New Warmahordes player with some questions

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New Warmahordes player with some questions

Post by DrSteveBrule » Sun Nov 13, 2016 5:57 am

There is a hobby store a few minutes from my home and I met up with a group of players who play a mix of warmachine and hordes (from what I've seen there are 3 Khador, 2 Legion, 2 Menoth, Cryx, and Convergence) To give a little background my friends in high school played 40k and between my friends they played CSM, SM, Necrons, Tau, and Imperial Guard. I decided to pick up Tyranids. We all usually played 500-800 point games but I know I had a least a 1000 points of nids. I moved around a bit and no one played 40k. I live in Georgia now and warmahordes is quite popular (next to no 40k players)

I played a demo game of both warmachine and hordes and I think I am going to pick Legion of Everblight. I have to have aesthetically pleasing models to play but want to be somewhat competitive. Take the centurions from SM, they are very good however if I played SM I would never play them because they look dumb imo. But I like just about every model/unit from LoE :)

So, now to some questions:

1) I have heard that Legion of Everblight is a glass canon army. Is this a difficult force to play for a new player?

2) What is the typical playstyle of the Legion, or general strategy? I've heard that lots of people run assassin armies that just try to kill the enemy caster instead of getting objectives (the group Iam going to play with typically plays annihilation over scenario anyway)

3) What drew me to the Legion was its fantastic warbeasts (reminds me of nids) and while I am not opposed to using infantry or solos, I think I would like to run a beast heavy/oriented force. Is this feasible for Legion why or why not?

4) Would you say that Legion is more of a ranged or melee oriented army, or a mix of both?

I have 2 $50 amazon gift cards that I plan on spending for this hobby, atleast to get started, but I don't have a lot of extra money to spend (When I say that, I mean I really shouldn't be getting into an expensive hobby to begin with XD) So I want to be very smart with what models I purchase. I am hesitant to pick up the battle box because I have heard from the one legion player that it is good, while the other says she doesn't use any units from the battlebox in her actual army. The group I am joining tends to play pretty casual but they also go to another hobby store whose players are a bit more competitive and run lists you might see in tournaments. I'm not in the mindset of "buy models x y and z to have a competitive force" I understand it is also how you play, but again, without toomuch spare cash I can't really afford to be buying units to replace other ones if that makes sense.

If there are any other suggestions you could give me that would help out I would really appreciate it. Thanks for taking the time to read this and help a new player out:)
Really excited to get started.

p.s. It was very hard for me to pick a faction! First glance I picked Menoth because in RPGs I tend to roleplay as templar/paladin characters. Then it was like "oooh persian samurai? I want Skor- oooh! That guy is riding a goat! I want to play Circ- ooohh..." I am by nature a very indecisive person...I think. Am I? I don't know...

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Re: New Warmahordes player with some questions

Post by RedDragon924 » Sun Nov 13, 2016 3:36 pm

1) Legion is a bit of a glass cannon, but I don't see that making it much harder for a newer person to play the army, especially if they have previous wargaming experience. I'd argue that any army can have a model go from full health to dead in a turn depending on what you're up against, but Legion is a faction that really enjoys getting the alpha strike on its opponents, so try to take that into consideration.

2) Going for an assasination-based list is a common tactic for Legion armies, but they are capable of doing board control-based tactics with a bit of attrition in there as well.

3) Oh, you can definitly do a beast heavy list with Legion. Even with the nerf to the Condition ability, Legion has access to a couple support models that can even allow some of your lower Fury-stat Warlocks run multiple beasts effectively.

4) Legion is a combined-arms faction that leans slightly more towards melee. Several of their beasts have decent ranged weapons and the faction has multiple ranged units and solos as well.

when it comes to your hesitation to the battlebox, I would say it is a good idea to get it. The main point of the new battleboxes is that they provide just about all of the starting stuff you might need. It comes with a minature rulebook, several d6s, a small token set, as well as a tutorial you can do to get yourself a bit more familiar with the game's normal interactions. The models may not be the most competitive, but they'll still be decent enough that you can play them and beat an opponent.

Some other considerations for doing a Legion beast heavy list, getting the Carnivean/Scythean/Ravagore Heavy Beast kit, an Angelius, a Nyss Shepard, and a Forsaken are decent choices to add to the battlebox. Other Warlock models are also something to consider.

Hope this info helps you, and always nice to see another person interested in Warmachine and Hordes.

EDIT: Also, to add to getting the battlebox, It is significantly cheaper than buying all of those models separately, so it is a really good deal, even if you don't use every model if they don't fit your playstyle.

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Re: New Warmahordes player with some questions

Post by tinyhappymonkey » Mon Feb 06, 2017 10:46 am


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