Slave 2 Gamings new 18mm ACW Teddy bear

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Slave 2 Gamings new 18mm ACW Teddy bear

Post by Slave2Gaming » Mon Jan 02, 2017 11:59 pm

When the family goes to sleep and all the lights go out, many people believe that this is the time when bad things come out of the closet or out from under the bed.
Maybe this is true, but what we know is that the Teddys get out and recreate battles. They don’t kill each other, they dress up and re-enact war!
Teddys don’t fight wars. Teddys re-enact.


In the vein of Fire and Furry, or Across a Teddy field, to the march of the Tedal Yell and the waving of the Paws and Bars flag, we see the rise of the American Civil Paw range at the battle of Teddysburg!

The Paws and Stripes waves from one side of the field, led by General George G Teddeade, square off against the might of General Ted E Lee.


Today we see the release of a new range of figures by Mike Broadbent, and sold through Slave 2 Gaming.

Now I’ve got that out of my system, this new range of 18mm American civil war figures are slightly different from the normal ACW figures, mainly because they are Teddys. The range is quite big and features both Teddys with Kepi Hats and normal hats. It has 5 different Infantry poses for both Kepi’s and normal hats, plus 4 poses for each hat type in Cavalry. Also a Leader, musician and Flag bearer for both Infantry and Cavalry.

There is Artillery pieces and crew (for both Kepi and normal hats), and a General on Rocking horse with his retinue.


Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond our control the 28mm Teddys that Mike used to make are no longer available, but these take their place quite nicely.

The range has not been made for any specific game system, although we at Slave 2 Gaming do have a simple set of regimental rules that we are bringing out as a set of Beta test rules, hoping for the public to work with us to create a workable system, it can be found at Wargames Vault, Here

These can be bought at our online store Here

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Re: Slave 2 Gamings new 18mm ACW Teddy bear

Post by coldsteel » Tue Jan 03, 2017 10:35 am

Nifty sculpts.
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