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Re: Faction Emporium

Post by Doghouse » Wed Jun 03, 2009 4:12 pm

This game sounds quite interesting so I'll bite.

Faction Name:Chosen Sons

Faction Species:Human

Faction Pros:Armoured, organised military structure, wide use of ranged weaponary.

Faction Cons::Heavily reliant on Chosen elite armoured units and characters, whilst armoured units excell at at combat larger militia support units are prone to running away.

Faction Bio:: The Chosen Sons owe their origins to a milita group called the Sons of Freedom. After the event the Sons of Freedom were in an ideal position to exploit their vast stockpiles of supplies, weapons and munitions that had been accumilated for several decades in the belief that the world would be torn assunder by nuclear holocaust.
Due to the influence of more radical members of the group a top tier organisation emerged that believed they were chosen to emerge as the dominant faction in the wake of the event.
The Chosen Sons are completely intolerant of all other factions believing they are the true heirs of the new world. Their goals are accumilation of territories, supplies and untainted human gene-stock. As true heirs they view all outsiders with hostility and although not driven by religious ideals they are often viewed as dangerous zealots by other factions.

I'll try and sculpt some concept minis at some point.

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Re: Faction Emporium

Post by Damn Lucky » Wed Jun 03, 2009 7:15 pm

Compiled my Sky pirate concept into the proper format. This is the topic I made for them. @______@
http://www.miniwargaming.com/forum/view ... &sk=t&sd=a

Faction Name: The Umbral Fleet
Faction Species: Human
Faction Pros: Specialization (Able to make a unit REALY GOOD at a single task.) VERY high movement. Devestationing weapons when there used correctly. Different "dirty tricks". (Think 40k Eldar.)
Faction Cons: Specialization (You can't make "Jake of all trades" units.) Elite army and Low/No Armour, this means if you can catch a unit out of it's element it dies fast.
Faction Bio:There enemies would believe that they are demons sent to finish off humanity. There cruelty know no bounds, and they hold no remorse for killing there fellow man. There ships emerging from dark clouds of smoke they descend on settlements to pillage and plunder. With systems full of stem drugs and harrash training since childhood they move with a inhuman grace and speed. Moving from cover to cover firing with terrifying accuracy. From child hood each is trained to fight with undieing loyalty to the shogun of there fleet.

After they take what they want, the leave as fast as they came. Returning to there airships, and returning to the dark clouds of smoke that they came from.

The Umbral Fleet's tecnology is cobbled together from many sources. Do to the speed at witch they travel from settlement to settlement they have been able to admass a HUGE collection of technologies originating from many of the diffrent nation states the existed before the Event.

They have even been able to recover detailed information on arms manufacturing. From this Information they have been able to craft the Monocular Katana. A Blade Sharpened to the finest point, it is able to cleave easily threw all but the thickest of Armour and bulk heads.

Survivors claim these devilish swords have been used to cleave threw solid steel doors, and even cut fully armored Shield Troopers in half with a single elegant cut.

The Fleet is nomadic and has no home. They are allied to a settlement based on a remote archipelago. The main industry of these archipelago is agriculture and the production of ethanol. Here the Umbral refuel and resupply. In return the framers on this archipelago enjoy the great wealth that Umbral bring back to the ports.

It could be be compared to the "pirate ports" of old in the Caribbean. Both benefited from the other and it was a mutual benefit to all parties. The Umbral steel the best equipment and kidnap the best engineers for this settlement. Thanks to the Umbral, they have ensured this settlement is probably the most successful of all the micro civilizations. They even enjoy as advanced tecnologies as Solar Powered Water Purification plants for example. This "town" have became so successful it could be considered a small citiy. Doing this in turn ensures the Umbral can always enjoy a stable and secure fuel supply.

The Towns folk hold a deep respect and thanks to the Umbral, Who in return always shows respect to the town. But the towns folk often finds them self unnerved by the untalkative Umbral. The Umbral come, load off there "gifts" to the town, take there supplies, and then leave again. The town knows there safe because there useful to the umbral. Hopefully the day will never come when they are no longer useful.

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Re: Faction Emporium

Post by DasWarNerd » Wed Jun 03, 2009 8:22 pm

Faction Name:The Grits
Faction Species:Humans and mutant animals
Faction Pros:numbers, survival (never stop trying to kill), 'domestic' animals.
Faction Cons:Quality lacks in individuals, survival (when the going gets tough, run), Animals are not always so 'domestic'
Faction Bio: Formed from a band of hunter gatherers sick of bandit attacks, The Grits do not cling to the dead old world, and strive to make a living in the one there in now. The name 'Grit' means nothing other than its members stay together and call themselves the same things, so colors may vary, and insignias may stray from the original.

Though the Grits are hunter gatherers, they are no strangers to battle, some actually seeking it. When a battle of any sort arises, all of the Grits of that 'family', and in more heated times all in the surrounding areas, are gathered and prepared for battle. Armor is anything hard that can be worn, and weapons are usually hunting tools or weapons from enemies fallen. Tactics are almost always the same used by the ancient mammoth hunters, hide, then strike with brutal force. When more Grits are present, more blunt, strait forward tactics are used.

One of the greatest assets of the Grit faction is there small number of mutant animals they have managed to 'domesticate' for survival purposes. When the need arises, they will fight with there masters, as long as they have proper encouragement.
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Re: Faction Emporium

Post by Orkey Shoota Boy » Sun Jun 07, 2009 3:17 am

Faction Name: The Misplaced
Faction Species: Human
Faction Pros: Great shooting, good ranged weapons, good tactics and moderately good armour
Faction Cons: Low numbers, low morale, horrible in close combat.
Faction Bio: The Misplaced are former members of the Canadian Army who were away from their homeland at the time of The Event on military operations, and subsequently survived The Event, only to learn that their homeland had been destroyed by cataclysmic volcanic eruptions. Having no homeland to return to, The Misplaced search the planet for likewise lost Canadians and seek to rebuild Canada somewhere in Old Europe.
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Re: Faction Emporium

Post by necronsplayer » Sun Jun 07, 2009 3:31 am

faction name: Xenthuul
faction species: Xenthuul
faction pros: heavy armor, terrific close combat, fast in pure form, good dentists too ;)
faction cons: hardly any ranged attacks, slow in possession form
faction bio: They are kinda like liquid ghosts. They can posses disembodied limbs and pieces of metal. ... :)

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Re: Faction Emporium

Post by XOrkyBoyX » Tue Jun 09, 2009 9:27 pm

Faction Name: The old ones

Faction Species: Humans

Faction Pros: Magic users

Faction Cons: Not many units are good at close combat

Faction Bio: They find the art of magic and necromancy more useful and use that instead of new age technology.

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Re: Faction Emporium

Post by zuzu » Wed Jun 10, 2009 1:54 am

Faction Name: Huntsmen

Faction Species: Human

Faction Pros: use of large animals, sharp shooters

Faction Cons: low armour or none

Faction Bio:
Huntsmen are the wilderness men who didn't care much for politics, they weren't as tribal as the galagido and they didn't have the same thrill and want the pillage as marauders. they want to have simple rules and try to live to better days than what their fathers suffered in the days after The Event.
Huntsmen have small settlements in high mountains or murky swamps hidden from roaming gangs of marauders and galagido, far off from most shield settlements. they primarily hunt for what ever animals are left, for food, and if they come by a true beast or monstrousity that changed by the warping storms, they try to capture and possibly use it as a sort of guard dog. their men don't have much better than their hunting rifles or the occansional hunting rifle, but have practiced aim, for they hunt to kill and get food. their armour is not much more than clothing, a jacket if its cold and pants to keep plants from scraching their legs.
what Huntsmen lack in firepower or armour they make up for with their animals. they use wolfs, bears, lions, wolverines, warthogs... or elephants, ostriches, rhinos, komodo dragons, gorillas... almost any animal semi-tameble or perhaps disfigured/mutated from the biostorms live with the Huntsmen as their aids for survival, and allies in battle.
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Re: Faction Emporium

Post by 14ascheck » Sat Jun 13, 2009 5:01 pm

Faction Name: Karoth [More of a Placeholder than anything...]

Faction Species: Reptilian Water Mutants :mrgreen:

Faction Pros: Good close combat attacks and high morale (being relentless mutants....)

Faction Cons: Low armor (vulnerable because of they're out of water,) and inaccurate ranged weapons.

Faction Bio: Before the disasters that wrecked the human race, the humans were working on an underwater race which they could use as marines :shock:. But when the disasters occured, these reptilian experiments turned into hybrids and went wild. Now, they ravage human lands from their underwater fortresses, destroying all they find, only to vanish when the soldiers arrive. They have many large, powerful beasts that supplement their ranks of killers. Die, humans... :x. They also have many ranged weapons, but the human base was smothered in a tidal wave, so they don't have very good ones. Many are inaccurate and based on the principle that the more you shoot, the more you hit... they do, however, have a superb array of claws, sharp implements, etc., to kill off the enemy in close combat. Along with this, their massive beasts, quadrupeds with huge webbed claws, rampage through the ranks of the enemy.

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Re: Faction Emporium

Post by 14ascheck » Sat Jun 13, 2009 5:24 pm

Of course, they'd have to be messed with, but I was making a fantasy game with these guys, (more or less; obviously they aren't mutants...) and they worked out, but they might not fit here.
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Re: Faction Emporium

Post by 14ascheck » Thu Jun 18, 2009 4:45 pm

Faction Name: M.D.A.O. (Military Data Assimilating Organization)

Faction Species: Humans

Faction Pros: Incredibly stealthy, (seeks cover, etc.,) high armor, very accurate.

Faction Cons: Since these are extremely elite, they come in very small numbers, making it easy to swamp them. They also have few heavy weapons, as they were more of a spy ring than anything else.

Faction Bio: The futuristic Cold War (see Matt's fluff,) that occurred before the Event soon developed to a point where the C.I.A. and other intelligence agencies, long since disbanded, had to be rebuilt. Soon, each country had an M.B.A.O. to collect information on their enemys' latest technology. These spies developed into such an elite force that they eventually became more of a paramilitary operation. Regardless, they were equipped with the latest in stealth technology and given incredible weapons. Now, many have survived, since their headquarters were made to survive all forms of attack. Thus, the Event has damaged many and destroyed a few, but in general, the M.B.O.A.'s remain quite active. And this brings me to the ultimate problem. Like the Shield, the M.B.O.A. has no more rulers to serve. It must somehow find a new goal or purpose. For some M.B.O.A.'s it is simply survival. Others seek to aid their former nations as best they can. Yet others want to take over themselves. Regardless of their goals, these incredibly elite fighters are not to be trifled with. While they lack heavy military equipment or great numbers, they are always in the shadows. Watching.
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Re: Faction Emporium

Post by DracoAvian » Thu Jun 18, 2009 5:18 pm

Don't forget shooting. :P
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Re: Faction Emporium

Post by Asrodrig » Thu Jun 18, 2009 5:23 pm

Faction Name: Terra Core Miners
Faction Species: Modified Humans
Faction Pros: Very Strong, Very good Close Combat skills
Faction Cons: Very Slow, very few ranged attacks
Faction Bio: Click

Faction Name: The Ornitheos
Faction Species: Sentient Birds
Faction Pros: Extremely high movement and morale
Faction Cons: No ranged weapons due to lack of hands, fragile single units
Faction Bio: Click

Faction Name: Governance of Primatos
Faction Species: Non-human Primates
Faction Pros: Strong and smart when working together
Faction Cons: Weak single units, Salvaged equipment
Faction Bio: Click

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Post by Puppettamer » Thu Jun 18, 2009 6:44 pm

Faction Name: Earth Children
Faction Species: Human
Faction Pros: Hit and Run Manuvers, Lots of explosives, Propraganda, Traps
Faction Cons: Weak shooting, weak close combat, weak armor
Faction Bio: Fanatics that fight for the earth and are fearless cause they belive that in death they will be renewed back into the earth. They get this from the event what cause the destruction of the human race for the most part. This was a sign from there god..the earth that humans have to go in order to save the planet. No permante homes are built as they always are on the road trying to find more people to terminate, they do recruit if the people they come across are worthy.

Weapons they use are traps and explosives together to eliminate enemys they use trip wire, grenades, potato mashers, dynamite, claymores, land mines, smoke grenades, flash grenades and many more explosives. A major weapon on top of that is there proproganda, they have great vocal scholars that will memorize the enemy with the power of the voice. They can make people scare off, run, make a teammate shoot into the squad, and at times even make men shoot themselves. Libarators as there know cause they are belived to libarate people from themselves and turn them to the earth also have benifits for there own men on the battle field.

special rule...when in close combat and choose to retreat and shoot the enemys that they are in contact with cannot attack them. They automaticly slip out of combat and fire cause there specialty at hit and run tactics. These runs may include one of the Earth Children dropping a frag or smoke grenade for protection. This would make them annoying to get into close combat fights with, what is what I wanted.

Possible Kamakazi unit with chest bombs what goes off when they get into close combat. Also carbombs what are planted on vehicals laying around the battlefield, very east terroist feel as thats how I kind of picture them out gunned and out matched but will not give up and will do whatever they need cause rules of war do not apply to them.

They will not use vehicals because they harm the earth in the long run but with so many explosives and traps at there hands they can more then deal with vehicals in combat.

while they are not generally the warrior types but they are brave this will be included in there playing style as they have the hail of fire ability. This would allow them to make there run through no cover to try get to the closest cover, when out of range and they are stuck in the open it kicks in, the enemy takes there shots at the unit as normal but instead of being suprsed or stuck to run they run forward to the nearest cover up to six inches right after they take the hits from the enemy to represnt there fearless tactics and undying will to rid the earth of its destroyers.

they look like a rag tag force models look like hippies and indians with with long hair and alot with beards. I hope you get what im trying to say here mixture of future hippies and activist with there googles and bandanas you see at riots and indians. This gives you alot of varity and flexibility for models hopefully with that thought.

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Re: Faction Emporium

Post by 14ascheck » Fri Jun 19, 2009 10:30 am

Faction Name: The Mole People/ Homines Subterrae (The People of the Underground ) [Very much placeholders.]

Faction Species: Probably were humans, but have now become large, furry people with raging intellects.

Faction Pros: Very resilient, and they have very strong heavy weapons, not to mention that they can burst out of the ground (like Deep Striking.)

Faction Cons: They have so much high tech shooting gear they are encumbered in melee. This is just an idea, but maybe they could not only be disadvantaged by Flash Grenades but also wounded, and maybe could see right through smoke grenades, thanks to thermal sensors, etc.

Faction Bio: The mole people were humans once, who retreated deep into the Earth itself because they prophesied retribution on mankind if they continued to pollute and destroy their Earth. They also left at one of the peaks of humanity's technological advances, and soon had a massive network of cities all over Earth, just beneath the crust. Yet while their prophesy was true in one way (it almost obliterated mankind,) in another way it was horribly wrong. Whole areas of Earth fell in, crushing whole underground districts. Massive tremors which resulted in earthquakes on the surface brought the roofs of the great cities down in seconds. Floods moved into huge rifts in the Earth and soon had either completely covered cities in water or made them hellholes of incredible danger to the inhabitants. None dared remain below, and so a great migration took place. Only a few Homines Subterrae stayed. Yet when they came to the surface, they were stunned.

Before they had left, the Homines Subterrae, now called Mole People by most, had rebuilt their bodies so that they would be especially subject to evolution and adaption, so that they could survive below. Many died, but those that did not, flourished. They had children like them, who easily survived below. With fur, incredible night sight, and large (yet incredibly delicate,) digging claws, they were the consummate underground survivors. Yet their children did not have the adapted bodies of their predecessors, so the generation of Mole People on the surface is completely subject to light. Flash grenades can ruin their eyesight; a bright day can burn their flesh. And so they move in darkness, killing for what they need, working their way along ancient maps to reach the laboratories which once gave them their perfectly adapted bodies. They even kill their own kind when necessary; the species no longer matters.

Yet the Mole People are still very much a threat. With massive heavy weapons and incredibly exotic vehicles, they move along the surface. Their hands easily work the controls of these otherworldy weapons, and one of them can turn a soldier into a small pool of fluids. So the Mole People seek to take their place on the Earth once again.
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Re: Faction Emporium

Post by Kyllier » Fri Jun 19, 2009 11:00 pm

Faction Name: Order of Mekanos
Faction Species: Human
Faction Pros: Elite warriors, fantastic tech, unshakeable morale
Faction Cons: Expensive (point-wise), as a result often outnumbered
Faction Bio:
An Order of scientist-warriors bent on finding the seven sacred relics of Saint Mekanos, an engineer of the old world. These relics are said to bestow upon the one who finds it unlimited knowledge of technology, and insight to the wisdom of people in the time before the event.

A Mech-knight posesses both great strength and a powerful mind. Each one is given a suit of armour, crafted from a special metal alloy many years ago by the people of yore, and powerful energy blades with which to fight. They power their equipment with a surgically installed artificial heart that functions as a power source for the knight's armour.

Though the Mech-Knights are chivalrous and noble far beyond the standards of these dark times, they will stop at nothing to retrieve the sacred artefacts of the saint for which their order is named, and they will kill anything or anyone that gets in their way.

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