new rules?

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new rules?

Post by stantonk » Mon Aug 03, 2009 6:41 pm

I think that it would be cool if your commander had a special ability that he used once per game and so far ive thought of one for each faction.
The Shield: Forced march, target squad repeats a phase, but takes a moral test.
I think if a squad could suddenly move twice as far, or shoot twice, it would show the training of The Shield.
The Galigido: Tool of nature. A Galigido preist uses a peice of old world technology to open volcanic vents in the ground. Target a squad. roll a die 1-2 does nothing 3-6 enemy squad takes a morale test. 7-10 enemy squad is supressed and 11-12 rool to see if a normal squad member or a charchter is swallowed up by the vents.
The Marauders: Improvised explosives. 1-2 Your squad loses a man. 3-4 The chemicals from the explosion make your squad ignore 1 wound of your choice. 5-6 Enemy squad loses a man. 7-12 the blast propels you into close combat with an enemy 12" away or less, or moves you that far.
These are just thoughts OK

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Re: new rules?

Post by Armageddon » Tue Aug 04, 2009 8:06 am

i like the shield one, and thats all i got to say :)
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