Emphasis on Street 2 Street. House 2 House fighting.

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Emphasis on Street 2 Street. House 2 House fighting.

Post by WikingKorps » Sun May 31, 2009 9:20 am

I reckon this game's strong point is that it uses cover such as wreckage, sandbags, walls, structures and other objects scattered throughout the battlefield. However, to break this up so the game does not just end up as a slogging match between ranged weapons, I am proposing we come up with some ideas to get around a dug in enemy. The main way I think to counter an enemy with a defended position is of course the flanking move where by your army is sheilded from enemy fire whilst it sneaks round the back. However, there must be sufficient time for the attacking force to make that move before being at a serious disadvantage from they reach the other side of the road or market square.

Now a thread has already been set up about dogs and their use in distraction, diversion and shock power. I think their use would improve the game and create some very epic moments during very titanic battles on the streets. However, there are other devices that can be used to speed up the battle such as grenades which are also mentioned in another thread which may make the game faster paced. Anymore ideas in regards to the battlefield and the strategies to break a 'trench warfare' scenario.

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Re: Emphasis on Street 2 Street. House 2 House fighting.

Post by DracoAvian » Mon Jun 01, 2009 1:20 am

Smoke grenades allow you to block line of fire and circle around behind them.
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Re: Emphasis on Street 2 Street. House 2 House fighting.

Post by Puppettamer » Wed Jun 24, 2009 2:59 am

haveing units ment to supress such as machine gun units and flanking units like I think they want will break stalemates if you use ur force well. Looking at what your thinking though maybe a possible air carrier task force on a helicopter, I know there tecnology is minimum but say saved ones that can be used to get behind enemy lines. Smoke greandes would be a great option also though.


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