Brand new to Warmachine

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Brand new to Warmachine

Post by NurgleNpals » Sat May 19, 2012 12:48 am

Hey wargamers!
Just looking for advice on building a 50 point Menoth List. Got a Choir...kinda lost after that lol
Also interested in Hordes or any other Warmachine armies...Just curious as to what you all think.

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Re: Brand new to Warmachine

Post by DFazakas » Sat May 19, 2012 3:35 am currently has a %25 off sale. Get the 2 player Battlebox set for $75. Keep the Menoth models, and mini rule book. Leave the Khador models from the set sealed in plastic and sell them, + their stat cards. I think the Khador models from the box should sell for $40 easily. That makes a cheap $35 investment and a good star to Menoth.
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Re: Brand new to Warmachine

Post by Craaag » Sat May 19, 2012 8:38 am

The regular battle box is a good deal too and you don't get stuck with Khador models if you don't have a partner to split it and you don't want the hassle of trying to sell. Though you could find a good trade for more Menoth models on bartertown.

You'll get pKreoss in the starters. He's solid but after several games you m ay wan t to check out getting a second warcaster and Battlecollege gives you a good run down on those.

Things to get with Kreoss.

Choir (You have these already? Good as they are the best for Protectorate hands down).

Warjacks to consider.

You'll have a Crusader and vanquisher with the 2 player starter, both are solid. The 1 player gives you a Crusader and Revenger and Repenter. The latter 2 light jacks are decent though as game size increase you'll likely want to switch them out. What I find is that Protectorate pays so much in support that you'll want the best stuff so they rarely make my lists if ever.

Redeemer- great long range with rate of fire 3.

Reckoner is an awesome heavy.

Solos: The best one is the Vassal of Menoth. Again he is another jack support piece. Likely the first solo you should get.
Merc solo Rhupert Carvalo if you plan on running troop heavy, see below

Units: Knight Errants with the U/A (unit attachment)
Holy Zealots with the U/A
Temple Flameguard with U/A
Cinerators come in the 2 player but are meh.

Remember though to start out with small games or it may get a little overwhelming and discouraging. There are some pretty key activation and model placement issues when dealing with so much support in the ways of choir, Vassal etc. It's easy to mess up. I've been playing 5 years and every once in while I still brain fart it.

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Re: Brand new to Warmachine

Post by NurgleNpals » Sat May 19, 2012 10:38 am

Thank you guy so much for the reply's!
Great post, first off. I was able to purchase a lot of Menoth from someone here on the forums. Here's whats coming on (hopefully) Monday evening...

Blessing of Vengence
2 dervish
3 devouts
1 repenter
2 redeemers
8 holy zealots
8 holy zealots
2 monolith

I plan on heading out sometime next week and hunting down some of those heavys and a solo/warcaster or two. I plan on running a couple games a week, probably in the range of 35pts or so, probably less until i learn the game well enough. Also need to find more players since I only know two at my local gaming club...

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