Nemo3 75pt List. How good is it?

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Nemo3 75pt List. How good is it?

Post by Virusoffline » Sun Aug 21, 2016 4:14 am

Hay there, new to Cygnar and working on my first Cygnar list. I love the lightning theme of Cygnar so my first list is building around Nemo3 in all his awesomeness. Just wanted to ask around and see what other people think of it.

-Caltin Finch
Allison Jakes
Journeyman Warcaster
3 Stormsmith Stormcallers

My thoughts:

I do realise its bear of much Infantry, but that's because I was planning on getting to 75 pts quickly so I could play more games at my local game store who prefer to run 75pt games. And as we all know, painting Infantry takes a very long time.

I also realise that Thunderhead and Dynamo are rather expensive and that I may be able to swap them our for better choices like a Stormclad or something, but I fell in love with Thunderhead early on, he became my reason for choosing Cygnar. And Dynamo is Nemo's other personal jack, I really am building my list around these two jacks more than Nemo.

Nemo3 is the lightning master, there really was no other choice for a caster.

The Stormwall felt right to me since its its hard to get those Stormsmiths into good positions while keeping them safe, so I felt a few lightning pods would provide that long range triangulation I wanted. Then add in the fact that the Stormwall has the firepower of two Defenders, area denial of a Cyclone, he hits like a Stormclad, and takes it harder than a Centurion.

With Thunderhead under Allison Jakes, he would be able to move up the board that little bit faster while sporting a Def buff. He is versatile like the Stormwall, able to take on Jakes/Beasts, Infantry, and assassinate Solos and Casters. He's tough, hes powerful. He's simply awesome.

The Journeyman and his Firefly add a nice little buff to my lightning theme. His gun is better now, he seemed a nice choice for a little extra Jack power in the army. The Journeyman and Firefly will work closely with the Stormwall and the Stormcallers. Buffing the Triangulations with Firefly's aura, and Buffing the Stormwall's armour with Arcane Shield.

In the future I was thinking of exchanging the Journeyman and his Firefly for a unit of Stormguard or Stormblades with UA? I also have a pair of Stormtowers painted up if they find some room to squeeze into.

Let me know what you think, Id love to hear your feedback.


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