New player, got a question.

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New player, got a question.

Post by HCMistborn » Thu Jul 14, 2016 2:57 pm

Hey, guys, I just started playing Warmachine and me and a buddy pre ordered the Cryx/Cygnar start box for our first armies. I'm stuck waiting for it to come out, but wanted to know what else I should pick up for my army? Here's what comes for the Cygnar side in the box in case you don't know.

Warcaster Major Beth Maddox
Ironclad Heavy Warjack
Lancer Light Warjack
Firefly Light Warjack
Stormguard Unit (10 models)

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Re: New player, got a question.

Post by Tyranid96 » Sun Jul 17, 2016 9:54 am

If you want to stick with Maddox then here are some good models for her;

Hunter (good jack for snipe)
Ol Rowdy
Stormblade + UA (Dauntless resolve plus Iron zeal form the UA gives them ARM 21 with tough)
Tempest Blazers (Never a bad idea for murder ponies)
Stormblade captain (good for when running both storm units)
Archduke Alain Runewood (Gives out pathfinder)
Rhupert Cardvolo (Gives out pathfinder and/or concealment)
Gun Mage Captain Adept (get 2 of these BAMFS)
JourneyMan warcaster
Blood Angels: Angels Sanguine 10,000pts +
Tyranids: Hive Fleet Andromedous- 3.5k+
Orks: 2500 pts
Grey Knights: 1750+
IG: 1500+

Legion: 70
Retribution: 75


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