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Post by STROMLECK » Fri May 29, 2009 1:39 pm

After I’ve read your Primal Horizon’s first rules, I saw that you were using a lot of the GW’s rules. This is why I think there are some awkwardness in the 40k game that can be avoided in this new game to make it more fluid, i.e more realistic.

There are three main inconveniences here in my opinion.

First of all the AV/AP system.
In the Warhammer world units are REALLY tough : to be shot down they need the ennemy to manage to choot, then to wound and then the units can make their saving throws. It is really hard to kill guys, and even worse in close combat ! That’s why we often see a tank failing to kill some not-so-tough dudes.

That’s why I’d rather play without AV and AP and only keep the defense that would include AV. Indeed, when a shell passes through an armour the damages are often beyond help.

I also noticed that you kept the “player’s turn”. I must say we gave up this scheme to adopt the LOTR one; that is to say one moves the other moves, one shoots the other shoots, one charges, the other charges, etc.
Why? Because if we play with in W40k mode, soldiers can see enemy run right before them, shoot, and then charge them before they could even react! This is the most non-realistic thing I’ve ever seen! But of course this goes against your “overwatch” rule. But why not turn it the other way, that is to say being able for your character to move and fight in the same turn?

Finally, when you decide of your Close Combat values, could you please make warriors hit each other easily? In 40K, it is often easier to shoot them down than to kill them in close combat! With some friends we decided that soldiers could strike on a 3+ D6. It should be even easier with a D12.

As for the rest, I think it is quite balanced (but I’ll play a few games still!) and I really liked the moral rules you introduced to make the whole thing much more of a psychological war, and by so much more realistic. I like the background and really am looking forward to seeing some units and stories, and I think it is really the occasion to pull away from the strict and inflexible rules of W40K. Oh and by the way I’m extremely pleased to see that you use D12 and not D6, so you can be a lot more accurate and not just a chance out of two to hit your opponent!

If I may, these are some very minor changes to make the game more strategic and not a random series of throw dice:

When a unit climbs on a building, their range can be increased of the building's height in inches. That way the player will have to make a choice: does he want his units to be in cover, or does he want them to be able to shoot further?

Since the squad system is still on, can’t there be, like in the Warhammer battle game a bonus if the attacker charges, or even shoots, from behind? That way, again another choice to make for the player.

I think that’s all for the moment. Sorry for quibbling...
Keep up the good job!
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Re: feedback

Post by Apa1994 » Fri May 29, 2009 1:50 pm

You want to make everything die just by looking at them?

I know MWG appreciate critsim, I would if I were makin a game. But I think the deffense system is good.
As for the turns, yes it is´nt realistic, but it but does it make any more sence to you if your troops frist move, then watch the enemy move, then shoot and then start fighting in combat. Dont think so, and this is why miniature games always will be a liten unrealistic.
Think about it, the minis are 30mm high.

Still a great post, always make your voice heard. :mrgreen:

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Re: feedback

Post by miniwargaming » Fri May 29, 2009 1:51 pm

Great ideas. I'll definitely take the range bonus one into consideration. It might be hard to do as shooting is already balanced with close combat, and adding something like that would unbalance it again, but I'll definitely look into it more.

As for getting rid of player turns, the overwatch is meant to allow for interupted attacks, and it does a really good job of it.


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Re: feedback

Post by DooldeenBoosh » Fri May 29, 2009 2:43 pm

I also like the LotR turn style. Not only its more relistic but it also make the game more tactical. If you have the turns the normal way than one player can dictate the other players moves, by moving units into possitions they have advantages, and the opposition can only sit and watch.


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