35 point PThag list. Comments? Advice?

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35 point PThag list. Comments? Advice?

Post by Gaunthead » Sun May 27, 2012 11:42 am

Okay so I just started Legion, but I can already tell my warlocks are gonna be P Thag, E Thag and E Lilith. Anyway, here's a 35 point list I thought might be cool for P Thagrosh.

+5 P Thagrosh: One of the deciding factors for using P Thag over E Thag in this list for me was the WB points. Another is I like Dark shroud and draconic blessing on either of the heavies in this list can cause a lot of hurt. His feat to me isn't as great as I originally thought as I'm giving up an entire turn with that beast, but that is better than losing it entirely I suppose.

-12 Typhon: Three heads biting at P+S 17 are better than one. Add Draconic blessing and it's 3 initials at 19! Not to mention if it crits he can auto throw. The ranged weapon seems to be a lesser draw factor to me but it's still nice to have. Especially since if I need to I can mix it into the initial attacks to spray models behind my target as well. Say a warlock/warcaster hiding behind a beast/jack for instance.

-9 Scythean: I've only played one game so far, but the fact that my scythean killed one of those big Skorne Elephant things and left another with ONE box left because he scored his hits and threashered, turned and almost finished the other? Makes him ridiculously good to me. He didn't actually change facing by the way he was standing between the two. Plus he had reach and his animus denies tough rolls? So tasty.

-5 Teraph: I like it. Counterblast is useless against slam attacks but if you keep the Teraph near your lock it can really make it tricker to make assassination attempts as it becomes a risk to even try it. He has reach with his tail and a ranged attack that could easily come in handy.

-2 Harrier: I just like truestrike. Not to mention if I need to, on as assassination run I could have Thag cast this animus for free on himself and go off with rapture on someone.

-1 Blighted Nyss Shepard: Just to keep my beasts alive longer and help Thag manage all that fury. At 7 fury cap and 13 potential fury output I need a little help with managing it all.

-1 Blighted Nyss Shepard: See above.

-2 The Forsaken: Again, for Fury management and it will give my opponent something to focus on other than my lock or other models I might need. And if they're foolish enough to ignore it? They'll find out what Blight Shroud is lol.

-5 Black Frost Shard: They're amazing. Ice cage something three times to make it stationary ( A caster/warlock) and take it out. Or zap it with damage spells or even just send them in to prove they can do something as magical weapon masters on the charge hurt!

-3 Spawning Vessel (Full grunts): Why wouldn't I want to spawn more lessers? Especially as I have extra help with Fury management. And even if they kill my shepards or forsaken I'll just send the lessers up at my opponent and let them deal with it if they frenzy. xD

Keep in mind this is not a tourney list and I doubt I'll ever play at one to be honest but I thought this would be a fun list to play. So comments? Advice?

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Re: 35 point PThag list. Comments? Advice?

Post by Prophet » Sun May 27, 2012 12:11 pm

Looks good to me, a lot of minis for the points, and some good heavy hitting and fury management.
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Re: 35 point PThag list. Comments? Advice?

Post by Oceangrave0 » Sun May 27, 2012 3:59 pm

You got the good fury management, some major heavy beast/jack and unit killers and its pThagrosh so that big charge with Typhon into battle doesnt really matter the first time around because he can ressurect him, respect, I like.
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