Faction Emporium

Got an idea for a cool Primal Horizon faction? Post it here!
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Faction Emporium

Post by DrBored » Tue Jun 02, 2009 2:17 am

Alright, right off the bat I noticed lots of people are coming up with faction ideas.

In my quest to become master of all Stickies of this forum, I recommend this become a sticky so that people can post their faction ideas, and we can see a faction list that the guys over there at MWG are working on, because I can't, for the life of me, find what their ideas are!

So, please copy-pasta this format~

Faction Name:
Faction Species:
Faction Pros:
Faction Cons:
Faction Bio:

And have fun!

And sorry about that. Yeah, post your faction here, even if you've posted it in another topic. Post it here so not only future players, but the guys at MWG can have an easy time looking through some potential inspiration!
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Re: Faction Emporium

Post by DooldeenBoosh » Tue Jun 02, 2009 5:54 am

Faction Name: "Guardians" "Angels" "Mooners" (actually undecided)
Faction Species: (units?) Powerfull leader(s), APCs, Heavy Infantry, Support Infantry
Faction Pros: High armour, High-tech weapons, High defence, Good ranged combat, Mission support (bombardments, smokescreens, etc.)
Faction Cons: Sloooow, EXTREMLY high priced, Below avarage in close combat, Rule similar to Necron`s retreat in case of suffering heavy casulities but instead of counting units loosing Leader will trigger it
Faction Bio: From the remaining outposts on the Moon a faction rises and raids, or saves settlements on Earth, for supplies and to unify the earth to its previous glory.

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Re: Faction Emporium

Post by Thecrazydwarf » Tue Jun 02, 2009 8:23 am

Umm, ok? Do we post our factions here?
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Re: Faction Emporium

Post by DooldeenBoosh » Tue Jun 02, 2009 8:52 am

I believe that is what he meant but yeah it took me a few seconds (minutes) to decode the post. You made a very ambigious starting statement.

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Re: Faction Emporium

Post by bobkian » Tue Jun 02, 2009 9:40 am

Faction Name: Clones
Faction Species:human clones
Faction Pros:quite numerous, ok at shooting.
Faction Cons:not heavily armoured not good at close combat.
Faction Bio: guy finds cloning machine then walks into it thinking its a teleporter hoping to go somewhere better gets cloned again and again

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Re: Faction Emporium

Post by Armageddon » Tue Jun 02, 2009 10:24 am

Faction Name: Automation
Faction Species: Droid Robot
Faction Pros: can repair transports and other robots, small and hard to hit
Faction Cons: light armor and few ranged attacks
Faction Bio:http://www.miniwargaming.com/forum/view ... 67&t=12364
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Re: Faction Emporium

Post by DrBored » Tue Jun 02, 2009 3:01 pm

DooldeenBoosh wrote:I believe that is what he meant but yeah it took me a few seconds (minutes) to decode the post. You made a very ambigious starting statement.
Sorry about that. Yeah, post your faction here, even if you've posted it in another topic. Post it here so not only future players, but the guys at MWG can have an easy time looking through some potential inspiration!

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Re: Faction Emporium

Post by DracoAvian » Tue Jun 02, 2009 6:59 pm

Faction Name: COAN - Coalition of American Nation

Faction Species: Human

Faction Pros: Excellent training and very accurate weapons. (good at ranged combat) Very fit soldiers and good, light body armor. (very mobile) Good at suppressing enemy units and flanking.

Faction Cons: Fairly expensive units. Susceptible to pinning.

Faction Bio: Formed after the collapse of NATO, they encompassed all of North America and South America. Three of the most developed countries basically ran COAN. United States, Canada, and Brazil worked on developing the other countries in the coalition in agricultural or industrial giants.

After the Event COAN's power was toppled. A few of the surviving officials were gathered in the US heartland during the event. It was deemed as the most suitable location because of climate and the proximity of the Rocky Mountains. The surviving COAN leadership plans to rebuild it to its former power by any means necessary.

COAN's soldiers fight war like it was fought a century ago. They fight from cover. They achieve fire superiority. They prefer to suppress or pin the enemy and then to flank them where their cover is weak. They aren't big on heroics. Heroics gets people killed. Their officers are good leaders, but not necessarily the best of their fighters.
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Re: Faction Emporium

Post by Jombo » Tue Jun 02, 2009 7:12 pm

Eh, I thought it was sticky worthy.

Faction Name: Crusaders (Just a place holder, although I guess it could be used)

Faction Species: Humans (duuuuuhh, that's what most of the game is supposed to be)

Faction Pros: High-ish armored elite fighters, supported by hordes of common people, great morale

Faction Cons: Common people have bad stats, elites are costly

Faction Bio: I could see them being a faction of religious peeps ( :lol: ), like priests, very dedicated followers, etc. that were on a crusade. They believe that the Event was a sign from God, Yahweh, the Great Force, etc. that the world was now theirs. They believe that The Event was God's sign that the world was going to change hands. They believe that it was the sign that they should begin to "purge" the world of all "heretics" and take over the world for God. They believe that they are supposed to be "delivering" the world to God's hand so that he can implant a New World Order.
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Re: Faction Emporium

Post by Infardi » Tue Jun 02, 2009 8:37 pm

Faction Name: Jeneva convention? Or more seriously "Terran Saviours".
Faction Species: Human.
Faction Pros: Strong Earth linked weaponry, earth shifters, and high understanding of healing.
Faction Cons: Forsakes using weaponry which harms earth (flamers etc.)

Faction Bio: A bunch of fanatical followers who saw The Event as a sign from earth that it was a sentient being and will not allow itself to be destroyed slowly by something like the human kind, they following strongly in the belief that the earth is sacred to them and therefore should be worshipped, they will not interfere with anything that the earth is part of unless they deem it necessery by their highly religious anarchy system.

They see other humans as desecrators of earth and fearful of The Event they move to stop any other humans from harming it. Therefore all weaponry such as flamers and heat based weaponry which scorches the ground are not to be used.

Using old technology they recreated a ground pounder technology which uses waves to create miniature ground quakes, unable to create weaponry for themselves without taking it from the earth they are highly scavenging people who hunt for weapons that they can bring the "Blossoming" of the earth.
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Re: Faction Emporium

Post by DarkHound » Tue Jun 02, 2009 9:23 pm

Yeah, this is definatly sticky worthy.

Faction Name: Lurkers
Faction Species: Mutated Cuttlefish
Faction Pros: Stealthy, fast, great at close quarters
Faction Cons: No armor, little ranged weapons
Faction Bio: Cuttlefish. The name is deceiving. Cuttlefish can blend faster than chameleons, have the most advanced sight of any animal we know of, are the most inteligent invertebrate, are extremely toxic and have no bones to speak of, allowing them to squish there bodies into tight spaces. Now, what if they grew to human size and developed a language? You can rarely see them coming, but they will always see you. If they catch you with their tentacles, you'll get poisoned and die. They can squize through baracades, and cling to corners.

Now, the Lurkers realise the opportunity Nature has presented them. If they can scourge all opposition from the planet, they can take it and suceed where the humans failed. They have little need of technology, seeing themselves as the ultimate beings, and as such will underestimate the firearms and vehicles. The Lurkers also quickly developed a hierarchy where those who can't take advantage of others and rise to the top of the pile are seen as less than even humans. These weaklings are slaves to the Lurker Lords who perform more successful raids, filling out the ground troops. As they lose status, the stress of slavery imbalances their chemicals, causing their poison and camoflauge to weaken. The leaders, however, reach the peak of their natural power, their abilities to camoflauge so advanced they are even able to squize into the shape objects, and the most powerful Lords can even impersinate humans.

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Re: Faction Emporium

Post by Spacemarine23 » Tue Jun 02, 2009 9:45 pm

Faction Name: Mutants

Faction Species: Mutant animals

Faction Pros: Lightning fast, strongest a close combat then any other race

Faction Cons:No armor, -1 from cover because of not smart enough, no ranged, semi low moral

Faction Bio: Mutant animals that have been mutated by the chemical storms. Side effects: likes flesh. When bitten you become on of them (a.k.a mutant Half lion half human mutant
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Re: Faction Emporium

Post by blackvaultz » Tue Jun 02, 2009 9:55 pm

i still think this sounds cool

Faction Name: etherals just a placeholder dont have a name yet
Faction Species:living energy
Faction Pros:bio storm like weapons that can do lots of damage
Faction Cons:weapons have a chance to damage them and they have light armor excluding their leader who has better armor
Faction Bio: none yet

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Re: Faction Emporium

Post by Boon » Tue Jun 02, 2009 10:16 pm

DrBored wrote: So, please copy-pasta this format~
mmm, pasta... :wink:

Faction Name: Valkyries
Faction Species: human/avian hybrid
Faction Pros: Short term flight, enhanced occular senses, weather reading. Fast attack style combat: swoop, strike, retreat.
Faction Cons: easily frightened and distracted ( high leadership save), lightweight: meaning easily wounded, and once wounded almost no hope of survival... :shock:
Faction Bio: an avian enthusiast developed a gene sequence at the time of the event which when incorporated with Human DNa in specific sequences would produce a series of traits in the subject human leading to an avian hybrid. Testing began in a shielded bunker and he successfully bred seven generations of his 'valkyrie' before the facility finally fell to the ravages of the event. his seventh generation carried a coded sequence in their DNA that, when unlocked through breeding would introduce aspects and trait into the programming over the following generations ultimately leading to a true hybrid. at the time of PH's setting countless generations have come and gone, all bearing the myriad traits and genbes, dominant and regressive of the avian kind. Nature, as it does has made it's mark on the Valkyries, mutations, adaptations and minor extinctions have bred a hardened intelligent and resolute beast that flocks in groups from a familial number to massive swarms that migrate across the landmasses hunting to survive and propogate. established human colonies see them as a pest to be exterminated, others as fellow sentients, others still as freakish mutatnts to be purged for the purity of the world. in fact they are but creatures at the will of nature and their own hidden and conflicted instincts.
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Re: Faction Emporium

Post by coldbomber » Wed Jun 03, 2009 9:37 am

i have a few so here they are

Faction Name:I.D.F (Imperial Defense force)
Faction Species:human/machine
Faction Pros:human have medium armor and excellent range and have / machines have heavy armor and good range and can fly on to buildings
Faction Cons:humans have bad close/ machines cant clime buildings only when stares are there, they can not do close combat to.
Faction Bio:the I.D.F are the last imperial forces on the planet they live in where wants was the U.S.A now they fight the dark legion which wants to destroy I.D.F
There leader William forerunner

Faction Name:dark legion
Faction Species:human (corrupted kinda like chaos) :twisted:
Faction Pros:heavy armor and are shot ranged excellent close combat
Faction Cons:they are quite slow for there armor and weapons
Faction Bio:the Dark legion is the opposite of the I.D.F they want to destroy the I.D.F there leader is Kane.
Faction Name:Zombies :mrgreen:
Faction Species:dead human
Faction Pros:they get twice as many units then the enemy they get instant kills and where the unit dies three turns later it turns into a zombie, fast too.
Faction Cons:they die instantly, can not clime walls except for lades, and can't not move over barracks, if enemy unit has heavy armor i will not die instantly it will take a few hits to kill the unit
Faction Bio:the zombie started after a lighting storm struck a nuclear wast plant and electrocuted a man the man fell in to a vat of toxic was and from there on turned in to a zombie this man is now the zombie king his name is Bryan dead skin.

Faction Name:z.d.f (zombie defense force)
Faction Species:human
Faction Pros:heavy armor long ranged bad close combat, when killed by zombie unit will not turn in to a zombie three turns later(depends on the zombies class)
Faction Cons:slow movers and there weapons are not rapid fire slow fire.
Faction Bio: the z.d.f there job is to stop the zombie menace and with the lack of nuclear missiles they must stop the zombies bye forcing them to stay in the city of gray stone. the leader there is Sargent Marcus Danell :| :arrow: :mrgreen:
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