Policy Changes regarding online sales.

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Policy Changes regarding online sales.

Post by ArqArturo » Thu Mar 31, 2016 6:30 pm

From the article:
Over the last eleven years… online retailers with nearly no overhead and very little meaningful contact with our audience have been undermining the stability of the market by selling product at discounts well below retail value, depending solely on the efforts of our brick and mortar partners who offer services that nurture our audience and grow the market to move their product,” she wrote. “This model of business is widely recognized by experts and the justice system as ‘free riding.’ While this can be a viable business model for many mainstream products, it is common knowledge that in our industry it’s crippling and anticompetitive.”
On the one hand, I can sympathize, but I also can't shake the feeling that this looks too much like that GW did with online store.

Also, from Discount Games:
Discount Games Inc. will do our best to fully support Privateer Press in pursuing their new policy. That means that we will be implementing the following changes in our business practices:

-Regular discounts on Privateer Press items will be capped at 10%. We will begin updating the prices on our website immediately. Any customer seeking to place an order at our old prices should do so immediately.

-We may be able to offer seasonal bundles of army lists that will be temporarily sold at promotional discounts. We will announce more details on the bundles when they are ready to launch.

-We expect to be able to implement a customer loyalty program. While we are yet unsure on the details of this program, we are excited to launch a customer loyalty program soon.

-We will be lowering the free shipping threshold on domestic orders.

-We will cover more of the expense for shipping to international customers.
So, any thoughts and opinions?.
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