Converting in Warmachine.

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Converting in Warmachine.

Post by Lady_Soria » Sun Oct 04, 2015 12:58 am

Alright, this lovely area of the forum needs some love and this is something I have wanted to discuss, so here we are.

Now we all know Warmahordes is far more difficult to convert than say Warhammer ,actually I think most mini war games are more difficult to convert than Warhammer, but I feel it's still possible to do it and still be tournament legal.

For example although I love my winter themed Circle army, especially my wolves, but I have always been a little bit tempted to do a small section as a desert theme with lions/big cats instead of wolves being the main animal motif. It would be relatively easy to convert most of the army while still staying in the Privateer Press' rules. Most, especially warp wolves, would only need some cosmetics on the heads, and as for the rules, there is no change in weaponary, and the special abilities could work well with cats. Take the Lifeblood Warp Wolf's death howler ability. Making the Pureblood into an African lion would be perfect, since their roars are both powerful and terrifying.

Anyroad, the point of this thread is to motivate, give you a place to put ideas and pics and receive feed back.
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