaly killed corrupt leaders they were on a privately owned oil rig in the pacific ocean when it happened and came back with all of their technology (some not even known about) they knew that corruption would return so they recruited every person their caravan saw and trained themwhen they were ready they rebuilt a base and were ready to slay the evil that had returned

they all have a speacial armor similar to master cheif cpmbined with a tau suit
they operate in squads of five that are a close bond and all have diffrent spiecalties
some of their speacil technology is stuff like jet packs and mega suits similar to dreadnoughts but can be exited and entered at willthey would also have jeeps with speacilized weapons that fit a squad

squad speacilizations are
heavy gunner
(the boxes would options for all speacialties)

their leader is inquisitor king forest bulwark
a heavy weapons expert who founded the inquisitors with the 3 million dollars of his inheritence

other notapble people are doctor kitty
the worlds most succsessful female surgeon
sir leonardo lord of the armory
the defender of the inquisitor armory who assigns new weapons to soldiers

thanks for reading
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