Stuff I make for Necromunda: Shops

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Stuff I make for Necromunda: Shops

Post by THOMASME » Fri Feb 02, 2018 5:45 pm

Gallery here:


Here is the completed structural only commission on the 2 part slums shop for #necromunda #warhammer40k #warhammer40000 As with the tenement slums building, the customer is going to be doing the painting, distressing and other dressings. This unit can be spilt and either used separately as a table corner Hollywood style facade, with the other building elsewhere on the table. Or merge them together and use them as a unit mid table. Now the details. As with all my work it is in a 28mm standard #dnd / Warhammer scale 1” = 5ft. It is designed by me in 2D AutoCAD. Cut from XPS foam insulation using a variety of tools including pens (for details), razor saws, steak knives, carpet knife, CNC router, horizontal hot wire cutter, vertical hot wire cutter and a few other methods. It is glued with PVA white glue or wood glue. It will be painted with acrylic paints. - EDIT - Yes they lock together.

More of my stuff can be seen here:


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